Monday, 29 July 2013

OOTD- Friends Birthday Meal


Just want to say, I know I look terrible in the pictures, I've never done one before so I didn't know what to do when I had the photo taken! Please comment any suggestions!

I've posted and tweeted about this and I'm so glad I can finally post this. Last night, I went to a friends birthday meal and I thought it would be great for my first OOTD.

Usually for birthday meals my whole group of friends tend to dress up, including me! I love it, because as I've said before, my personal style is smart-casual, so this kind of occasion is ideal. This meal however, was pretty casual. I knew others were going to be wearing a casual look so I went for the same.

Even thought what I wore was really simple, items of my outfit looked great because of how different and unique they were.

Shoes- Dr.Martens, I managed to get these in a sale on their official online shop! I got them for around £60. It sounds like a lot, but they're unique and look really stylish!

Snood- I bought this on Etsy and I have been wearing it with loads of my outfits recently. Its a really light weight accessory that can make a plain outfit look stylish and fashionable.

Please excuse how big my legs look in this picture! I don't know why It's turned out like that?

Jeans- Burton. After months of searching I finally found a pair of dark skinny jeans that I liked, and don't cost loads! I love these as they go with everything in my wardrobe!

Top- Zara. I got this for £5 in a Zara sale. I was really happy to get it as It was among two of the first things I've ever bought from Zara (and a bargain!). Its really light weight so Its great for wearing in this weather.

Sunglasses- John Lewis. I bought these a few years ago. I was pretty lucky as after I bought these, wayfarers came into style. So I already had an on trend item!

Bracelets- Tigers eye bracelet (I'm not sure where It's from), Hematite bracelet from Topman and a collection of bracelets from Burton.

Please comment and tell me what you think of my outfit, I always reply!

Thanks for reading :)

Stylish England

Saturday, 27 July 2013

50 Facts About Me!

Hi Everyone!

So I recently read Bethany Worrall's Blog post which was 50 Facts about me! (Check out her post here). Its a great post and even though I did a 15 facts about me before, I wanted to do another one!

The one before was only 15 facts about me, because I honestly didn't think I was interesting enough to have that many! But ever since, I keep thinking of more that I could have posted and after reading Bethany's, I've decided to do it! Loads of bloggers/vloggers have done this, and I think it's a great way of becoming closer to your readers :)

Here we go...

1) I don't like the town I live in. I absolutely love England but I don't like the town I live in.

2) I'm obsessed with accents! I even obsess over my own accent! My favourite accents are Australian, American, French and Southern English accents!

3) Connected to the fact above this one, I don't have one of those stereotypical English accents you hear on TV and in a lot of films and TV shows. I live in the North of England. My accent isn't hugely different from a southern one, except that the northern accent pronounces A's as an aa sound, instead of a southern ah sound. Also we pronounce our vowels differently (slightly). There are some parts of Northern England where there are really thick northern accents, that are completely different to southern.

4) I spend too much money on Beauty products.

5) I'm obsessed with my hair, not in a vain way. But I don't like it when it doesn't look like it should, I constantly mess with it at school. 

6) I get frustrated easily when I style my hair and It doesn't go the way I like it.

7) I have a brother.

8) I've always wanted friends from Australia and America.

9) I'm English and have never been too London!

10) My favourite YouTubers to watch are Tanya Burr, Jim Chapman and Fleur DeForce.

11) I get bored of things really quickly, which is probably why I spend so much.

12) I can't save money, I spend it too quickly on clothes, products days/meals out with friends.

13) I love period dramas. My current favourites are Downton Abbey, The White Queen and Call the midwife.

14) I hate the way I smile.

15) I'm a pretty fast typer on a keyboard (including the IPhone keyboard).

16) My absolute Idol and person I admire and love, is Lady GaGa.

17) One of my biggest dreams is to meet Lady GaGa one day.

18) I hate watching reality TV shows like Made In Chelsea and Big Brother and Geordie Shore. 

19) Even though I don't like watching reality TV shows, I like watching TOWIE because it makes me laugh.

20) I sneeze realy loudly. Seriously, You don't understand how loud I sneeze. Whoever I'm with at the time, usually jumps/flinches and nearly always swears.

