Sunday, 30 June 2013

My Favourite Fashion Brands-Part 3!

My third and final favourite fashion brand is…Burberry. I love this brand because the clothes they make are really good quality, and even though they have unique designs, the products they sell are wearable for every day life. 

Burberry was founded in 1856 and yes, it's another English fashion brand (I know all the brands are English, it's not on purpose though!). Burberry has become world famous for its classic items like the well-known trench coat. 

Burberry make all aspects of fashion as well as having their own beauty ranges including make up and fragrances. I'm a fan of their fragrances as I was given one as a present.  

Burberry, like Mulberry is a very interesting brand. The Burberry flagship store in London is known for its recent renovation to look more like its website and is known as Burberry world live (I've read that you don't queue when you buy something there). 

This brand has been worn by many celebrities and is a popular British Fashion label although it has been labeled as a 'chavvy' brand (English slang) but for me, Burberry is a luxury English fashion brand. 

I love this company because of its fashionable simplicity. The clothes and accessories are stylish and unique but are also clothes that almost anyone can wear. I love watching their runway shows online as they are alway so beautiful and I love looking through the website as they sell so many beautiful items. I do own a t-shirt from Burberry because I went to an outlet of theirs whilst there was a reduced stock rail and I was lucky enough to get an item of clothing. The t-shirt is a gorgeous red with the brands logo on the front in a contrasting yellow colour. Another reason I love this brand is because of how nice their staff are. I must say I've been in some designer shops and I've been shocked by the service I've received and sadly this has stopped me going back to those shops, but every Burberry store I have been in, the staff have been lovely and treated every customer with respect and this is such an important thing as I now look forward to going in every amazing store. 

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My Favourite Fashion Brands-Part 2!

My second favourite fashion brand is one that again, I greatly admire. This brand is…Alexander McQueen. This is a company I love because of the incredible designs and collections. 

Like Mulberry AQ (I'm going to abbreviate it as its a long name) is a British fashion company founded by Alexander McQueen himself. 

The brand was founded in 1992 by the late British designer himself and has since rose to fame because of its unconventional and creative designs. The brand itself has been involved in a number of controversies and I would like to say that I am a fan of this brand for their designs and creativity only and have only recently read about the problems the brand has faced. 

AQ designs/outfits are well known for their individual style and I love how different they are. Pictures of the runway collections show incredible outfits and clothing that I myself have been in awe at. Again, I'd like to include pictures of these stunning collections but I'm not sure whether I can so I would encourage you to google these collections and try to find pictures or news articles on them. 

The brand is very well know for its scarves and they have since become world famous for their distinctive design. 

McQueen scarves are plainly coloured (no rainbow scarves) but include a pattern of the trademark logo skulls all over. These scarves have been seen on many celebrities in different countries. Like a Mulberry bag, owning an AQ  scarf is pretty much on my bucket list. 

This brand creates pretty much all aspects of fashion…including menswear (Yay! :D) and uses so many different materials in their clothing. Similar to Mulberry AQ has very unique runway shows and like Mulberry, I would love to attend one! 

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My Favourite Fashion Brands-Part 1!

Hi Everyone! As I wrote last night todays posts will be on my favourite fashion labels. My first favourite fashion brand is…Mulberry. This is a brand that I look up to and truly admire, it helps inspire my own style and is a much loved brand everywhere. (I'm sorry if this post seems plain, but I'm not sure whether I can use images of mulberry ads or their logo, but I would encourage you to look at their ad campaigns and videos of their runway shows.) 

For those of you who don't know, Mulberry is a luxury English fashion brand, and I absolutely love it! This is one of a few companies that I admire and love.

Mulberry was founded in 1971 and has since become an international success. They have become known globally for their beautiful leather goods like handbags. This brand is such a refreshing change from other successful fashion companies, mainly because of their focus on English fashion as well as their creative ad campaigns and runway shows. 

I was very sad to recently discover that the creative director, Emma Hill has decided to leave Mulberry because of creative differences, I hope the brand keeps its focus on English fashion and continues to wow with more stunning campaigns and shows. Hill is viewed in the public as the one responsible for Mulberry's global fame. Whilst Hill has been at Mulberry, some of the company's most successful products have been introduced. The celebrity inspired handbags (Del Rey & Alexa) are perfect examples. 

