Monday, 28 October 2013

The Rise Of The Teen Blogger

Recently, I added a "The Rise Of The Teen Blogger" button to the sidebar of my blog. It was kindly made and sent to me by talented blogger Sophie from Keep Calm And Look Pretty.
Sophie emailed me not long ago inviting me to take part in a post she was planning which would consist of interviews with other teenage bloggers. I replied as soon as I could telling her yes! Sophie has a wonderful blog and I can't tell you how excited I was when I read the email! Soon after Sophie set over a list of fun questions for me to answer. After replying with my answers, all I could do was wait (bursting with excitement of course!)
Last night, Sophie tweeted all of the bloggers included in the post (myself included) informing us the post was live! I immediately went on to Sophie's blog and I couldn't stop smiling ;D
The post is so well written and I feel privileged to have been involved. Sophie wrote the most amazing paragraphs introducing each blogger individually and included photos relating to each interview with some Sophie had edited beautifully herself.
I wanted to write this post to just tell you all about the post and advise that you go and have a read. Reading it made me so happy last night and the other teenage bloggers have fantastic blogs which I really recommend you have a look at. I hope you'll have a nosy at our answers and that you enjoy the post, if you'd leave a comment saying what you think that would be fab too!
Here's the link to the post:
Thanks for reading!
P.S The button is also now a link, just click on it to have a read!


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