Sunday, 23 June 2013

English Stereotypes…Are They True?

Hi! Sorry for not posting yesterday but today I'm doing a more general post on English stereotypes. As someone who is from and lives in England, you can believe me when I say not all stereotypes are true, but some are (like tea drinking) but I'll go more into that later. Every country has its stereotypes, and some are true whilst others are false. So, here's the true and false on British stereotypes. 


Drinking tea has been a popular stereotype for so long, everyone seems to think English people's lives revolve around drinking tea. It doesn't! But I will grant you a lot of people here do drink tea. More than coffee. This stereotype I will have to say is pretty accurate. The fact is tea is a big part of English culture, whenever you get invited to someone's house they tend to offer you a cup of tea and its popular in cafes. So, tea drinking=true. 


This is a stereotype I think is quite popular in America. A lot of people think there is one English accent and that it's the 'posh' one everyone hears on the television. This is completely false! England has so MANY different regional accents. The stereotypical accent is called Received Pronunciation and even though it is an accent that people have, it's not the only one. Nearly every area tends to have its own type of accent and some with very strong accents. It's like in America, there is a Californian accent, a New York accent and more. So, there are multiple accents in England and even though stereotyped accent is real I'd still say its an untrue stereotype. 


I'm quite excited for this one. It sounds silly but it does annoy me when I hear people who have never been to England moan about the weather! Everyone says it rains, and it's cloudy and it's cold. Although we do have more rain than most and yes, it does tend to be a bit  cloudy, but we do actually have sunshine. Recently, I can't tell you how hot it's been. This past couple of weeks it's been really warm and bright, and I'm loving the weather! So the stereotype that England has really rainy weather is false! 

I've heard and read that a stereotype of our attitudes is that we're quite arrogant and some have even said that we dislike Americans! NOT TRUE! I want to say right now, that I absolutely LOVE Americans. This stereotype isn't true, because a lot of English people are very interested in different cultures, and America is a very popular one. For years now I've just been obsessed with America and I still am and I really hope that someday I have an American friend. Okay, so the stereotype that we tend to be arrogant and dislike Americans is false!

I hope you've enjoyed reading this and I hope you've learned a bit more about English people and culture. If you'd like to hear more about England please comment on this post saying what you'd like me to do a post on about England or even just what you'd like me to write about :) Please subscribe to this blog (look at the side of this web page) and follow me on twitter ( @StylishEngland ) Thanks for reading and check back for more posts! 

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