Mulberry features Womenswear, Handbags, Men's Bags and other Men's Accessories, Scarves, Luggage and more. Their handbags are known for fabulous quality and inspiring designs. Their men's bags are similarly stylish and well made and I hope that one day I own one myself. (Owning a Mulberry bag is practically on my bucket list). 

Although the brands products are enough to fall in love with, it's runway shows are even more amazing. Each show is inspired by certain things, the spring/summer 2013 show was inspired to look like an English garden, with a memorable amount of gnomes located frequently around the venue. (Again, attending a Mulberry fashion show would be a dream come true for me).

This brand is a favourite of mine simply because I love all of their products and the brands own style as well. The way Mulberry presents their ideas and products, and uses daily life as inspiration to show how style and fashion is important in all aspects of day-to-day life earns the brand respect and admiration. I don't currently own anything from Mulberry but I hope that at some point it's a name I can add to my wardrobe. I'd recommend downloading their app and going on their website and visiting a store (there's so many ways!) and seeing their products. Find past fashion shows on YouTube. Have a look and see for yourself :) I hope you've enjoyed this post and I hope it hasn't sounded too boring, I just really wanted to write about every part of the company.   Please subscribe (side of web page), comment and follow me on twitter ( @StylishEngland ). It means a lot to me! Thank you for reading and check back for more posts late :) Bye!

Sunday, 23 June 2013

English Stereotypes…Are They True?

Hi! Sorry for not posting yesterday but today I'm doing a more general post on English stereotypes. As someone who is from and lives in England, you can believe me when I say not all stereotypes are true, but some are (like tea drinking) but I'll go more into that later. Every country has its stereotypes, and some are true whilst others are false. So, here's the true and false on British stereotypes. 


Drinking tea has been a popular stereotype for so long, everyone seems to think English people's lives revolve around drinking tea. It doesn't! But I will grant you a lot of people here do drink tea. More than coffee. This stereotype I will have to say is pretty accurate. The fact is tea is a big part of English culture, whenever you get invited to someone's house they tend to offer you a cup of tea and its popular in cafes. So, tea drinking=true. 


This is a stereotype I think is quite popular in America. A lot of people think there is one English accent and that it's the 'posh' one everyone hears on the television. This is completely false! England has so MANY different regional accents. The stereotypical accent is called Received Pronunciation and even though it is an accent that people have, it's not the only one. Nearly every area tends to have its own type of accent and some with very strong accents. It's like in America, there is a Californian accent, a New York accent and more. So, there are multiple accents in England and even though stereotyped accent is real I'd still say its an untrue stereotype. 


I'm quite excited for this one. It sounds silly but it does annoy me when I hear people who have never been to England moan about the weather! Everyone says it rains, and it's cloudy and it's cold. Although we do have more rain than most and yes, it does tend to be a bit  cloudy, but we do actually have sunshine. Recently, I can't tell you how hot it's been. This past couple of weeks it's been really warm and bright, and I'm loving the weather! So the stereotype that England has really rainy weather is false! 

I've heard and read that a stereotype of our attitudes is that we're quite arrogant and some have even said that we dislike Americans! NOT TRUE! I want to say right now, that I absolutely LOVE Americans. This stereotype isn't true, because a lot of English people are very interested in different cultures, and America is a very popular one. For years now I've just been obsessed with America and I still am and I really hope that someday I have an American friend. Okay, so the stereotype that we tend to be arrogant and dislike Americans is false!

I hope you've enjoyed reading this and I hope you've learned a bit more about English people and culture. If you'd like to hear more about England please comment on this post saying what you'd like me to do a post on about England or even just what you'd like me to write about :) Please subscribe to this blog (look at the side of this web page) and follow me on twitter ( @StylishEngland ) Thanks for reading and check back for more posts! 

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Affordable Designer Clothing…Is It Possible?

