Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Casually Formal | OOTD

Here I'm wearing:

ARK Clothing Snood | Sainsbury's Casual Blazer | Clothes Show Live Bought Graphic T-Shirt | Topman Skinny Jeans | Blackman's Boots | The Cambridge Satchel Company 15" Batchel |

Last week on Friday, whilst on a much needed half-term break from school, my friends and I decided to catch a train to Manchester and go shopping for the day. When I was planning my outfit, I decided that I really wanted to wear my casual blazer. Casual blazers are my fashion favourite and I'd wear them all the time if I could afford to (they're priced at around £70 each on the high street), although I never wore mine outside of evening meals out due to my worry that someone will judge me for it. Happily though, I kept to my plan and wore it, and I couldn't be happier with the end look! :)

I'm also really pleased with the photos for this post. With my Dad as official Stylish England photographer, he suggested this new background, as well as trying out some portrait shots. After adjusting the sizing of my blog as well as resizing my pictures, the finished result is exactly what I wanted!

Unlike a lot of the time, I wore this because I actually wanted to wear it. Usually I'll just settle with something simple and boring but everything about this outfit is me which I love :) It expresses my style perfectly; The blazer helps any outfit to look more tailored and organised as does the satchel (although more organised than tailored). The graphic print t-shirt gives the outfit a street-style kind of look to it and the boots and snood, as well as keeping me warm, bring the whole outfit together because of their matching burgundy colour.

I did buy a few things (fashion + interior/home stuff) so watch this space for a haul coming very soon!

What do you think of this outfit? Do you ever worry about what you wear?

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  1. I love the blazer and the satchel, you look very formal yet casual and fun at the same time. You have arranged the pieces perfectly together :) I am always worried about outfits, for example on non-school uniform days I really panic and will just wear a boring jumper and leggings!

    1. Thanks so much Taylor :) I'm exactly the same; I always get panicky when non-school uniform days come round cause I always wanna wear something like this but am too scared and wear something boring :L Glad to know I'm not the only one - I'm sure we'll both get through it :)

  2. this is a great ootd post! love the t-shirt, its really cool. and the satchel is always a winner! x

  3. You definitely have a casual, yet formal style down, which you are totally rocking. Love the boots, by the way. I think they’re very stylish and they look really good on you. I love your fashion style. I think it is very fashion forward, yet simple at the same time. The jacket also looks gorgeous.
    Joel McCall

    1. Thanks Joel! I'll definitely be describing my style like that from now on!


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