Friday, 2 August 2013

My Fragrance Collection!


I know this is quite a popular thing to blog/vlog about and I thought it would be interesting for me to do it!
All the bloggers/vloggers I've seen do this are female, so I think it'll be interesting to see a male bloggers fragrance collection. I'm also planning on posting wishlists! I think there'll be interesting as well as you don't tend to see many male bloggers wish lists...or that many male bloggers at all!

This is one of my favourite all time fragrances! The Calvin Klein 'Eternity' fragrances for both men and women are phenomenal. These fragrances smell so fresh and natural, and also include other scents that make these my favourite fragrances! Seriously, I'd recommend to anyone to try & buy.

I absolutely love this fragrance! One of it's main ingredients is Sandalwood, I absolutely love the smell of Sandalwood, It's one of my favourite natural smells. Another great thing is that this fragrance is by Avon, Avon products aren't designed to be expensive so to find such an affordable fragrance that I love is fantastic! I've had quite a few compliments of how nice this smells when I've been wearing it (which always brightens your day) :)

I don't wear a lot of fragrances like these, but a few years ago its price was dropped for a bit and was only £4! Even at that price I wouldn't waste money on a fragrance I don't like, and I was pleased to discover that I liked this wonderfully cheap fragrance! It may not be designer, but It has a clean, fresh smell which is exactly what I look for in a fragrance.

Again, I saw that this was quite a cheap fragrance for £8 so I tried & buyed. I was really dissapointed though when I got home as it smelt quite sickly sweet after being sprayed. I sprayed some for my friends and they agreed it wasn't a pleasant scent. :(

This is the fragrance I got given in an amazing goodie bag at the end of my work experience with Boots (See my post/haul here). To be honest, It's not a fragrance I would have bought myself, but I'm happy they chose this one for me, as after a couple of minutes, this smells really nice. I may have found a new fragrance I like ;)

I got this quite a while ago and haven't worn it for a really long time. I don't think its an expensive fragrance but I don't think its classed as an 'affordable' fragrance.

I was given this fragrance as a part of a gift set by a friend last Christmas. This smells incredible and I love wearing it. I also love the design of the bottle as well, it's really simple yet looks sophisticated and luxurious. This is a gorgeous fragrance so you should definitely try and smell this. 

Like the others, I've had this fragrance for quite a while. It's not an expensive fragrance and smells quite nice. I used to wear this constantly and I think my nose just doesn't want to smell it anyone. Whenever I smell this it just puts me off. I think it's because of my constant wearing it though so don't hold back on getting it because of me.

This fragrance is similar to the one above, but is in a different men's range. So the smell is different and I much prefer this one. It smells gorgeous, and again, I've received compliments on how nice this smells :) Plus! It's an affordable fragrance! :D

 I got this fragrance some months ago and It's one I wear almost daily. This fragrance is so good because it's exactly what I've been looking for! To me, most men's fragrances smell fake and smell of the chemicals they were made with. However, this fragrance smells really fresh and natural. The Calvin Klein is quite similar but dare I say it, this one might actually be better. Even though Calvin Klein is almost the same, I have to say this smells more natural. Eternity still smells a tiny, weeny bit fake to me. This fragrance is also super cheap from Next (No more than £12 for 100 ml). This is currently my favourite!

I'd love to hear what your favourite fragrance is! Please leave a comment cause I always reply and I'd love to hear your opinions :)

Thanks for reading!

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  2. Hey, I love your blog great work ;) Please come check mine out, if you decide to follow me, leave me a comment and I’ll follow you back :) XxXx


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