Sunday, 30 June 2013

My Favourite Fashion Brands-Part 3!

My third and final favourite fashion brand is…Burberry. I love this brand because the clothes they make are really good quality, and even though they have unique designs, the products they sell are wearable for every day life. 

Burberry was founded in 1856 and yes, it's another English fashion brand (I know all the brands are English, it's not on purpose though!). Burberry has become world famous for its classic items like the well-known trench coat. 

Burberry make all aspects of fashion as well as having their own beauty ranges including make up and fragrances. I'm a fan of their fragrances as I was given one as a present.  

Burberry, like Mulberry is a very interesting brand. The Burberry flagship store in London is known for its recent renovation to look more like its website and is known as Burberry world live (I've read that you don't queue when you buy something there). 

This brand has been worn by many celebrities and is a popular British Fashion label although it has been labeled as a 'chavvy' brand (English slang) but for me, Burberry is a luxury English fashion brand. 

I love this company because of its fashionable simplicity. The clothes and accessories are stylish and unique but are also clothes that almost anyone can wear. I love watching their runway shows online as they are alway so beautiful and I love looking through the website as they sell so many beautiful items. I do own a t-shirt from Burberry because I went to an outlet of theirs whilst there was a reduced stock rail and I was lucky enough to get an item of clothing. The t-shirt is a gorgeous red with the brands logo on the front in a contrasting yellow colour. Another reason I love this brand is because of how nice their staff are. I must say I've been in some designer shops and I've been shocked by the service I've received and sadly this has stopped me going back to those shops, but every Burberry store I have been in, the staff have been lovely and treated every customer with respect and this is such an important thing as I now look forward to going in every amazing store. 

This is the last favourite brands post as I only have 3 but I hope you've enjoyed them. Please subscribe (side of web page), comment and follow me on twitter ( @StylishEngland ). Bye! 

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