Hello! Tonight's post is about whether designer clothing is becoming more affordable for people who don't have large salaries. Now when most hear the word designer, they think expensive…and their right! But there are more and more companies rising to fame for their ability to provide designer clothing to the general public without the designer price. I am obsessed with fashion, but as a student I can't afford to wear it…until now! In the UK theres a large and very successful company called TK Maxx (, this is one of my favourite stores, and I'm sure you can guess why :) This store is FILLED with designer items!!! (I'm getting excited to go to this store whilst writing this! :D) Usually they have clothes sections for all ages and supply all types of clothing, bags, coats, jackets, belts, wallets etc (EVERYTHING!) and the best part, its all designer! Apart from this they also have a homeware department where they supply designer kitchenware, furniture, pillows and anything else you'd need for a stylish home. As well as this they always have fragrances, food section, luggage section and electrical section. Now all of the stock supplied and sold is pretty much 'designer', usually the homeware and kitchenware is designer in their own way, in that its usually by well respected people in that area who have started their own brand, but their usually of a high quality. Now the whole point of TK Maxx is that everything their is discounted. Each price tag will usually have the original price and the TK Maxx price. None of the stuff in this store is likely to be current season clothes as the price reduction wouldn't be possible, but they have such a range of designers and styles. I can't describe to you how amazing the deals can be in there, I have bought designer jumpers from there which have been discounted by…hundreds (no joke). Everything in their (food included) is usually made to a high standard but sometimes you will notice that the clothing has been damaged in some way, so always look at it carefully! But I really think you should try and visit one if these stores, it is an AMAZING experience! So far I have gained clothes or accessories from brands including Michael Kors, DKNY, Calvin Klein and my mum has bought Valentino and I have seen Dolce&Gabbana. I'd also just like to add that you should take a look at websites like Secret Sales and BrandAlley as these are again both discount companies which sell designer products at a discounted price. They also sell some pretty amazing brands! Also there's a site I recently joined called BigWardrobe ( ). This is great as it allows users to post their own clothes and accessories they no longer want or want to sell, and can swap with others so you could swap your shoes for someone else's shoes (without spending a penny!) or you can buy a fashion item. They have such a HUGE range and some very successful brands. Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you in finding affordable designer clothes. Please follow me on twitter ( @StylishEngland ) and comment and check back tomorrow for a new post. Bye!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Travel Essentials!

I've never really stayed away from home for that long really (maybe a week and a bit - is that long?), but for me, packing a wash bag is a major part of getting ready. For a lot of people, whether your going on holiday or a business trip, you always pay close attention to what, and how much stuff you pack, so I thought it would be fun to show you what I pack in my wash bag for short or long breaks. My current wash bag is a Ted Baker tri-fold bag. I love it but I am looking for a different one as the material used isn't the best when I get creams on it. The first thing to do is to pick the right wash bag. This'll depend on what your going to store in it but I'd still recommend buying something a bit larger than you think you need, just so that you have either more room for your products, or space for any last minute additions. Next, the contents! Like the bag, it all really depends on you, but this is what I'll usually take with me...


Until recently (past year or so), I wouldn't really have taken moisturiser with me as I never thought it necessary, but nowadays it's a must have whenever I'm staying overnight!


This is so important. Having a good facial cleanser with you is a must, to keep your skin clear and healthy looking, as well as to remove the dirt from your face at the end of the day.

Deodorant, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Sponge, Shower Gel, Shampoo and Conditioner etc:

These are just the basics that everyone takes with them.

Hair Products:

Something I'll always need to take with me, but best limited. I'm someone who definitely ends up taking way too many products for my hair than I actually need. The best thing to do is keep it simple and travel sized.


I'm obsessed with smelling nice so I could never be without some sort of fragrance.

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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Men's Fashion Basics!

Hey! Sorry for not posting this last night, but it is going up today as well as a post about next week so check back later on, it's gonna be good :) So like yesterday's post I will be going through the fashion basics for men in four stages. Loungewear (what to wear on a quiet day around the house), casual (going out to see a friend or going out for the day etc), formal (smart clothes for special occasions) and on the end there will be a bit on bags. Okay, here we go…


Joggers/lightweight trousers:

In England we call what some call sweatpants (I think that's what there called) joggers, this is because their usually worn during exercise. They tend to be really soft and warm and so are perfect for wearing around the house, although you can get a bit too warm so look at some lightweight trousers as well for the warmer months; TK Maxx almost always does a wide range of Calvin Klein loungewear trousers (and I love them!).

