Sunday, 29 September 2013

"Were Off To See The Wizard..."

Yesterday I achieved a goal of mine that I've wanted to do for over 4 years, I finally saw the musical Wicked :D

I don't own this image nor do I claim to, I got it off Google Images just for use in this post

Ever since I first heard about this incredible story, I've been eager to see this stunning performance for myself. I was given the opportunity to see it after my friend Natalie got her Mum to book tickets for herself, Natalie, me, Kitty and Jess in the Grand Tier of the Palace Theatre in Manchester. Until now, the show was only performed in London in the UK, and because I don't live anywhere near London, I've never had the chance to see it :(

This amazing musical was (is currently) being performed at the Manchester Palace Theatre, as at the moment, the show is touring the UK and Ireland. Natalie's Mum picked us all up at around midday so that we could get to the 14:00 performance. We managed to arrive with a bit of spare time so picked up some lunch and then made our way to the Palace Theatre :D I got so excited as the whole street was lined with signs and posters like these :D

Sorry for the bad quality! They were taken on my iphone whilst walking :L
Unsurprisingly, the merchandise stands were overwhelmed when we arrived, so I just bought a program (I needed something to remember it by!) and decided with the others to have a better look after the show. Once sat down we waited for it to begin :D As you can imagine, at this point I was in complete awe and simply couldn't believe I was about to see Wicked :D

Wicked Selfie haha :D
By the interval we were all left speechless (me and Jess especially, Defying Gravity had us almost crying). The acting was flawless and their voices/singing was even better ;D The special effects were as promised and spectacular! You could really tell how much effort had gone in to this production and I can't recommend enough you go and see it :D

Do you think I look excited? ;)
Wicked is phenomenal. Simply phenomenal. Everything about it worked and I don't think you could ever watch "The Wizard Of Oz" again without remembering the untold twists shown in Wicked ;D I would absolutely love to go and see it again but sadly my Dad and Brother are really tall and since I felt uncomfortable with the little leg room, I'm sure they wouldn't even be able to get in :( Blogger meet up to see Wicked anyone? You can see the trailer here!

Like I said before, if you can go and see it please do! It is such a fun thing to go and see, and it's something the whole family (or anyone) can have a good time watching :) Oh! I almost forgot about the merchandise! In the end I didn't get anything else, although I really wanted a jumper but they were £35 and even though I could afford one, the queues were huge and I felt bad making the others wait. I was also tempted to get the album but they were £16 whereas I could order it off Amazon for £6. Again, blogger meet up to see it? (I need a jumper haha :D)

Have you ever seen Wicked? What did you think? Have you been to see any other musicals?

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  1. I've never seen Wicked but hopefully am going to see Charlie and the chocolate factory in the half term! I should go to the theatre more considering I'm studying performing arts and live in London plus the fact my dad is a taxi driver so gets quite a lot of opportunities to get free tickets! loved this post, glad you enjoyed it and had a great time :) xx

    1. I hope you enjoy Charlie and the chocolate factory! I'm also really jealous as you couldn't be in a better position to go to the theatre ;D Thanks :)

  2. Told you, you would have an awesome time! One of the best musicals I have seen and I have seen a handful!


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