21) I love Interior Design.

22) The next school year is my last year at High School! (Yay!).

23) I've never been on a plane.

24) Careers I like the sound of are PR, Marketing and Events Management. 

25) I want to go to University.

26) I have a pet cat named Sam.

27) I love listening to music.

28) I don't like watching TV or Films, because I get bored of them.

29) I want to healthily but I always end up drinking fizzy pop (that's English for 'Soda') or eating unhealthy food ('Junk Food').

30) I think my parents are confident, intelligent, understanding, hard-working and patient.

31) I say I don't like online shopping but I still do it.

32) I want to become fluent in German, Spanish and French.

33) I love watching scary movies but always get scared afterwards.

34) I get really bad anxiety.

35) The only trousers I wear are Jeans and my black school trousers, other than that it's shorts.

36) For my GCSE's I've taken Media, Drama, History and German.

37) I want to travel when I'm older, preferable in my early twenties.

38) My favourite breed of cats is Ragdolls.

39) I think nail varnish smells like bananas.

40) I used to spend loads of money on stationary, and pencil cases were like what clothes are to me now. 

41) I count all of my main group of friends as best friends.

42) It takes me ages to get ready (I used to get up at 6:00 am so that I could get to school for 8:30 am)

43) I enjoy staying up late but always fall asleep.

44) I get really jealous really easily.

45) I find it hard to do anything without my phone.

46) I once applied to go on Britains Got Talent with my friends, and we got through to audition in front of the ITV producers. We didn't go any farther though.

47) I hate the smell of Lynx deodorant.

48) I love TV shows like The Secret Circle, The Vampire Diaries and Ugly Betty.

49) My favourite type of shoes are ankle boots.

50) I met Miranda Hart and got an autograph!

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I'd love it if you'd comment one fact about you! All comments are welcome and I really hope you'll comment because it really does make me so happy to read each one :) So please comment one fact about you, and maybe what you thought about this post!

Bye! :)

No7 Mens Hair/Body Wash & Face Scrub-Review!

Hi Everyone!

I am so happy to be able to write a proper blog post again, it feels like I haven't blogged in ages! Again, I am sorry for not posting but my Wi-Fi hasn't worked for days now so I'm excited to give you something new to read :)

Because the Wi-Fi seems to start working and then stop again, I'm going to do a really quick review of these two products and then start work on hopefully a longer blog post!

These products were given to me by Boots at the end of my Work Experience and I have to say, I love them! I was given a men's hair and body wash as well as a face scrub, I was excited to try them both but was wary of the Hair & Body wash.

I was wary because a YouTuber Jim Chapman made a good point that when you wash your hair you shampoo and condition. If you use a Shampoo and Conditioner in one, how is it suppose to clean your hair and moisturise/hydrate it! I was thinking that If this is supposed to do that for your hair and be a body wash, god knows what it's going to do to my hair.

I was really glad to be wrong! When I washed my hair it cleaned it well and left it smelling nice, and even though in the shower my hair felt horrible after washing it (whilst it was still wet) and felt dry. Once I had used a hair-dryer and styled it, It looked healthy and shiny, and I got compliments on how shiny my hair looked!

 I am amazed that this product can clean your body and somehow clean and hydrate your hair.
There's really nothing to say on the body wash front, it works and doesn't make my skin dry (that's all I can say!), but overall I can't believe how good this product is!

It has completely passed my expectations! Also for some reason, my hair is easier to style with a hair-dryer? It's odd but my hair is really thick so any help with styling it makes me happy!

I was really happy that I was given this as I haven't used a scrub in a while and was glad I had one that I could use with all my other No7 products!

The scrub smells great! It also works really well, my skin looked clean and refreshed at the end of using it. Also I was shocked to see it looked hydrated! Which I wasn't expecting! Again, a fantastic product and I can't wait to use it more in the future!

I know this review is really short but I haven't got much to say on them, except that they are both great products! I'm currently in love with No7 and am incredibly pleased with all the products I've bought from there! 

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I'm going out to a friends Birthday meal tomorrow so I'll be able to do my first OOTD (I'm really excited about it!!!!). I'm also planning to go to New Collection Event for Urban Decay next week so I'll do a post about that as well! 