Jumper/Long sleeved T-Shirt:

These are great to own as they can just be 'thrown' on and there really casual and relaxed clothing, for the jumper I'd probably say the same as women's, in that an oversized one is great for keeping warm and having the really chilled out look, or you can get a more fitted one to look more like your wearing casual clothes. Long sleeve T-Shirts are great, having at least one is good cause then as well as having it as casual wear, they really are great for going out into the garden or lying on the sofa and not getting to warm. 

I didn't specify which type of shoes because it really is up to you, some prefer to wear converse whilst others prefer flip-flops. I myself tend to wear flip-flops, boat shoes or just leave shoes off for the day. 



Again, these are a style necessity. There's recently been a trend for chino trousers, and I bought some but they just don't suit me. But jeans do, and I always thought they were boring but don't! You can get so many different styles to give you the ideal look! There's skinny, loose fit, boot cut, straight leg, stretch skinny etc and you can get jeans with faded designs on them or studs. Jeans are a MUST. 


Before I started wearing casual shirts, I wore T-Shirts and I didn't like how causal I looked, my personal style is casual-formal and I like to mix the two styles. So wearing shirts is something I do almost daily, some think shirts are too formal but there are such a range of men's shirts out there, and they all have different styles, features, stitching and colour schemes. Owning casual shirts can really make you look stylish, especially if they're not crumpled or ripped. You'll look like you care about how you dress and with all the different shirts out there you won't look the same every day. Also, you could add a skinny tie to look casual-formal. 


Again I'm not specifying which type because there are so many, but I like to wear boots. I love wearing boots, they look really stylish and fashionable as well as being really durable. There are so many different styles to choose from. Chelsea boots are one type, I own a pair of Chelsea boots and I love them, I've only seen Chelsea boots in black and a tan colour, mine are a tan colour and they're fantastic! Like I said, my style is casual-formal so these are great. This type of boot is slip on so there are no laces and can really improve an outfit. Then there are ankle boots, which I also have which come in all different styles and colours. One pair of mine was bought from Barratts ( ) and they're a cherry colour, whilst the other pair was bought from dr martens ( ) and are almost like a Burberry check design. So for me boots are a must to have. But there are other shoes which I wear as well like boat shoes, these are really comfortable and usually use two tones of colour. 


Even I'm getting annoyed at my repetitive writing but oh well…Fashion Necessity! I don't feel right if I go out without a jacket or a coat. Now that may be because of chilly English weather, but it's also because coats and jackets can bring an outfit together and make it look amazing. My advice would be, find a coat/jacket that looks really stylish and try it on, I hate baggy clothes, so I would say find one that fits you, I don't mean really fitted as you need some room but definitely find one that fits you well so that you look like you've taken the time to choose it and haven't just picked on off the clothing rack. 


I'm a big fan of wrist-wear, this is a name for wrist jewellery I heard somewhere but it would include items like watches and bracelets. I think a watch is a key item for anyone who wants to look stylish, but don't get a really expensive one, I don't need a watch, I use my phone for checking the time, so a watch for me is just an accessory. As I said before, there are watches for as cheap as £5 (have a look!). Another piece of jewellery is a ring, I've seen a lot of guys who wear rings, but rings are a certain person accessory. If your someone who doesn't suit wearing a ring, then leave it, but if you do, try and find one. Necklaces are the same, if you don't suit wearing necklaces, don't wear them. 


Scarves are an important accessory, all the different styles out there mean you need to choose the right ones for you. I find scarves really good, as they can bring an outfit together, don't think they aren't masculine, you see guys constantly wearing scarves and they look really stylish, and if you pick and wear a scarf right, so will you! They can be worn in many different ways, so find which is right for you. 


Again, key item. Wayfarer and aviator sunglasses are really on trend at the moment. So get a pair, summers nearly here so you'll need them anyway, why not look good?


