Saturday, 27 July 2013

50 Facts About Me!

Hi Everyone!

So I recently read Bethany Worrall's Blog post which was 50 Facts about me! (Check out her post here). Its a great post and even though I did a 15 facts about me before, I wanted to do another one!

The one before was only 15 facts about me, because I honestly didn't think I was interesting enough to have that many! But ever since, I keep thinking of more that I could have posted and after reading Bethany's, I've decided to do it! Loads of bloggers/vloggers have done this, and I think it's a great way of becoming closer to your readers :)

Here we go...

1) I don't like the town I live in. I absolutely love England but I don't like the town I live in.

2) I'm obsessed with accents! I even obsess over my own accent! My favourite accents are Australian, American, French and Southern English accents!

3) Connected to the fact above this one, I don't have one of those stereotypical English accents you hear on TV and in a lot of films and TV shows. I live in the North of England. My accent isn't hugely different from a southern one, except that the northern accent pronounces A's as an aa sound, instead of a southern ah sound. Also we pronounce our vowels differently (slightly). There are some parts of Northern England where there are really thick northern accents, that are completely different to southern.

4) I spend too much money on Beauty products.

5) I'm obsessed with my hair, not in a vain way. But I don't like it when it doesn't look like it should, I constantly mess with it at school. 

6) I get frustrated easily when I style my hair and It doesn't go the way I like it.

7) I have a brother.

8) I've always wanted friends from Australia and America.

9) I'm English and have never been too London!

10) My favourite YouTubers to watch are Tanya Burr, Jim Chapman and Fleur DeForce.

11) I get bored of things really quickly, which is probably why I spend so much.

12) I can't save money, I spend it too quickly on clothes, products days/meals out with friends.

13) I love period dramas. My current favourites are Downton Abbey, The White Queen and Call the midwife.

14) I hate the way I smile.

15) I'm a pretty fast typer on a keyboard (including the IPhone keyboard).

16) My absolute Idol and person I admire and love, is Lady GaGa.

17) One of my biggest dreams is to meet Lady GaGa one day.

18) I hate watching reality TV shows like Made In Chelsea and Big Brother and Geordie Shore. 

19) Even though I don't like watching reality TV shows, I like watching TOWIE because it makes me laugh.

20) I sneeze realy loudly. Seriously, You don't understand how loud I sneeze. Whoever I'm with at the time, usually jumps/flinches and nearly always swears.

21) I love Interior Design.

22) The next school year is my last year at High School! (Yay!).

23) I've never been on a plane.

24) Careers I like the sound of are PR, Marketing and Events Management. 

25) I want to go to University.

26) I have a pet cat named Sam.

27) I love listening to music.

28) I don't like watching TV or Films, because I get bored of them.

29) I want to healthily but I always end up drinking fizzy pop (that's English for 'Soda') or eating unhealthy food ('Junk Food').

30) I think my parents are confident, intelligent, understanding, hard-working and patient.

31) I say I don't like online shopping but I still do it.

32) I want to become fluent in German, Spanish and French.

33) I love watching scary movies but always get scared afterwards.

34) I get really bad anxiety.

35) The only trousers I wear are Jeans and my black school trousers, other than that it's shorts.

36) For my GCSE's I've taken Media, Drama, History and German.

37) I want to travel when I'm older, preferable in my early twenties.

38) My favourite breed of cats is Ragdolls.

39) I think nail varnish smells like bananas.

40) I used to spend loads of money on stationary, and pencil cases were like what clothes are to me now. 

41) I count all of my main group of friends as best friends.

42) It takes me ages to get ready (I used to get up at 6:00 am so that I could get to school for 8:30 am)

43) I enjoy staying up late but always fall asleep.

44) I get really jealous really easily.

45) I find it hard to do anything without my phone.

46) I once applied to go on Britains Got Talent with my friends, and we got through to audition in front of the ITV producers. We didn't go any farther though.

47) I hate the smell of Lynx deodorant.

48) I love TV shows like The Secret Circle, The Vampire Diaries and Ugly Betty.

49) My favourite type of shoes are ankle boots.

50) I met Miranda Hart and got an autograph!

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I'd love it if you'd comment one fact about you! All comments are welcome and I really hope you'll comment because it really does make me so happy to read each one :) So please comment one fact about you, and maybe what you thought about this post!

Bye! :)


  1. I'm the same for at least 20 of them!

  2. I cant get over how you live in England, yet you have never been to LONDON!!!???? You must! You are missing out! :)

  3. I know! It's ridiculous! Although I think I'm going there this summer for a few days away! :D


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