Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Birthday Post!

So these past few days have not been particularly pleasant. My birthday was on Sunday and even though I received some amazing gifts from my parents, the day wasn't very happy and ended up with all of us quite upset. I'm not going to go into detail about it, I just wanted to explain this as I don't plan to write a post about the actual day although I will tell you what I got. (I really hope you don't think I'm bragging or anything, I love reading these posts and find them really interesting, so I hope that's how you'll feel about this post as well)

( Just wanted to say that everything is okay now and no one is upset anymore :) )

For my birthday I very kindly received the new fragrance by Paco Rabanne 'Invictus' which smells AMAZING, and if you follow me on Twitter then you'll know how much I've wanted this fragrance ever since I smelt it! I could not recommend this fragrance enough. It smells so natural and is perfect for summer. I hate how a lot of mens fragrances smell really fake and unnatural, you know the ones that when you smell it make you cough? This one is not like that at all and Its currently my absolute favourite fragrance :D

I also received the fragrance 'Jet Homme' by Avon which I have used before and love! It's main ingredient (that doesn't sound like the right word but oh well) is Sandalwood. I love the smell of sandalwood so this is definitely a fragrance favourite of mine :D

I'm counting this as a birthday present as it arrived just before my birthday. I'm not going to say anything about this as I'm going to be doing a review of Prairie Charms in the next few days :D

I also got a MIANSAI silver Anchor bracelet that I picked out online on the Selfridges website. I've seen these style of bracelets a lot recently, and I've seen them on loads of shopping websites as well as in photo shoots. The brand MIANSAI makes these in the USA and ships them to retailers elsewhere as well as selling them themselves. This bracelet is perfect as not only is it absolutely gorgeous, it's come from the USA! (If you don't know, I love the US sooooo much! Some would call it an obsession haha :D).

My last present is a Sony VAIO laptop. I am so excited to get this as It's my first ever laptop! It's going to be so useful for blogging, school work and college and I'm incredibly thankful to my parents for giving me this (my mum will get a chance to get back on the home computer now!).

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What have been your favourite/most amazing gifts you've ever received?

Stylish England :)


  1. You've been nominated for a Liebster Award on my blog http://www.thepureallure.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/liebster-award.html

  2. Thank you! I've already been nominated and done the post, but thank you so much! :)

  3. I had a sony viao before i got my mac and I loved it! Great choice! :)


  4. Thank you :) I can't stop using it! Much better to be able to blog from anywhere :D

  5. Thank you :) I can't stop using it! Much better to be able to blog from anywhere :D

  6. I have heard great things about the sony viao! It looks like you had a great birthday!


  7. I heard they were good too, and I haven't been proven wrong haha :D We managed to get it on a sale, bargain! Thanks for the comment :)

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