Thursday, 30 January 2014

Cambridge Satchel Company | New Arrivals

Recently, bloggers and satchel lovers alike will have been captivated by the exciting release of the Cambridge Satchel Company's stunning new spring collection. My twitter page has been overflowing lately with the the company's tweets and I've been loving all the bright, vivid pictures of their new products they've been posting as well! Ever since I first heard of the company through the google chrome advert many year' ago (I missed the 's' on purpose) (it works better if you read it in an accent) I've been a loyal fan of not only their gorgeous satchels, but also all the other beautifully british designs and creations of theirs (I want an enamel keychain so so much!).

The new spring collection brings with it those more than welcomed vibrant, warm colours that, lets be honest, we've all been missing these past few winter months. Blacks, burgundy's and tartans are all trend favourites of mine (and the colder weather is sometimes better than warm weather in my opinion - sorry!), but even those like me whose natural habitat seems to be the winter snow and wool coats, will be thrilled to see some vibrance back in our wardrobes.

Refreshing 'Apple Green' and deep 'Orchid' are just two of the snazzy new colours that grace the iconic satchels this season (as well as the colours you see all year of course). I'm particularly excited to see THESE patent satchels with magnetic closures! They come in three colours, 'Apple Green' and 'Orchid' which I just mentioned and 'Bellflower Blue' which is a delightful mix of a light, sky blue colour and a lilac colour. I have a 15" Vintage (brown) Batchel myself which I love dearly with all my heart, but I must admit, it can sometimes be annoying (especially when your in a rush) to have to faff around with the belt like closures. This introduction of magnetic closures - which you can also get on selected 14" batchels and two tone satchels - is a welcomed opportunity to create a more efficient satchel. The only downside I can see is that unlike with the other satchels, you won't be able to customise how tight you have the closure. But if I'm honest, I really can't see that being much of a problem.

Another new addition that we see in this collection is the use of gold components on certain satchels. I always think that small amounts of gold metal used on accessories makes them look more luxurious and expensive. THIS peach pink satchel (above) with gold components is one of the best in my opinion as the colours work so well together as well as having a subtle contrast between the gold and pink. 

One of the many reasons this collection is particularly great in my eyes is because it's full to the brim of new designs. A prime example of this is the glorious new portrait backpack. I got my first look at these in a newsletter email sent by the Cambridge Satchel Company and I was well and truly stunned. Their so simple and yet so revolutionary! This design is available in the three statement colours Vintage, 'Chianti' and Black. 

The introduction of a seasonal coloured 14" Classic 'For Him' also grabbed my attention. The 'For Him' 14" classic style satchels are now available in 'Dark Olive' and 'Ocean Blue' - both of which are perfect colours for spring. The 'Ocean Blue' colour brings the usual (for spring collections) bright, vibrance to the satchel, whilst the unexpected 'Dark Olive' is a refreshing change in the recurring bright colours which we see each year for spring. 

To bring this post to a close, I wanted to quickly mention the new introduction of 'The Satchel with Suede'. At first unsure, I soon warmed to this unusual mix of materials. For the less daring (like me!), there's the Vintage coloured satchel with an 'Ocean Blue' coloured suede pocket. On the other hand, there's a Navy version with a shocking 'Chianti' coloured fringe pocket. The Navy design has a punk/rock kind of look to it which I love! 

Overall a very impressive spring collection and some gorgeous new arrivals. The Cambridge Satchel Company couldn't have done it better and have managed to created a successful balance between daring new designs and iconic satchel tradition ;D I can't wait to see what exciting products and designs future collections will bring with them!

**All images were supplied by the Cambridge Satchel Company and belong to them respectively**

What do you think of the new collection and new arrivals? Have you got a Cambridge Satchel?



  1. I'd love one but all of my money is going on make-up at the mo! I'm so rubbish at saving arghhh!!

    Great post James x

  2. Really love the new collection, there satchels are to die for! Just wished they were cheaper :)

    Never Not Inspired

    1. I love them too! But your right, if only they were I could buy more haha :D


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