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

No7 Normal/Oily Beautiful Skin Range-Review!

Hi Everyone!

This review is of the No7 Beautiful Skin Normal/Oily Range and I am so excited to write about it!

I bought these products only a few days ago, I know for a review I probably should have used them longer but technically I have used some of them for longer. 

If you read my blog regularly then you'll know that I spent last week with a local Boots for my work experience (If you want to read it Click here). I love Boots as its the place to go for anything beauty, medical, fragrance, toiletries, cosmetics etc in the UK. I loved every minute there and I got quite a surprise at the end! So please check out that post :)

Whilst there, I spent quite a lot of time with the No7 and fragrance consultants (they drifted between the two areas) and was fascinated by the products. After being invited to try any products I wanted to, I decided that I wanted to change my skincare.

Skincare is really important to me, but for years I've been using mix-matched products from different brands. I wanted to buy a proper skincare range so that all the products were made to be used with each other and would hopefully give me good skin! I currently have a whole cardboard box full of skincare, fragrance, anything beauty related really! Having all of these products just makes my skincare more complicated so I just wanted to own the few products I needed for good skin. 

No7 is reasonably famous for its skincare and other products and even made the news with a revolutionary new anti-ageing product "Protect and Perfect". By the way, my mum has just bought that product and the No7 Cleansing brush so I'll ask for her opinions on it and post a review as soon as I can! 
I had a lot of faith in this brand was extremely excited to use it! 

This is the Day Cream!
No7 had a 3 for 2 offer on (which I think is still on!) so I could buy the day and night cream and get the cleanser free (you get the cheapest free). The day cream was £12.50 and the night cream was £13.50 (I don't know why there's an extra pound, comment if you might know!). The cleanser is £9.00 so I got it free! (Yes! :D). I have combination skin so Its incredibly hard to find the right skincare products, but my skin nowadays is most normal/oily. 

This is the Night Cream!
The Day and Night creams were supposed to Hydrate and Mattify (as it says on the box!). This is pretty much exactly what I need, especially seeing as its a really warm summer in the UK and my skin seems to look shiny all the time now.

These are the actual jars! They look so sophisticated! I love them :)
Now onto the results! The day and night creams are really good! At first I was worried because I thought the creams were just making my skin look shiny and oily themselves and not doing anything to help my skin...I was wrong! 

The trick is too really work the product into your skin, until it doesn't look shiny anymore as for me, as soon as the product had been properly worked in to my skin, it immediately made my skin look healthy and matte! These creams somehow manage to do 3 things. 1 & 2, Hydrate and Mattify! The creams manage to hydrate my skin and make it look really soft, without the shiny/oily look! I've tried so many different products but none have been able to do this!

2, blend your skin tone! For me, I tend to have quite red cheeks and using these products has made my skin look healthier and more one colour tone. The creams seem to calm my redness and make my whole face look more one colour, with the hydrated non-shiny look, this is perfection!

(Day Cream) In a line, the lid, the container, the box :)

(Night Cream) Ina line, the lid, the container, the box...again! The colour schemes are different on the packaging as the Night Cream uses more green colouring whilst the day cream uses more white.
The cleanser is a foaming cleanser, there was also a cleansing water but my mum made the point that it might not be as effective and the water might just get wasted being soaked up into cotton wool balls or whatever you use to apply it.

The foaming cleanser is familiar to the Witch Foaming cleanser which I did a review on here (apologies for the bad post, it was the second one that I posted on this blog). Its simply a pump dispenser which gives you a proportioned amount of cleanser, simple! 

Birds eye view!

Unlike the creams which I had testers for, I had never used this product before, so I was anxious to see how it would affect my skin. The first time I used it, my skin felt tight and a bit sore. I was disappointed as I thought it was going to be amazing! Again  I was wrong! After the first night my skin stopped feeling this way and each time I cleanse now my skin simply looks healthy and clean :)

In all fairness, I haven't had a proper skincare routine in quite a while, and that will probably have contributed to my skins reaction to the cleanser the first time. As well as the fact that I spent a long time washing my face as I wanted to see how clean my skin could look and feel, I basically wanted to see the best of the cleanser. (I do it with all new products)

One of the consultants said to me that these Beautiful Skin Ranges were cleansers that could be used as a quick cleanser, so I think me spending ages washing my face probably allowed the part of the cleanser that stops the oiliness to have too much of an effect on my skin. Possibly making my skin feel tight for the lack of moisture.

