Sunday, 20 October 2013

Review | Philosophy Purity Cleanser

My skin is as annoying as skin can be. In my opinion, there's combination skin...and then there's mine. One second it'll be dry, the next oily, then dry and oily! I have an entire draw in my bedroom (it's a big draw) filled with beauty products, and yet still struggle to find any kind of product which will work with my skin (frowns, pouts and crosses arms).

Luckily though, my Mum somehow manages to find the most amazing products. Recurring brands in my Mums collection include L'Occitane, Elemis and Philosophy. I'm a huge fan of L'Occitane and Philosophy because not only do their products work wonders, but both have a different 'philosophy' (see what I did there?) Philosophy products come with certain philosophies (that word's starting to annoy me now) on them which relate to the products themselves, the Purity cleanser which I'm reviewing has a fantastic little paragraph on the front which I love.

L'Occitane is overall just a fab brand. They don't have these cute philosophies on their products, but their packaging, stores, everything about them is unique and different. The whole brand is friendly and welcoming, and with the added bonus of skin-changing products, how much better can it get? Whenever I've been into L'Occitane, I've always seen something to do with helping charities or 'Going Green' etc. so there doesn't seem to be any bad side really. I must admit, once I see a L'Occitane store, there's no stopping me. The employees are incredibly friendly and always up for a chat at the till and have some useful advice. I have to just add that when they wrap up your purchases (beautifully, I might add), they usually throw in product samples and spray the tissue paper your purchases are wrapped up in as well as the bag itself with heavenly fragrances. What a service ;)

I'm going off topic. As I was saying, in the past month my skin has gotten a little worse and I was beginning to get a bit spotty (I blame the colder weather). My Mum noticed my particularly spot prone forehead and told me to stop using my previous skincare and use Purity for a bit to clear it up.

I had used Purity before and had already been wowed by it's ability to make my skin look flawless (not exaggerating). After only a couple of days of using it again, my skin has almost completely cleared up. This is one bad-ass cleanser.

The cleanser itself is a creamy white colour and has a light yet thick consistency. My Mum and I have both found that there's little need of a moistursiser after using this cleanser (although your skin may feel a bit tight for a few minutes straight after) and our views are backed up by the description printed on the back of the bottle: Formulated for all skin types. Replaces your makeup remover, eye makeup remover, facial cleanser and toner. Deep cleans pores. Hydrates as it melts away makeup.

This one cleanser somehow manages to encompass an entire skincare one bottle! Obviously accompanying the cleanser with a moisturiser wouldn't go a miss as our skin always needs moisturising. In terms of smell, I think it smells a bit like tea. Not strongly and certainly not if you put your nose in the cleanser and smell it, but when washing your face I find myself catching the faint scent of tea :)

Overall a stunning product which is suitable for pretty much everyone. Purity keeps it's promises and succeeds in every way, will definitely be begging my Mum to re-purchase haha :D

Whats your favourite skincare or beauty product? Have you ever used these brands before? What did you think?



  1. This sounds amazing! How much is it? Xx

    1. It varies from £8-28.50 :) The £8 version is 90 ml although Amazon is selling it for £11 for 240ml


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