Sunday, 23 February 2014

Beauty Storage

I don't know about you, but I always struggle to find room for anything in my room. Since having my room re-decorated a couple of years ago, I've lost quite a bit of space due to me being both insistent and persistent on wanting a double bed - despite my Dad's warning on the lack of space I'd have...oops. Back to the subject, since my rooms re-do, one of my clothes draws has slowly become entirely occupied with beauty products.

One of my many new year resolutions, was to become more organised, and late last week, I finally did something about the growing hoard collection by also working towards that resolution; I finally got some proper storage for my beauty products. Whilst there's absolutely no room for a tower or some other industrial sized storage, there is room for these two gorgeous baskets...

To a lot of people I'm sure my hoard collection won't look like much at all, but for me it's far too much (which is why larger storage isn't better for me - it would mean I could buy more stuff!). I picked these two baskets up in B&M for about £7.99/£3.99 each (I really need to start keeping receipts). I was ecstatic when I first saw them as I also have THIS matching bed set which was bought at B&M as well!

Now stocked up with all my creams, cleansers and cans, these new organisers will not only make using my products easier (being able to see each product is something I've missed), but they'll also free up the draw for clothes (my wardrobe doors are struggling to shut...double oops).

How do you store all your beauty products? What do you think of these new purchases?

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  1. Maybe I missed it, but wheeere did you get that british bed coveeeer?! Do they sell american ones? :D
    Just discovered your blog, keep on writing! \o/

    1. I got it from Argos but I don't think they sell American ones - Primark however are selling loads of British and American homeware at the moment (pillows, bed sets, you name it!) :)


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