Friday, 19 July 2013

Boots Work Experience...Wow!

Hi Everyone!

This week was my work experience week! I had such an amazing time and learnt soooo much! I really wanted to do this post as I could not believe how fantastic Boots is! :)

I don't know whether other countries have work experience but in the UK, every year, pupils apply to work for a company/any other place of work for free for a whole week! (By that I mean Monday-Friday). I got a work placement with a large Boots store about 15 mins away from where I live. I was so excited as I go in to Boots constantly (I've spent hours in there 'laughs'). 

Boots is a large and very successful drugstore chain in the UK, and has other stores in other countries. Boots sell so many different products and is the place to go for anything related to beauty, fragrance and medical (they have a thriving pharmacy).

I started on Monday and was very excited! During the week I was given the chance to put stock on shelves, take excess stock to a stock room, experience parts of Boots Elearning training scheme, learn about the other brands in the store (Benefit, Clinique, No7), hear the history of the store and work on fragrance! 

To some that may sound boring, it wasn't! If you love beauty/cosmetics and anything else in that area, you'd love Boots! I love all those things and that's why I enjoyed my placement there so much! (You can tell I'm happy, look at all the !).

My favorite part of working there was working on Fragrance. I worked closely with fragrance consultants and they were so friendly and helpful :) All the staff there were incredibly welcoming and helped me and the other pupil on work experience as much as they could. 

If I went in to detail about my week this post would be far too long. But all in all I had an amazing time there (apart from when I tried some self-tan on my hands, not good!), and I thoroughly recommend that if you need to work experience or have the chance to work or even visit Boots, that you do. At the end of the week (today) the managers sat me and the other pupil down and we evaluated how the week went and we were all really happy to know that everyone was pleased with how it went. 

The managers were more than happy with our work and offered to give us a reference for any future education or jobs etc. which was fantastic. Now along with all this, I could not believe how brilliantly it ended. At the end of the evaluation meeting, the managers gave me and the other pupil a 'Goodie Bag' each! I'm not talking about a really small bag of some sweets or anything, I full size everyday bag, filled with items!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before I'd started the placement there, I researched other peoples reviews of how their week went in other stores. They were all positive reviews and they only made me more excited for this placement! At the end I received a number of items and I wanted to share with all of you these gorgeous gifts :) 

This is a No7 cosmetics pouch that was given to me for my mum (I'm a guy so the contents wouldn't be that useful for me). No7 is a premium cosmetics brand created and owned by Boots, they brand has just had a massive re-launch so you should definitely check out their products (they've got three different deals on at the moment!).

The pouch contained No7 Lipstick, Mascara, Eye Shadow and their revolutionary Protect & Perfect day cream. No7 gained fame for a few products (including this one) as they were one of the first brands to create products that were 100% clinically proven to reduce lines and wrinkles (anti-ageing). When some of these products came out, crowds were queuing at the doors and the products were all over the news.

This was an item that I got extremely excited about! Its a GUCCI notebook! I could not believe that they had given me this! Its a stunning leather notebook and I just want to say thank you so much Boots!

This is the notebook itself, the pic above is of the notebook with its protective case on :)

The page edges are a gorgeous metallic silver (wow!)

The next item is a Joop! umbrella, its one of those umbrellas with a button, and the speed that it goes up and closes is pretty powerful (I'm going to have to be careful when I use this around other people).

I was also given these two No7 products! Both are meant to energize your skin and yourself. One is a Body & Hair wash, the other is a Face Scrub!

Another lovely gift was this Davidoff fragrance. It smells amazing and comes in a really cool bottle! 

Another item was a Giorgio Armani towel, I love the colour and thankfully its a good size (I'm reasonably tall).

All of these products were given to me in this Hugo Boss bag, I love it!

I have absolutely loved my time at Boots (please check out the website), and I cant wait to go back there and shop! There's quite a few No7 products I want to get! Just to finish, If your doing work experience you should definitely try and get a placement there! I had a fantastic time there :) Also, if you have a chance to shop there, do it! Its a fantastic shop and I'm sure you'll love it!

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  1. Aloha, I know you wrote this a while back but just thought I would say I have my work experience in boots on Monday and I'm so scared! Where did you go like on your first day when you got there?:)

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment! :) When I first arrived my manager (s) showed me around the working area and showed me how to use the deliver lifts and gave me door codes etc. then they put me on unloading delivery and stocking shelves as well as doing this online health and safety course :) Hope that's helped you! I was nervous as well but it's such a nice environment! Hope you have a nice time!

  2. thank you so much! Hopefully I wont have to do much paha, thanks for replying though, p.s love your blog woo

  3. Hi!! I'm doing my work experience at boots soon and I was wondering about what clothes you wore? They've given a little bit of detail but I'm stuck for ideas? And are you allowed to wear jewlry? Thankyou!x

    1. Hey Lishaa! When I went they told me a smart white shirt, black trousers, black shoes & a black clip on tie (it couldn't be a normal tie for health and safety). But there was a girl who was also on work experience there with me and she wore black trousers, black shoes (any sort really just not anything flashy) and a white lace blouse/top type thing. So I'd say just go along with the black trousers and shoes, and then just find a smart white blouse/shirt/top to wear. They're not uber strict there so don't worry, just something practical. As for jewellery I'm not really sure, but I've got a feeling the other girl who I worked with did wear some sort of jewellery. I'd probably recommend if you do wanna wear it to wear minimal amounts and nothing like long necklaces. Hope that helps! Good luck with your work experience - I hope you enjoy it!

  4. I got a work placement with a large Boots store about 15 mins away from where I live. I was so excited as I go in to Boots constantly (I've spent ...

  5. Hi! This may be a bit late sorry! Ive been thinking of doing work experience at boots for a while and I was wondering if you had to do any interviews to do work experience there ?? Thank you!!


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