When I didn't spend so long washing my face with this cleanser, It didn't have that effect and made my skin look great. The combination of these products is making my skin look fantastic and I am so glad I bought them! These are all also clearing up my spots that I have a load of on my forehead, which I'm really pleased about!

This is the cleanser!

These are the testers of the Day and Night Creams!
Another great thing is that these creams seem to last quite long, I got two small tester tubes of each cream last week and they're still quite full, I haven't had to use my proper products yet!

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Colgate Max White One- Review!

Hi Everyone!

I said there were a few reviews coming up and this is the first of about 4 others (I think!). I decided to write about this product first as I haven't had time to review other products and this one was timed perfectly, here's why...

About a week ago, whilst doing work experience in Boots (Check out my post about it here!), I saw that the Colgate Max White One was half-price (Its still half-price at Boots!) (£1.99!), being the beauty addict I am, I bought it straight away.

I was so excited to try this product! I'd seen the TV ads and I had always wanted whiter teeth, I had tried to purchase this before but my parents said that £3.99 for toothpaste was too expensive (it is pretty pricey). It seemed like a revolutionary new product and I had to try it!

Colgate states that this toothpaste makes your teeth at least one shade whiter in just one week! When such a big brand like Colgate promise those kinds of results, practically anyone would want to try it. I don't have yellow teeth so I wasn't expecting to see a huge difference, but I was expecting them to become a brighter white.

The consistency and taste of this product is similar to other toothpastes, and the advice is still to brush for 2 mins. Colgate also advises that to see these results, you should clean your teeth 3 times a day! Mind you, If your expecting your whole teeth to get brighter and change shade in one week, that doesn't seem like a big ask.

The toothpaste contains "White Accelerator micro-crystals" which are supposed to "safely remove stains and prevent tartar build-up" (lot of quotes!). I had quite a lot of faith in this product as the ingredients used in it sounded like what you needed to gain whiter teeth. 

Oh! I forgot to mention that the reason it times perfectly with now, is because it was a week ago today that I bought it so today is literally perfect to review this item!

When I brush my teeth, I don't usually brush for 2 mins. I know I should, but I just don't (but anyone reading this still should brush for 2 mins!). So to try and get maximum results, I used a timer and stopwatch on my phone to make sure I brushed for 2 minutes. I also manged to brush 3 times a day at first! But, eventually day to day life made me too busy to brush 3 times a day and to time myself (I woke up late a lot of mornings 'yikes face').

This is what the toothpaste actually looks like (I know, random picture)

But! The results are still good. Even though I didn't stick to the advice, I've seen tonight that my teeth have lightened in shade, and are getting whiter! (Hooray!). It may sound like this isn't a good review as I haven't done what It says one the packaging, but the fact is that after one week of 2 times a day brushing and brushing for less than 2 mins, my teeth have got whiter! 

They aren't a shade whiter, but I'm not surprised as I didn't follow the directions to gain one shade whiter teeth. But in actual fact, how many people can actually say that each time they brush their teeth, they brush for 2 minutes (120 seconds)? Seriously? I think this product is great! With continued use (using my normal schedule) I'm sure my teeth will continue to get whiter. 

The only bad point of this product would be the price. The normal RRP is £3.99, that's quite expensive for toothpaste (Especially for a teenager). My advice would be, If you want to try this product and use it to whiten your teeth more, Buy it as a toothpaste to whiten, not to clean. Also try and get it on a deal like the half price deal on at Boots now! (here's the link)

 Use a more everyday priced toothpaste to use, and use this product whenever you and to whiten your teeth (possibly use when there's some time leading up to a wedding, or holiday etc or even just when you think your teeth have got quite stained).

Overall, I think this product is an excellent whitening toothpaste, and I am going to use it whenever I can, seriously, one of the first whitening toothpastes I've used that actually whitens.

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Friday, 19 July 2013

Boots Work Experience...Wow!

Hi Everyone!