Very Dark/Black Jeans or Smart Trousers:

Dark jeans are great, they look super stylish as well as smart, jeans are more toward casual-formal so if it is a really formal event, try and find some smart trousers, I got a suit from TK Maxx ( ) and it came with some fantastic pinstripe trousers, the jacket was also a modern pinstripe design so I can wear the jacket with dark jeans as well as Chelsea boots to look stylish for an evening out (restaurant). 


Blazers are fantastic to own, I'm hoping to get a few blazers as they look great over a plain top. This is a great example of casual-formal, wearing a blazer over a t-shirt with dark jeans and boots. These will allow you to wear average T-Shirts and look really smart and fashionable. 


A suit is great to own for really formal occasions, interviews etc. if you already have smart trousers then see if you can find a matching suit jacket, it's always good to have a suit in case you need it. 


Again shoes are up to you, but I would probably recommend seeing what Chelsea boots look like with the outfit. There are also the iconic long toed shoes (I really don't know what there called) that all suits seem to be worn with. 


As I said, this will make you look amazing, but don't spend loads on it, this blog is about affordable fashion so don't think you need an expensive watch, get one that's smart and stylish and doesn't look cheap, and then your sorted! 


I'd probably recommend sticking to plain shirts for this, maybe with contrasting buttons but don't wear shirts that don't match with what else your wearing. 



I love bags, and my favourite type is a shoulder bag. Bags aren't just for women, men have things to carry around. Bags can really have a big effect on an outfit, so if your someone who needs a bag or wants one have a look in some high street stores, they won't be hugely expensive and you'll be able to see how they look on you. 

Okay, well that's it for Mens Fashion Basics. I hope this has helped you, and I hope you've enjoyed reading this :) Please comment and follow me on twitter- @StylishEngland and check back later for a new post about next week, Bye! 

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Women's Fashion Basics!

Hello blog readers! Again sorry for not posting anything yesterday apart from a post apologising for not posting anything (wow that was complicated). But as I wrote yesterday, I am putting 2 up today! The first on women's fashion basics (my friend helped me a lot with this one) (why do I keep using so many brackets?), and the second on men's fashion basics. For a while now, I've been looking everywhere for blogs or articles or anything on women's AND men's fashion basics. Anything I've found is either not what I was looking for or just too complicated! So this post will be about women's fashion basics, and I hope all readers (male and female), gain something from these posts. Now I have split it up into Loungewear (what you wear for a quiet, comfy day at home), Casual wear (day out somewhere, going to see a friend and day to day stuff) and Formal wear (going out to parties, events or any special occasion)-with Jewellery and Bags added on to the end. So, here we go…
Just to let you know this is written from my female friends point of view. 
Leggings. I've never really been sure of what these are but apparently there great for wearing around the house. 
Oversized Jumper: 
For any Americans reading this, I think you call them sweaters. But almost everyone owns some sort of oversized jumper. Personally they are a MUST. Almost every weekend I'll have a day when I just wake up and put on a pair of joggers and a soft jumper. 
Converse or similar shoes:
Converse or similar, plain or even just comfy shoes. Some people prefer to wear shoes like Ugg boots but really it's up to you. 
Plain Tops:
Any tops or T-Shirts that can be worn around the house is always good. 


These are great for every casual outfit and with summer coming up you'll definitely want some. Look at aviators and wayfarers as they are THE trend at the moment. 
I LOVE jeans. As a guy I have 2 pairs of jeans that I wear constantly for going out and they're just as good and stylish for women. Honestly, jeans are something everyone must have (they go with so many things and the right fit make you look even more stylish as it seems you've spent time and money on getting the right pair). 
Boots or flats:
Having a pair of plain black boots is essential. Now I don't mean boots that have huge heels and go up to your knee. Simple ankle boots can have a huge effect on your outfit, there are so many women's boots out there, online and in store, so have a look and see what you like. Flats is another great thing too own, lots of my friends that I know who are girls (I didn't want to say girlfriends) own multiple pairs of simple flat shoes which can have bows on the front or just plain and in all sorts of colours (neutral and pastel colours are great for summer). 
Until now I've never really been sure what a blouse is. But I've been told its an essential item, especially to look casually stylish. 
I cannot explain how important a stylish coat or jacket can be. As a guy its a key item in my wardrobe and it is a key item for women too. Finding a coat or jacket that suits you shouldn't be too hard, there are so many available, but don't get one that doesn't fit you right. Unflattering coats won't do you any favours, at all. These will complete your outfit, and will change how people view you. 
Vest top:
I'm not sure what to say about vest tops except that they're a basic item in a wardrobe and that they can be used with so many other clothes and have lots of different styles. 
Scarves are one of the most important items to own. Some will say they're just something that's used to keep you warm in cold weather, they're not! These are accessories that will show your fashion sense, your own style. Scarves can make a bad outfit look amazing, and can even make outfits look very expensive…if you buy the right ones. Find scarves that suit you, and that you like. If your new to scarves maybe choose some neutral, plain colours to start with, scarves can go with so many different outfits and affect your current outfit as well. 


