Wednesday, 27 November 2013

New Blog Design

These past couple of weeks, I'm sure you will have noticed the look of my blog changing quite a bit. The reason for this is because I've just had my blog designed by an extremely talented blog designer, Serena Ozgowicz. Serena both writes her own blog, as well as running her own online jewelry store and online blog design store.

I know some of you may be wondering why I've changed my blog design so quickly after having it designed before, but I felt like I wanted a blog design that was...more me. The first blog design I had was a big mix of other designs I liked, but it wasn't one that I thought reflected me and my personal tastes.

I'm sure you'll have noticed the teal colour scheme. If you didn't already work it out, teal is my absolute favourite colour :) I wanted this colour to be used lots throughout my design but without overpowering it. It's safe to say that Serena perfectly balanced my want for a clean and simple design with teal used throughout.

Also the anchor favicon is there to show my love of anchors haha. I know it's a bit random loving anchors but I love clothes with anchors on, accessories with anchors etc. (My latest want is a long silver chain with a large sterling silver anchor on it) Also, ever since I created this blog I've loved the idea of having paint splatters. I love lots of colour so I couldn't believe how well Serena incorporated this into the design.

There's so much more I could comment on for this design including Serena's incredible attention to detail, quick response and work rate, as well as her stunning portfolio (which speaks for itself with the amount of gorgeous designs she's done).

I just wanted to do this quick post to give Serena as much credit as possible, and to let you guys know about her as well. So many blog designers are charging around £40 a design at the moment. For teens like me who don't have an income, or even for adults who just enjoy blogging for a hobby, £40 is a lot of cash to splash on a design. I'm not saying those designers are wrong for charging those prices, I'm just saying that to get such a flawless service, £25 is unbelievable.

Along with the full custom blog designs, Serena offers other affordable products like 'bolt-ons' where Serena provides coding for your blog (With each coding priced at £3.00!) (which she can install for no extra cost) that will add features like a back to top button (as you can see on mine).

Please check out Serena's blog design shop and her other shops/accounts by clicking on those links above as even if you don't plan on ordering a blog design, you'll still have some fun admiring her brilliant portfolio.

What do you think of the new design?

Please leave me a comment down below telling me what you think about the new design, and don't forget to enter my Christmas Giveaway!

Until next time

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