Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Casually Formal | OOTD

Here I'm wearing:

ARK Clothing Snood | Sainsbury's Casual Blazer | Clothes Show Live Bought Graphic T-Shirt | Topman Skinny Jeans | Blackman's Boots | The Cambridge Satchel Company 15" Batchel |

Last week on Friday, whilst on a much needed half-term break from school, my friends and I decided to catch a train to Manchester and go shopping for the day. When I was planning my outfit, I decided that I really wanted to wear my casual blazer. Casual blazers are my fashion favourite and I'd wear them all the time if I could afford to (they're priced at around £70 each on the high street), although I never wore mine outside of evening meals out due to my worry that someone will judge me for it. Happily though, I kept to my plan and wore it, and I couldn't be happier with the end look! :)

I'm also really pleased with the photos for this post. With my Dad as official Stylish England photographer, he suggested this new background, as well as trying out some portrait shots. After adjusting the sizing of my blog as well as resizing my pictures, the finished result is exactly what I wanted!

Unlike a lot of the time, I wore this because I actually wanted to wear it. Usually I'll just settle with something simple and boring but everything about this outfit is me which I love :) It expresses my style perfectly; The blazer helps any outfit to look more tailored and organised as does the satchel (although more organised than tailored). The graphic print t-shirt gives the outfit a street-style kind of look to it and the boots and snood, as well as keeping me warm, bring the whole outfit together because of their matching burgundy colour.

I did buy a few things (fashion + interior/home stuff) so watch this space for a haul coming very soon!

What do you think of this outfit? Do you ever worry about what you wear?

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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Beauty Storage

I don't know about you, but I always struggle to find room for anything in my room. Since having my room re-decorated a couple of years ago, I've lost quite a bit of space due to me being both insistent and persistent on wanting a double bed - despite my Dad's warning on the lack of space I'd have...oops. Back to the subject, since my rooms re-do, one of my clothes draws has slowly become entirely occupied with beauty products.

One of my many new year resolutions, was to become more organised, and late last week, I finally did something about the growing hoard collection by also working towards that resolution; I finally got some proper storage for my beauty products. Whilst there's absolutely no room for a tower or some other industrial sized storage, there is room for these two gorgeous baskets...

To a lot of people I'm sure my hoard collection won't look like much at all, but for me it's far too much (which is why larger storage isn't better for me - it would mean I could buy more stuff!). I picked these two baskets up in B&M for about £7.99/£3.99 each (I really need to start keeping receipts). I was ecstatic when I first saw them as I also have THIS matching bed set which was bought at B&M as well!

Now stocked up with all my creams, cleansers and cans, these new organisers will not only make using my products easier (being able to see each product is something I've missed), but they'll also free up the draw for clothes (my wardrobe doors are struggling to shut...double oops).

How do you store all your beauty products? What do you think of these new purchases?

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Productively Comfy | OOTD

River Island Cardigan | Burton Graphic Tee | Topman Skinny Jeans | Ben Sherman Watch | Fossil Wallet | Sainsbury's Slippers

Finally spotting a break in the bad weather, I quickly equipped my Dad with the camera and dashed outside to take an OOTD. Today (like the past three days - half-term holiday!), is most definitely one of those lazy days. Spending most of my day on the sofa, writing blog posts or reading I Heart Paris, this is my chosen outfit for todays activities. A Ben Sherman watch and Fossil wallet work together with these Topman skinny jeans accompanied with a Burton graphic tee (depicting New York) to create both a laid back and well organised look. I added the River Island cardigan purely just to keep myself warm, but with the middle button being the only one in use to create an even more casual look. And as for shoes, what else can you wear on a lazy day than comfy slippers?

P.S Please forgive how terrible I look in the first photo - England isn't your best friend when it comes to natural light

What's your lazy day outfit?

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A Date With Decoupage

First off, I know the name is uber cringey but I was thinking of what to call this post and it was the first thing that popped into my head. Plus, it has a nice ring to it. Anyway. A couple of weeks back I decided that since I was taking a couple new creative subjects at college (when I start in September! Eep!), I wanted to try and be more creative myself at home. As well as learning things like graphic and web design, I'm determined to become more skilled in physical creativity and art. Which means only one thing, a trip to Hobbycraft.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

OSMO Matte Clay Extreme* | Review

Being a complete hair nut (read obsessed), when I was offered the chance to review the OSMO Matte Clay Extreme styling product, I jumped at the chance! The fact is I have ridiculously thick hair and every morning I struggle with it in front of the mirror whilst simultaneously trying to juggle the hair dryer. God knows how much I've spent over the years on hair products and the amount of time I must have wasted merely trying to make my hair go the right way is just not worth thinking about, but I'm forever eager to try any product that could tame my annoying hair and so before I have time to start ranting, on with the review!