Wednesday, 27 November 2013

New Blog Design

These past couple of weeks, I'm sure you will have noticed the look of my blog changing quite a bit. The reason for this is because I've just had my blog designed by an extremely talented blog designer, Serena Ozgowicz. Serena both writes her own blog, as well as running her own online jewelry store and online blog design store.

I know some of you may be wondering why I've changed my blog design so quickly after having it designed before, but I felt like I wanted a blog design that was...more me. The first blog design I had was a big mix of other designs I liked, but it wasn't one that I thought reflected me and my personal tastes.

I'm sure you'll have noticed the teal colour scheme. If you didn't already work it out, teal is my absolute favourite colour :) I wanted this colour to be used lots throughout my design but without overpowering it. It's safe to say that Serena perfectly balanced my want for a clean and simple design with teal used throughout.

Also the anchor favicon is there to show my love of anchors haha. I know it's a bit random loving anchors but I love clothes with anchors on, accessories with anchors etc. (My latest want is a long silver chain with a large sterling silver anchor on it) Also, ever since I created this blog I've loved the idea of having paint splatters. I love lots of colour so I couldn't believe how well Serena incorporated this into the design.

There's so much more I could comment on for this design including Serena's incredible attention to detail, quick response and work rate, as well as her stunning portfolio (which speaks for itself with the amount of gorgeous designs she's done).

I just wanted to do this quick post to give Serena as much credit as possible, and to let you guys know about her as well. So many blog designers are charging around £40 a design at the moment. For teens like me who don't have an income, or even for adults who just enjoy blogging for a hobby, £40 is a lot of cash to splash on a design. I'm not saying those designers are wrong for charging those prices, I'm just saying that to get such a flawless service, £25 is unbelievable.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Christmas Giveaway!*


*I was sent this product to giveaway but am under no obligation to give it a biased review, all views here are my own and I am not being paid or influenced by anyone*

It feels like I haven't blogged in ages! This weekly blogging thing might take some getting used to. I must say though, I have enjoyed not having to stress about getting two posts out this week (breathes dramatic sigh of relief).

I am so excited for this post as it's my first ever giveaway!!!!!!! I know I said I was going to do a giveaway when I got to 100 followers on GFC (and I still will so help me get closer to that magic number and follow me?), but I was kindly sent this brand new, unopened Philips PT920 PowerTouch Pro Shaver by John Lewis to giveaway to my amazing readers :)

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Frosty Sunset | OOTD

Last Sunday, my parents decided to take a well earned break from re-decorating the house, and have a trip to a nearby garden centre.

Personally, I'm not that interested in gardening. I like helping the environment, recycling etc. and I also do enjoy attractive & well kept gardens, but actually gardening doesn't really appeal to me. However, this garden centre is not only made up of plants & gardens, oh no, it's also filled with shops, cafe's/restaurants and an ice-cream parlor. Since Christmas is coming (and the geese are getting fat) I was also excited to see the heart warming Xmas products; the garden centre has quite a reputation for it's Christmas...stuff?

I've missed posting my outfits on here and I've officially decided to make this blog into more of a personal style/fashion & lifestyle blog (of course with the odd beauty post here and there), so I realised this was the perfect opportunity to do an OOTD. We'd planned to go at around 3:00 p.m which meant because of the hour going back due to the time of year, we'd arrive just in time to take some photos in the sunset. My Dad and I headed straight to the private gardens (which really aren't that private as it only means you have to pay to get in if you aren't a member) as soon as we arrived. After scouting for some idyllic locations, and thanks to my helpful (and patient) Dad, we got some good photos. Please excuse how I look in some of them, I'm still unsure on how to pose haha.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

I Heart

Not long ago, I was suddenly inspired from reading one of my favourite blogs; Milk Bubble Tea. It's talented writer Becky published a great post called "Loving Lately". It was basically where Becky shared with her readers what she was (you guessed it!) loving lately ;)

As soon as I read it I tweeted Becky asking if she minded if I did a similar kind of post (I never want anyone to think I'm stealing their ideas and claiming them as my own) and Becky was more than happy for me to do it. Becky did say that I didn't have to link her in my post but trust me, her blog is amazing. You'd be missing out if you didn't have a read!

The other day I spent a good chunk of my evening browsing I love as it always sells the most unique, individual and well, fab things. It's such an interesting website and I can't urge you enough to have a look yourself (be warned, it's addictive).

Here's everything I'm loving on

*These are all from the Website and I don't claim to own any of these images*

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

ASOS Wishlist

Recently, my ASOS wishlist has grown bigger and bigger. I blame Autumn. Autumn is the most amazing season for not only fashion, but style itself. Meaning I'm left with wishlists up to my eyeballs, and not enough cash to buy hardly any of it (saddest face you can imagine).

My ASOS wishlist isn't that long, but I'm still desperate for everything on it (oh gosh I sound so selfish!). My wish list is a lot longer than this, but these are the products I really want haha. I think I'll save my other wishlists for another post as at the moment, this is the one I'm obsessed with haha. The majority of my wishlist is knitwear, although I have included some sunglasses. (I'm planning ahead) (months ahead)

*All of these images are from the ASOS website, I asked for permission from ASOS on Twitter and do not claim to own any of these*

1) ASOS Flag Jumper- £30: I'm obsessed with the Union jack. I have phone cases with it on, I have bags, t-shirts, bedding, you name it. This jumper is just gorgeous and the colours aren't too strong/vibrant giving it a vintagey kind of look. I think I'm gonna order this one ;)

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Versatile Blogger Award

*Note: I just wanted to say sorry as I know I promised a Halloween post, but sadly I've not had time to write it. I was at a Halloween party yesterday and although I had planned to write and publish a post when I got back home, I got back later than I thought and was unbelievably tired. I've decided not to post a Halloween post as the pictures aren't very good quality and I only want to post good content (which I don't think the post would be), but if you are interested in seeing my (awful) costume, my (terrible) pumpkin carving skills and the cakes my Mum & I made, then check out my instagram :)*

As I'm writing this, I'm poised at the computer ready to dash outside. Why? Autumnal weather has decided to ruin my day for taking blog photos (annoyed face). So I thought whilst glancing at the sky every second, why not write a post which doesn't need my own photos?

Recently, I was amazed to find out that I had been nominated twice for the Versatile Blogger Award and once for the sunshine blogger award! Emma-Jane Saunt  and Rebecca both nominated me for the Versatile blogger award and I want to say a big thank you to both of them! Also Sarah Wren was kind enough to nominate me for the sunshine blogger award :) Again, a massive thank you to Sarah! (I've had a bit of trouble finding the sunshine blogger award post so for now I've had to leave that one) That's now 3 awards I've been nominated for (Liebster, Versatile and Sunshine) and I can't thank those bloggers enough for nominating me :)

P.S You should check out all of their blogs, they're epic!