Wednesday, 15 January 2014

LUSH Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

Being a loyal Lush lover, I couldn't resist taking the opportunity in December to ask for a couple of their amazing Christmas bath bombs for (you guessed it!) Christmas last year (gosh it sounds so long ago). The year before last I had my first ever test run of their gorgeous golden wonder bath bombs and I was truly impressed :). Not only does it have the most heavenly smell (just like every other Lush item), it transforms your bath into a mystical, magical mixture of colours and golden stars. No joke.

It couldn't look more inviting could it? :D Somehow the scent manages to remain subtle and uplifting, whilst at the same time filling the house with it's festive fumes. You can tell I'm nuts for alliteration ;)

I also decided to add a few other little luxuries (Seriously, I need to stop with the alliteration) to make it extra special...

Sorry for the dodgy quality! The proper camera I usually use has run out of battery and the charger has gone walkies! Not to worry though, should be back to better quality photos soon.

Just before I end this post, I wanted to add on to the end a little shoutout to Warby Parker. Before Christmas a lovely man named Brian got in touch to let me know all about their recently released winter collection, as well as their snazzy new gift card, which comes with your own make a snowman kit! Kits to build a race of snow people aside, what really stood out for me about this company, was their incredibly generous two for one scheme, in which for every pair of glasses they sell (sunglasses included!), they donate a pair to a person in need through one of their non-profit partners. Now I have never bought anything from Warby Parker as neither had I heard of them before, nor do I need to wear glasses (however some new sunglasses may be something I could look into). However, it's a rare occurrence nowadays to find such a charitable scheme and I metaphorically applaud Warby Parker for it *applauds*. So what are you waiting for? Go have a look at their website! It's pretty snazzy ;) And even if you don't want to buy any glasses, it's still pretty fun to have a look!

**By the way, please don't think I'm just giving away free advertising as I would never make you guys read through a load of advertising if it wasn't your choice to do so. I wanted to give a shoutout to them because the two for one scheme really amazed me and I think it's such a great way to help less fortunate people. I have decided however that from now on I will no longer do shootouts like this unless it's for a worthy cause.**

I hope your New Year is going well! Let me know in the comments how 2014 has been for you so far as well as what your looking forward to!

Have you ever tried any LUSH products before? Which is your favourite? Have you ever tried the Golden Wonder bath bombs?

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  1. This bath bomb looks so nice! I also received some Lush gifts & I looove them so much, I'm usually not a big fan of baths but the bath bombs just make it so much better haha! :) x

    1. Glad you like them :) I completely agree with you! Usually I hate baths cause I over heat and get really tired haha, but it's worth it when there's a Lush Bath Bomb involved :D By the way, thanks for the tips and advice on blog photos! Resized these ones - what do you think? :)

  2. I bought this on your recommendation through Instagram, I'v had 4 since then! And I bought two in their sale. LOVE THEM.


    1. Wow! Glad I could help haha :D Sad they only do them at Christmas though - oh well, just makes them more special each year!

  3. Hey! I've nominaited you for the Liebster Award, my questions are at x

    1. Aww thanks so much :) Sadly though I've been nominated a few of times before now and done 2 posts on them already - thanks so much though! Greatly appreciated though!


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