This week was my work experience week! I had such an amazing time and learnt soooo much! I really wanted to do this post as I could not believe how fantastic Boots is! :)

I don't know whether other countries have work experience but in the UK, every year, pupils apply to work for a company/any other place of work for free for a whole week! (By that I mean Monday-Friday). I got a work placement with a large Boots store about 15 mins away from where I live. I was so excited as I go in to Boots constantly (I've spent hours in there 'laughs'). 

Boots is a large and very successful drugstore chain in the UK, and has other stores in other countries. Boots sell so many different products and is the place to go for anything related to beauty, fragrance and medical (they have a thriving pharmacy).

I started on Monday and was very excited! During the week I was given the chance to put stock on shelves, take excess stock to a stock room, experience parts of Boots Elearning training scheme, learn about the other brands in the store (Benefit, Clinique, No7), hear the history of the store and work on fragrance! 

To some that may sound boring, it wasn't! If you love beauty/cosmetics and anything else in that area, you'd love Boots! I love all those things and that's why I enjoyed my placement there so much! (You can tell I'm happy, look at all the !).

My favorite part of working there was working on Fragrance. I worked closely with fragrance consultants and they were so friendly and helpful :) All the staff there were incredibly welcoming and helped me and the other pupil on work experience as much as they could. 

If I went in to detail about my week this post would be far too long. But all in all I had an amazing time there (apart from when I tried some self-tan on my hands, not good!), and I thoroughly recommend that if you need to work experience or have the chance to work or even visit Boots, that you do. At the end of the week (today) the managers sat me and the other pupil down and we evaluated how the week went and we were all really happy to know that everyone was pleased with how it went. 

The managers were more than happy with our work and offered to give us a reference for any future education or jobs etc. which was fantastic. Now along with all this, I could not believe how brilliantly it ended. At the end of the evaluation meeting, the managers gave me and the other pupil a 'Goodie Bag' each! I'm not talking about a really small bag of some sweets or anything, I full size everyday bag, filled with items!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before I'd started the placement there, I researched other peoples reviews of how their week went in other stores. They were all positive reviews and they only made me more excited for this placement! At the end I received a number of items and I wanted to share with all of you these gorgeous gifts :) 

This is a No7 cosmetics pouch that was given to me for my mum (I'm a guy so the contents wouldn't be that useful for me). No7 is a premium cosmetics brand created and owned by Boots, they brand has just had a massive re-launch so you should definitely check out their products (they've got three different deals on at the moment!).

The pouch contained No7 Lipstick, Mascara, Eye Shadow and their revolutionary Protect & Perfect day cream. No7 gained fame for a few products (including this one) as they were one of the first brands to create products that were 100% clinically proven to reduce lines and wrinkles (anti-ageing). When some of these products came out, crowds were queuing at the doors and the products were all over the news.

This was an item that I got extremely excited about! Its a GUCCI notebook! I could not believe that they had given me this! Its a stunning leather notebook and I just want to say thank you so much Boots!

This is the notebook itself, the pic above is of the notebook with its protective case on :)

The page edges are a gorgeous metallic silver (wow!)

The next item is a Joop! umbrella, its one of those umbrellas with a button, and the speed that it goes up and closes is pretty powerful (I'm going to have to be careful when I use this around other people).

I was also given these two No7 products! Both are meant to energize your skin and yourself. One is a Body & Hair wash, the other is a Face Scrub!

Another lovely gift was this Davidoff fragrance. It smells amazing and comes in a really cool bottle! 

Another item was a Giorgio Armani towel, I love the colour and thankfully its a good size (I'm reasonably tall).

All of these products were given to me in this Hugo Boss bag, I love it!

I have absolutely loved my time at Boots (please check out the website), and I cant wait to go back there and shop! There's quite a few No7 products I want to get! Just to finish, If your doing work experience you should definitely try and get a placement there! I had a fantastic time there :) Also, if you have a chance to shop there, do it! Its a fantastic shop and I'm sure you'll love it!

