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Tolly Dolly Posh's- The Fashion Week Tag

Hello All!

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I recently read Cookies And Couture's fashion week tag post and loved it! Tolly Dolly Posh created this tag herself on her own blog and I thought it would be so fun to do :D I know it seems a bit late but oh well ;)

Have you ever been to a Fashion Week before?:

Sadly not :( I'm hoping that some day I'll get that opportunity :D (fingers crossed!)

If you could go to a Fashion Week, which one would you go to, and which season?:

Definitely London ;D Everything about LFW works and I love everything about it. Saying that I'd also love to go to NYFW and PFW. Season? It would definitely have to be Autumn or A/W :D I love fashion for colder weather, coats, gloves, scarves, jackets...ahhhhh.

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Which designer’s show would you most like to go to?:

Burberry and Mulberry. Sorry I can't say one haha :D

Mulberry shows are so creative and imaginative, they look like so much fun! 

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Burberry because I love everything in their collections (I'm not exaggerating). Also the venue and shows themselves are just incredible :)

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Would you rather be FROW (Front Row) or would you rather take the back seat?:

FROW. The closer I can get to the fashion the better ;D

If you were able to work at LFW, who would you rather be - A designer, a model, the press, a VIP, or someone backstage?:

Probably a VIP. Purely because you wouldn't have to worry about getting good photos or making sure everything is running okay and on time. You just get to mingle and have fun ;D

Sometimes you can get invites to the after 'part-ays', but you are only allowed to meet one model, one designer and one VIP/celebrity, in person. Who would you like to meet?:

Model= Cara Delevingne. Cara seems like a really fun and easy to talk to person :D

Designer= Christopher Bailey. I want to know how he makes such flawless collections!

VIP/Celebrity= Tanya Burr. Tanya has been at Burberry and Mulberry LFW shows in the past couple of years so I would hope I'd get a chance to meet her :D

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For your Fashion Week trip, you can take 5 items, for example a camera etc. What would be your essentials?:

Camera- Absolute must. For taking pictures of all the amazing collections (and for possible FROW selfies ;D)

Phone- I can't do anything without my phone so it would have to be on me at all times haha :D

Bag- I'd take a really nice bag as I'll need something to keep all my stuff in ;)

Water- I can imagine those shows can get quite humid

Notepad- For Autographs and notes ;D

And finally, of course the obvious question. What will you wear?:

Planning an outfit for LFW...oh dear. I'd go for really skinny dark jeans as their my favourite to wear for that...area? Since it would be an Autumn or A/W show I'd go wearing a knit jumper, chunky knit snood, Boots and either a leather jacket or pea coat with a big collar ;D I think a knit jumper with a casual blazer over the top with a snood would look good as well! I'd also have some silver wristwear (I've basically just described my current favourite Autumn look!).

Thank you so much for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it! I'm going to do the same as Cookies and Couture and Tolly Dolly Posh did and tag EVERYONE! Please have a read of Tolly's original post HERE as it's superb!

Thanks for reading :)


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