Black Dress:
Many hear black dress and think Chanel (and expensive) although they don't have to be, Black dresses are so iconic that you can find loads of plain black dresses on the high street and most can be very affordable, remember there are also all the online stores with thousands of products and clothes available, all competing with each other to be the cheapest. This type of dress will be available in lots of different designs and fabrics. Meaning you will be able to pick one that really suits you
Neutral Dress:
These are always good to have, especially for summer evenings, or barbecues or just going out to a local restaurant/pub to eat with friends and family. These aren't as special event as the black dress, which is good, because the black dress is more for formal events. Whereas neutral dresses are for more casual evenings out like what was suggested before (dinner out etc). Seeing as the summer holidays are coming up pastel colours will be great for dresses, and so you'll look stylish and relaxed. 
There really isn't much I could write here that you wouldn't know. The right heels will change your outfit and will make you look great, some can be really cheap and yet look very expensive, so don't think you have to spend loads on designer brands. Check out some high street brands websites and in store, try some on and see what you think (I'm sure you'll love them). 
Basically a simple and tasteful purse is great for nights out. These are practical in storing your phone, money and back up lipstick. But will also show your individual style, I would recommend having one that was simple in that it would be either one colour or two toned. But don't use neons or anything that looks really plastic. Having a hand clutch is good but maybe consider an over shoulder one, with a simple chain. 
I've already discussed this one but nice blouses will look great with a smart jacket. To look more dressed up possibly choose a blouse with a particular colour or with intricate patterns. 
Smart Jacket:
Not everyone wants to wear a dress, so a blouse and a nice jacket will look great. When I say smart jacket, I don't mean that it has to be really plain and practical. But something that isn't covered with sequins or flowers etc. A leather jacket for instance is great, it can have added bits on it like studs or chrome add ons, but a plain leather jacket over a blouse and skirt with heels will look elegant and well dressed. 

For necklaces, simple chain necklaces can look great, they're so simple and yet will look really tasteful and elegant, don't underestimate simple pieces of clothing. 
For earrings she (friend of mine) suggested simple studs. For wrist wear, a watch is a necessity. You can get watches from lots of different stores, and some for as cheap as £5. I myself am going to get a watch for £5, I'm not getting it for the build quality, I use my phone for checking the time. I have no real need of a watch except that it will look great and fashionable. Cuffs and bangles are another great piece to wear, especially with dresses. Rings are also good, but don't have too many and don't buy rings that look cheap, you can get nice rings from high street shops with out the need for paying loads, remember, you don't have to pay through the roof for all nice things. 
I have to admit, I have an obsession with bags. I don't know why but I do, I love looking at designer bags but enjoy buying high street bags as well. I will do a post at some point about bags for men and women, but until then I'm going to suggest a shoulder bag, there are so many bags to choose from so look at shoulder bags (they're easy to wear in different positions and to different places/events) and then look at the different designs and styles of shoulder bags until you find one that's right for you. 

Thanks for reading this, I hope it's helped you and I just want to say having some of these is great because they can all mix and match and look great with other clothes you buy. As I said these are basics, this doesn't mean that you have to go out and buy them all, but to have some of them means you can then buy more unique clothes to add to your wardrobe. Please comment and check back for more posts :)