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Sunday, 14 July 2013


Hi Everyone!
I'm very excited to start writing this post as this is one of my favourite brands ever! Lush is an amazing company which creates, makes and sells 'fresh handmade cosmetics' (that's their slogan!). Lush is famous globally and have a large and loyal amount of customers. I discovered Lush about a year ago (I think) and I couldn't imagine not buying things from there :)

I don't own this image. This is where the image came from.
Lush is known everywhere as a very unique company. This is because of its strong public stance against animal testing and other problems in the world. Most companies may say that they don't believe in animal testing but don't act on it. Lush is a company that has actually campaigned against animal testing and have raised huge awareness for this important cause. Lush also raises awareness and money for other important causes in the world and has teamed up with people like fashion icon, Vivienne Westwood.

Lush has stores all over and you really should visit one! These shops are my favourite to go in and here's why. Every Lush shop smells incredible! This isn't the only reason! But its something I and a lot of other people love about these stores. Seriously, as soon as you walk in to one of these stores the smell is just amazing, the combination of all the bath bombs, soaps and other cosmetics is so uplifting and you just feel happier. The stores are also unique, each store is laid out differently (but somehow look similar to other stores?) and are filled with products!

Each range of Lush products (Make-up, Bath and Shower, Fragrances etc) have their own section and each time you walk in you see vibrant colours and lots of bottles and I just love it! Another great thing about Lush stores is the staff. Lush has stated that all of their staff are helpful and friendly and they weren't lying! Every store I have ever been in, all of the staff have been so nice to customers! I love going to Lush because all of their staff are really nice, they offer help and advise you on which products are best for you. Lush is one of the best shops I've ever been in and I can't recommend enough that you visit one :)

Over the years I've bought many products from Lush, and I'd like to quickly talk about them. There are so many products that I think I'll just talk about them in general :)


I've bought a few cleansers from Lush and the ones I used worked for what they were meant for. By that I mean the cleanser 'Dark Angels', is for people with oily skin and when I used it, I didn't have oily skin. The same is for the opposite of 'Dark Angels', 'Angels On Bare Skin' which is meant as a really soft cleanser to reduce redness and basically improve your skin, and the cleanser did do as it said it would. My overall view would be that Lush cleansers are very good!

Bath Bombs

Lush is very well known for their bath bombs and many shop at Lush just for bath bombs. I have bought and been bought many bath bombs and I have loved every single one! They smell fantastic and look amazing. Some include rose petals whilst others include a fizzing core of colours. They do a really wide range of bath bombs in different colours and smells. If you've never used a Lush bath bomb then you really should, and if you haven't used one in a while then you should definitely get another one!

Shower Gels

I think I've only ever had one shower gel from Lush, and that's 'Happy Hippy' which I bought very recently. So far, its been great! It smells incredible (like everything from Lush!) and works just as well as any other brands shower gels.

Face Masks

One of the first items I bought from Lush was a face mask and they really are the best! I don't say that things are the best very much, but in this case its true! These face masks are made with natural products and don't contain any weird chemicals. Because of how natural they are you can use these and leave them on for as long as you like! When using other face masks you MUST take them off within a certain amount of time (look at the packaging) cause it will damage your skin (said from experience). Whereas Lush face masks can be applied and left on for a while (I've had baths whilst wearing one of these face masks). 

There are quite a few different types made with different ingredients that help to reduce redness, oily skin, improve your skin and there are even some anti-ageing masks. They come in tubs so you can use them as much as you want. You can apply as much as you want and can use one once a week if you want just to keep your skin refreshed! 

Those are all the products I have used myself and I recommend you try any Lush product you can :) The best part about using these cosmetics is that they are all 'Fresh Handmade Cosmetics' like the slogan says! Each product has a sticker on it that says who it was made by and the ingredients are all natural. Also the tubs are recycled so all of a Lush product is beneficial. Just to re-cap, if you shop at Lush you get amazing service, an amazing experience, you get great quality products that are handmade with natural ingredients, as well as being sold in recycled containers. 

I love Lush for all of these reasons and its my favourite cosmetics brand to shop at! I cant guarantee every product is going to work for you, and some might not but this post is my personal view of Lush and the products I have used.

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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Mens Shoes...

