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OSMO Matte Clay Extreme* | Review

Being a complete hair nut (read obsessed), when I was offered the chance to review the OSMO Matte Clay Extreme styling product, I jumped at the chance! The fact is I have ridiculously thick hair and every morning I struggle with it in front of the mirror whilst simultaneously trying to juggle the hair dryer. God knows how much I've spent over the years on hair products and the amount of time I must have wasted merely trying to make my hair go the right way is just not worth thinking about, but I'm forever eager to try any product that could tame my annoying hair and so before I have time to start ranting, on with the review!

First off, the smell. When I first opened the pot, the fresh, fruit scent smacked me in the face. The wax smells gorgeous! It just smells really lush and fruity and juicy! It's pretty strong but seeing as it's not a bad scent I've got no qualms with that!

Secondly, the packaging. I was immediately impressed with the modern, rock & roll, street style kinda' look to it. It's been designed really well and the vivid red cap contrasts fantastically well with the grey, black and white colour scheme that dominates the actual pot. Also, the actual title of the product as well as the description of the product/line thingy (great grammar there James) is in either the same or a similar shade of red, which helps bring the product and it's look together. Just from having a glance at the OSMO website, I can see that their target audience is a younger audience (late teens and twenties) and I think that this packaging will certainly appeal to them.

Now, the bit you're probably most interested in, the wax. After years of disappointment from other hair styling products, I was unsure of how well this product would actually work with my head of hair. I was also pretty nervous as the day after the product arrived I had my Year 11 school photo (where the Year 11's had a whole year photo together which goes up on the school wall). I immediately tried it the day it arrived just to make sure it wouldn't turn white or anything whilst I was at school and waiting for the Year 11 photo to take place (I did have some gel that did that before) and after I was satisfied that it passed my risk assessment, I used it to style my hair for a full week before writing this review for you. 

The verdict: I am extremely impressed. I can say without a doubt it's one of the best products I've ever tried and I will certainly be purchasing a replacement in the future. The wax was super easy to remove from the pot and was even more easy to mould and apply into my hair. I also didn't need massive amounts of the product to style my hair. Each day I applied it to freshly washed, wet hair before blow drying the hair with the product in. I haven't had any problems with it not forming the right style for me and each day it's produced a consistent style that was spot on to what I was aiming for. Plus, during the day all I've had to do is run my hands through my hair and the style has renewed itself exceptionally well. I was also pleased to find that my hair style actually seemed to improve more and more throughout the day after hours of re-forming my style with my hands, which is something I've never really been able to do with any other brands before! 

As promised it gives a completely matte look, and when using the right amount it doesn't even look as though there's much, if any product in your hair. The product also effectively lifts all of the hair (where you apply the wax) and adds slight volume which then makes your hair really easy to style however you want, thus creating an even style/look. 

The only bad point I can say is that when applying the wax to my hair, sometimes (depending on how dry my hair was) it did hurt a bit and pulled at my hair whilst I was applying it. Although as long as you have wet hair when applying the product I think you'll be fine :)

Overall, a great product that delivers exactly what it says on the tin (quite literally). I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to try this product and I hope this review has been helpful to you guys since OSMO offer products for both men and women.

You can find the OSMO website HERE.

What's your favourite hair styling product?

*All opinions in this post are entirely my own and I have not been paid to provide any fixed response or review - this product is just genuinely immense*
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