Saturday, 4 January 2014

2014 Resolutions...

With 2013 having flown by in a whirlwind of school, exams and starting this blog, it is now finally time to say Happy New Year!

I thought it best to kick off 2014 with a few of my own resolutions. All over Instagram and other blogs, I've noticed a lot of "Make 2014 your year" and I have to say, I think I've fully taken that on board when writing my resolutions. 2014 is a year of improvement for me regarding my resolutions which makes me only more eager to see what the year ahead will bring with it.  I have to say, 2013 was one of my favourite years. Which is funny because nothing amazing happened! It was just a really simple, pleasant year. D'you know what I mean? Anyway *throws hands*, enough waffling (something that should also be a new year resolution), on with the show post!

    1. Read More- This is a resolution I set myself nearly every year. A couple of years ago, I used to read all the time cause I loved series' like Percy Jackson, Heroes Of Olympus and the Kane Chronicles, but since then I haven't found any books that really interest me. There's been the odd one I've read and enjoyed such as the Help, but recently I've discovered the I heart series by Lindsey Kelk (WHO TWEETED ME) which are exactly the kind of books I enjoy reading! (Just finished the first book I heart New York - Couldn't recommend it enough! Will post about it soon!)
    2. Lose Weight, Eat Healthier, Become Fitter & Lead More Healthy Lifestyle- I think these are resolutions a lot of people set themselves each year. I would like to lose a bit weight, I'm not aiming to be stick thin by a long shot, but I'd like to so that I can also improve my personal fitness. Eating healthier is a bit of a gamble but we'll see how that one goes ;). Leading a more healthy lifestyle to me just consists of going out more, not spending as much time cooped up at home on the computer, eating better, washing my face and moisturising every morning after showering etc.
    3. Drink More Water & Less Fizzy Pop- I drink way too much fizzy pop (it's soda to any Americans reading this) and not nearly enough water. Water is so important for a good diet as well as keeping skin clear and nice and whilst I know I should drink it I'm always breaking the seal on some sort of fizzy drink. This year I'm determined to change and have already started by asking my parents not to buy as much cola so that I'm not 'tempted' by it haha and so that it's just there to enjoy every so often.
    4. Be More Productive & Work Harder- As well as the prosperity of a new year, 2014 brings with it the stresses of exams, coursework, college etc. and so this is the year I really need to buckle down and work my arse off. I've already made plans to begin revision right now for exams in may, june and july so that hopefully I'm prepared. I also want to be more productive in my daily life as well. At the moment (whilst not at school), I haven't been getting out not bed until 11:00-12:00 a.m! I know! So I want to wake up earlier and get more out of each day instead of wasting them.
    5. Be More Confident, Kinder/Nicer & Generous- Again, quite a general one. Like a lot of other people, this year I would like to improve my personality and become a better person.
    6. Improve My Blog- Towards the end of last year, blogging went a bit off course and dwindled. This year however I am determined to post regularly as well as posting better, more well-written content. As well as the content of my posts, I also aim to improve my photos as they are such a key part of blogging and posts. I've applied for photography at college which (fingers crossed) if I get in will teach me a lot and improve my skills!
    7. Be More Outgoing- I'm someone who worries all the time about nothing, and this year I'm determined to be more outgoing. I spend way too much time doing the same thing day in day out, so I want 2014 to be slightly more 'adventurous' for me and to not be afraid of new things.
So those are my new year resolutions! I do have a few others but they're more personal ones. I'm optimistic for the new year and I hope you'll stick around to see what happens! Sorry this post is a bit late but I've not been well for a while (stupid winter bugs) but I'm better now so all that's left to say is a late HAPPY NEW YEAR!

What are your New Year resolutions?

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