Hi Everyone,
I'm writing the first shoe post on men's shoes. Basically, what I'm going to do is go through all the types of shoes that I think are great at making different outfits look stylish. I'm doing this so that If anyone reading this or if anyone you know is either wanting new shoes or your going on a shopping trip or even if you just want to know which shoes to look at, that you'll be able to read through my views of these shoes and see which ones you like the sound of most :)
Mens Ankle-Boots
I myself am a major fan of Mens boots. I can't get enough of them. I only have a few pairs but I pretty much wear them with every outfit. One pair of mine I bought from Barratts in a sale and I got them at an amazing price (£22) (the shoes are still at that price! Go check them out). I just want to say, the boots weren't cheap at full price and I think they had been discounted twice! So they were a really good deal :) I've just been on the website and their having a sale so you should really check that out. Back to the boots, they are a gorgeous oxblood colour (although the website says cherry, in person I think they're more of a oxblood colour) and incredibly well made. I love these shoes and I have worn them so much.
 The second pair were a pair of Dr.Martens and they are having a sale on too! These shoes were bought in a sale at an amazing price of £60. The design is very like a Burberry check pattern but the pattern is more 'busy' and the colours are darker, again I love them! The third pair are a pair of Chelsea boots. These are great for smart-casual wear as well as being great for an event in which you have to dress smartly, but not tuxedo 'James Bond' smart.
 Ankle boots on a whole are fantastic, they look great with outfits because as I've said they make you look really stylish as they come in so many different colours and patterns. The design of the ankle boot makes you look great and it shows that you care about how you look. Ankle boots are something I cannot recommend enough :)
Boat Shoes
With the summer approaching and the UK having such bright and very warm weather, I've been looking for shoes that I can wear that don't get as warm as other shoes. The first thing most will think of is flip-flops, but I don't want to wear flip-flops constantly throughout the summer. But recently I discovered Boat shoes. These shoes are fantastic as you don't need to wear them with socks and they tend to keep your feet cooler than other shoes. Boat shoes typically look like this... (I found this image on google images and I don't claim to own it, I'm only using it for this post to show what the shoe looks like this is where the image is from)
Boats shoes are really comfortable and they have been recommended by many others. So definitely look at boat shoes.
Converse Or Other Sports/Casual  Shoes
I have some Converse as well as some plain sports/casual shoes. I'm not going to go into depth about these as most already know what they are. I do want to say though that these are ideal shoes to have as shoes you can wear for going to the Gym or PE or just going out somewhere with friends (if you don't want to wear ankle-boots or boat shoes). My advice would be to always have a couple of pairs of plain shoes you can wear, you never know when you might need them! (as well as this, Converse always have been and will continue to be, super stylish).
Thanks for reading this post and I hope you've enjoyed it. Sorry if I didn't talk about other shoes. But the fact is there are too many types of shoes out there to talk about. I also didn't want to pass advice on shoes that I don't own as I believe my advice and views wouldn't be very good. Please follow me on twitter to keep up to date with my blog and my daily life ( @StylishEngland ) and subscribe to my blog (side of web page). Please follow me on Bloglovin' (button at the side) and comment as I would love to hear your views :) Please check back on Friday for the post on Women's shoes!

Shoes…Which You Need And Why?

Hi Everyone!

So today's post is about shoes! I love shoes and I like to think I undertsnad the importance of shoes in making an outfit look good. The best thing about shoes is that they can make nearly anything you're wearing look  amazing and sometimes…expensive. 

Say your someone who likes to wear plain clothes, you can still look really stylish, if your wearing a fantastic pair of shoes. Now when I say fantastic, I don't mean shoes that cost hundreds of pound s. I mean shoes that look stylish and suit you. 

The whole point of being stylish is that you have your own style and don't always wear, head to toe trends. People who have their own individual style, wear clothes that others don't wear every day, and wear clothes that show who they are as a person. The way you dress is an incredible way of expressing your self as a person. 

Like the Mens fashion basics and the Women's fashion basics, I'm going to upload two other posts tonight's. The first post will be about mens shoes and the other women's. Please make sure you check them out cause shoes are a VIP (very important part) of your wardrobe. 

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Thanks for reading! 


