Tuesday, 5 November 2013

ASOS Wishlist

Recently, my ASOS wishlist has grown bigger and bigger. I blame Autumn. Autumn is the most amazing season for not only fashion, but style itself. Meaning I'm left with wishlists up to my eyeballs, and not enough cash to buy hardly any of it (saddest face you can imagine).

My ASOS wishlist isn't that long, but I'm still desperate for everything on it (oh gosh I sound so selfish!). My wish list is a lot longer than this, but these are the products I really want haha. I think I'll save my other wishlists for another post as at the moment, this is the one I'm obsessed with haha. The majority of my wishlist is knitwear, although I have included some sunglasses. (I'm planning ahead) (months ahead)

*All of these images are from the ASOS website, I asked for permission from ASOS on Twitter and do not claim to own any of these*

1) ASOS Flag Jumper- £30: I'm obsessed with the Union jack. I have phone cases with it on, I have bags, t-shirts, bedding, you name it. This jumper is just gorgeous and the colours aren't too strong/vibrant giving it a vintagey kind of look. I think I'm gonna order this one ;)

2) ASOS Skull Jumper- £32: All I think when I see this is Alexander McQueen. I absolutely love this jumper, I can't really say anything else about it haha :D I am worried though whether it might be a bit too dark for me.

3) ASOS Cardigan- £28: I saw an outfit on Pose which I really like and it featured a cardigan similar to this one. It would look great over a shirt or top with dark skinny jeans and boots. I also really like how it has no buttons so it gives a really casual look.

4) ASOS Gold Aviator Sunglasses- £8: I really need some new sunglasses and these really stood out for me. The colour of the lenses is fab and I think the design of them is just really good. Also, these are a complete bargain at only £8!

5) ASOS Dip Dye Cable Jumper- £36: I don't know whether I would actually order this, as there are other clothes I like more, but I do like this jumper. I love the dip dye affect and the colour is just perfect for Autumn.

6) Selected Shawl Collar Cardigan- £75: I'm really starting to sound repetitive now but I do really like this cardigan as well. I love the collar. I don't know how to describe it properly but I like how big it is, does that make sense? I like how it goes out really far/wide and how long the cardigan is, the design of it works really well altogether.

7) ASOS Pixelated Pattern Jumper- £36: This was one the first items I added to my wishlist. It's such a unique and unusual jumper, but again I'm undecided whether it would actually suit me.

8) Spitfire Round Sunglasses with Removable Lens- £18: Similarly, these are just so unusual! Seriously though, have you ever seen these before? I love how unconventional they are!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Sorry if it's not as good as usual; I've got an unbelievable amount of exams, coursework, revision, homework, assessments and drama performances this month, and I have to apply for college! Ahhhh :L

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What's on your wishlists at the moment? Are there any clothes/accessories your craving? Have you bought anything new for Autumn?

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    1. Thanks :) I'm obsessed with No 1! Haha :D

  2. Great post! I love number 5! Take a look at my new menswear post :) x

    1. Thanks :) It seems to be a popular item!

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