Sunday, 10 November 2013

I Heart

Not long ago, I was suddenly inspired from reading one of my favourite blogs; Milk Bubble Tea. It's talented writer Becky published a great post called "Loving Lately". It was basically where Becky shared with her readers what she was (you guessed it!) loving lately ;)

As soon as I read it I tweeted Becky asking if she minded if I did a similar kind of post (I never want anyone to think I'm stealing their ideas and claiming them as my own) and Becky was more than happy for me to do it. Becky did say that I didn't have to link her in my post but trust me, her blog is amazing. You'd be missing out if you didn't have a read!

The other day I spent a good chunk of my evening browsing I love as it always sells the most unique, individual and well, fab things. It's such an interesting website and I can't urge you enough to have a look yourself (be warned, it's addictive).

Here's everything I'm loving on

*These are all from the Website and I don't claim to own any of these images*

Pop Phone Retro Handset Bit | Clouds Sweatshirt Unisex | Iphone 5 Case Cracked Out White | Iphone 5 Case Cracked Out Black | Waddler Case Iphone 5 | Cube Click Clock Teak Red | Folium Iphone 4/4s Cover | PowerGrid Charger Blue | Rechargeable Hand Warmer Stripe |

Apologies for the endless wishlists by the way! This month is pretty manic as I have exams, drama performances, German Language Assessments etc. etc. I have got some great posts planned including a haul (which includes part of my outfit that I'm going to be wearing to The Clothes Show Live!) and a lifestyle post about the Chester Winter Wonderland I'm attending  this month (Ice-Skating!!!!!!!!), so please keep checking back and follow me on my social media accounts as I promise there will be some interesting posts coming soon!

Which product is your favourite? Is there anything you really want at the moment?

Please leave me a comment down below as I love hearing from readers and I'll always reply to you :)

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  1. has some of the sickest products ever!!! I can spend forever browsing that site!!! Wowzers! Thanks for sharing James!

    Amanda @

    1. They do sell pretty amazing stuff haha, thanks :)

  2. Replies
    1. I'm so obsessed with it haha :D I'm absolutely desperate for it but it's £42!


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