Monday, 8 July 2013

15 Facts About Me!

Hi Everyone!
I thought that today I would do a post that featured 15 facts about me, I've chosen this because I hope it will help my readers get more of an idea of my personality. I've seen other bloggers do this and they were rather popular so I hope this is too :)
1) I absolutely love salmon!
2) I love New York City
3) I've lived in England all my life and have never been to London
4)  Even though I like dogs, I'm a cat person
5) I did used to learn the flute
6) My favourite colour is teal
7) I love interior design (decorating rooms)
8) I like reading
9) My favourite subject is History
10) I want to become fluent in French and also learn other languages
11) I can't save money, I just spend it too quickly!
12) I don't like shopping online
13) I love the TV Shows Ugly Betty, Glee and period dramas (Downton Abbey is a great example)
14) My favourite word is sale (I know its cliché)
15) Even though I want to eat healthily, I love take-outs
I hope that post has given you a bit more insight into my personality and I hope you've enjoyed reading it. Please Comment, Subscribe (Side of web page) and follow me on twitter ( @StylishEngland ). Please could you tweet me or comment some ideas for blog posts because I'd rather be writing posts about what readers are interested in. Sorry if this post was short but I couldn't think of many facts (I'm not a boring person!) but please check back on Wednesday for a new post. Thanks for reading.
Bye! :)

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Chester…A Day Out In England!

Hi Everyone!
So today me and my family spent the day in Chester! For those of you who don't know, Chester is a gorgeous city in Cheshire, England. If you follow me on twitter then you'll know how amazing the weather has been and will hopefully continue in England! This really is summer weather and most have jumped at the chance to have a barbecue (myself included), as well as a lot of the general public taking advantage of this weather and going out as much as possible :)
(I'm going to include pictures of Chester that I took whilst there) 
Sorry, this pic has gone blurry (I have no idea why?)

This made me laugh :D

This is one of the main shopping streets

This is an entrance to a shopping centre there, the building looks quite old but the interior is rather modern!

There are quite a few different streets there, each one lined with different stores. The shops range from big brand stores to smaller locally owned shops. I particularly enjoyed walking through the streets as they all were so 'English'. Each street was filled with beautiful buildings, some looked quite old whilst others looked more modern but aged in a pleasant way. The streets were so pretty and were made only better by the stunning sunshine!

I heard that Chester was known for its walls and I recently discovered that its quite famous for them as most are excellently preserved. The bridges were also beautiful and I've included a couple of pictures below of one I thought was especially nice. It features a clock which includes quite intricate detail.

This is the clock and bridge :)

 It always catches my eye and I think its so beautiful!

Shopping in Chester is amazing! There is such a diverse range of stores there and I found quite a few sales :) Even though it was Sunday, the streets were incredibly packed. This combined with the (at times) uncomfortable heat, was an intense experience. But don't let that put you off! I will go back as much as I can because its such a beautiful city and the retail therapy is fab. Honestly, I think this is my favourite shopping destination ever.

Another view of one of the fantastic streets :)

Here it is again but closer, still so beautiful...

This is a perfect example of what I meant when I said about the older buildings.

For lunch we went to Pret A Manger, a popular 'fast food' chain based in the United Kingdom. When I researched it online it is described as a fast food chain but it isn't anything like McDonalds or KFC. The food here is incredible. They make fresh sandwiches, wraps and salads (hot and cold) as well as other foods fresh each day in each café (I don't know whether its a café but I cant think of what else to call it?). All the food tasted delicious and the drinks were just as amazing (now I really want a drink from there).

The best part about this chain, is that all the food that isn't sold at the end of the day, goes to local charities and helps feed others, instead of throwing it away and wasting it. They don't use any odd chemicals, additives or preservatives (that's what it says on the website and in the 'cafe'). They also make many different types of coffee (the coffee smelled fantastic) and other hot drinks. I love this food chain now and I'm sure others will too :)

A red telephone box in England :) 
Chester is such a gorgeous city and its a fantastic place to visit. I had such a great time there and I'm sure others would too. I hope you've enjoyed this post and the photos. I did buy a couple of things whilst there from Lush and Zara, but I think I'll just tweet pictures of those so that this post isn't too long. Please follow me on twitter to keep up to date with blog posts (and to see what I bought) ( @StylishEngland ), subscribe to my blog (side of web page) and comment. Please, please comment as I love hearing from my readers and any suggestions for what I should write about are welcome :) Check back tomorrow for a new post and thanks for reading.