Monday, 16 September 2013

Shopping Haul & Deafened By A Stranger...

Hello All!

On Saturday I went to Liverpool with three of my friends for a day of shopping, and if you follow me on Twitter then you'll know how stressed I am with the amount of work to do. Even though I'm in high school, I've just started my final year and have been plunged right into the deep end with coursework and exam revision.

I always heard people moan about how stressful Year 11 was for them, but because I had never experienced it I didn't think there would be so much work...that was a shock. But! It's something everyone has to go through and I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end :)

Usually my friends and I go to Manchester to shop at the Arndale Center, but during the summer I had my first shopping trip in Liverpool which was fantastic. I think there's so much more on offer as the high street seems endless and that's without mentioning Liverpool One! I've been there twice now and still haven't seen most of it! My friends mum told me that she liked Liverpool because of how there was so much to see, and boy was she right.

To kickstart my recount of the day, I'll start with the fun experience we had at the train station.

One of my friends arrived a bit late and got to the train station minutes, before the train was scheduled to leave. Those of us who were there had already bought our tickets and agreed that me and my friend Lucy should go and find the right platform. The short version is that after much breathless running, we ended up on multiple wrong platforms. My other friend then rang me to ask where on the train we were, I panicked. Turns out, after all of the platforms we'd been on, none were right! By the time we got to the right one, they were on the other side of the doors and the doors were locked...oh dear.

The next train was 20 mins later so we waited and when it was scheduled to arrive, a man who worked there started shouting that everyone who wanted a train to Liverpool had to go to platform 12 - it had changed again. After reminding myself that there's more than one train station in Liverpool, I decided to ask the man whether it was to Lime St station. The man then bore down on me and bellowed "LIVERPOOL", and so after being deafened by a stranger me and Lucy did finally get on the right train. 

To worsen things, there was football match going on and the train was filled with men who were either severely drunk, or on their way to be. They were all shouting and swearing and all me and Lucy could do was look down and play Candy Crush. Finally reunited with our friends and with the sun shining, we all set off for the high street.

I'm not a fan of hollister clothing and I only own one item of clothing from there which is a jumper that I bought ages ago. But their deodorants don't compare to any others. They smell incredible (my favourite is Manhattan Beach)! Their usually £12 each (so expensive!) but their always on a 3 for £24 deal= 1 free!

P.S I just have to say that the guy serving us at the till thought me and my friends were all University students and I'm only 15!


I've mentioned on twitter and my blog (I think) that I've been to Primark in 2 different cities multiple times and haven't found anything I liked. This time however, I did find 2 items I liked. Last time I had gone to Primark was a few weeks ago in Manchester and again, couldn't find anything. But I did see this Anchor Jumper on a mannequin and it looked great! Even though I loved how it looked I didn't buy it in Manchester, but after seeing them in Liverpool in the Autumn fashion section I had to get it. I also bought this T-Shirt as it was the first thing I saw and it's got a British flag on it - thats probably the main reason I bought it actually ;)


If you read my Birthday Post then you'll know I was kindly given a gift-card for Topman by my friend Kitty (Thank you kitty!). I ended up only spending a bit of the gift card, and getting these two things as most of the Jewelry was on sale for £1! I've seen lot's of collar tips online and am so glad I finally have a pair! I also love this bracelet - each 'token' (if you like) has an image of either a ship, anchor, lighthouse or what me and my mum think is a porthole. If you're near a Topman then definitely take a look!

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post and I really hope I haven't rambled too much! Please let me know what you thought of this post in the comments as I love hearing from readers and I'll always reply :) Also please follow me on GFC, it really means a lot :) And please follow me on all of my other social media sites (there's buttons beneath my picture), Thank you :)

Where do you like going shopping? Have you ever been to Liverpool?



  1. I've just discovered your blog and I love it people can be so rude sometimes


    1. Awwww thank you :) I suppose it's best to just forget about it haha :D

  2. I love the bracelet - tempted to buy it for myself even though it's mens :P The collar tips look so nice too - I've actually been looking for a plainer set because all mine are pretty eyecatching so thanks, I think I need to shop in men's shops more often!

    Good luck in year 11 btw, if your exams are anything like mine were a few years ago they're so much easier than you expect I promise - it's the coursework that gets you! Do you know what you want to do next year yet?

    Emma x

    1. You should get it! As Kurt Hummel off Glee said "Fashion has no gender" ;D I'm glad you like the collar tips :) Their my first pair so I'm nervous about wearing them! Thanks for the advice about Exams :) And Yeah, I want to go to either college or sixth form, and then I would absolutely love to go to University :) Thanks for the comment :)

    2. Haha indeed! I'd call it unisex anyway :P

      Ooher good luck! What dya want to study?

    3. In college I think maybe history, government and politics (possibly), business studies. And at Uni I'd like to do PR or marketing :L Im not sure though cause I want to work in fashion visual communications, although I'm not sure what degree would be best for that :L Any suggestions?

    4. Fancy! I'm doing a Business Leadership & Management degree with Open Uni if that helps, so far I've studied marketing, accounting, finance, human resources & credentials of business - & that's only since April! Very full on studying business but totally worth it if you're interested in it.

      Before I started working full time (that's why I did Open Uni.. Got too used to working!) I planned to go to London College of Fashion - probably worth you having a look at? It's part of the London University of Arts which is the best/one of the best unis in the world for fashion so definitely worth it but it's bloody hard to get into! I got accepted though so worth a shot :)

      Best bit of advice I can give you though: Don't have anything set in stone! When I was 16 I wanted to be a graphic designer now I'm starting a business in fashion, it'll all work out in the end so don't worry :)

    5. Thanks for the advice :) Did you go to the London College Of Fashion? I discovered it a few years ago and I've always been tempted, what was it like trying to get in?

      P.S Sorry for the late replying, School work...urgghhh ;D

  3. Hey James,

    I just found your blog through twitter, I love it! Your photos are amazing and the bog design works really well too. Nice to see some male bloggers out there, is a shame how female orientated the blogging world is. I'm in year 11 too, so stressful especially as most of my subjects are coursework based!

    Followed via bloglovin

    Hattie @ x

    1. Thank you :) I feel the same :( I wish there were more male bloggers out there but I am meeting more and more as I keep blogging and tweeting ;D I find coursework the worst :L It never seems to stop! So it's always on the back of my mind. Thanks for the comment! :)

      P.S Sorry for the late reply, school is realllyyyy busy.

  4. So glad you found something in Primark this time. I remember meeting you in there and I had found about 10 baskets worth of stuff & you'd found nothing haha!
    I love the way your write and you aren't rambling don't worry! Well, if you are, I enjoy reading :)
    Glad you got to Liverpool in the end, i'm a Liverpool fan and when I go to the match I get the train up, it can be a little crazy!!



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