Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Colgate Max White One- Review!

Hi Everyone!

I said there were a few reviews coming up and this is the first of about 4 others (I think!). I decided to write about this product first as I haven't had time to review other products and this one was timed perfectly, here's why...

About a week ago, whilst doing work experience in Boots (Check out my post about it here!), I saw that the Colgate Max White One was half-price (Its still half-price at Boots!) (£1.99!), being the beauty addict I am, I bought it straight away.

I was so excited to try this product! I'd seen the TV ads and I had always wanted whiter teeth, I had tried to purchase this before but my parents said that £3.99 for toothpaste was too expensive (it is pretty pricey). It seemed like a revolutionary new product and I had to try it!

Colgate states that this toothpaste makes your teeth at least one shade whiter in just one week! When such a big brand like Colgate promise those kinds of results, practically anyone would want to try it. I don't have yellow teeth so I wasn't expecting to see a huge difference, but I was expecting them to become a brighter white.

The consistency and taste of this product is similar to other toothpastes, and the advice is still to brush for 2 mins. Colgate also advises that to see these results, you should clean your teeth 3 times a day! Mind you, If your expecting your whole teeth to get brighter and change shade in one week, that doesn't seem like a big ask.

The toothpaste contains "White Accelerator micro-crystals" which are supposed to "safely remove stains and prevent tartar build-up" (lot of quotes!). I had quite a lot of faith in this product as the ingredients used in it sounded like what you needed to gain whiter teeth. 

Oh! I forgot to mention that the reason it times perfectly with now, is because it was a week ago today that I bought it so today is literally perfect to review this item!

When I brush my teeth, I don't usually brush for 2 mins. I know I should, but I just don't (but anyone reading this still should brush for 2 mins!). So to try and get maximum results, I used a timer and stopwatch on my phone to make sure I brushed for 2 minutes. I also manged to brush 3 times a day at first! But, eventually day to day life made me too busy to brush 3 times a day and to time myself (I woke up late a lot of mornings 'yikes face').

This is what the toothpaste actually looks like (I know, random picture)

But! The results are still good. Even though I didn't stick to the advice, I've seen tonight that my teeth have lightened in shade, and are getting whiter! (Hooray!). It may sound like this isn't a good review as I haven't done what It says one the packaging, but the fact is that after one week of 2 times a day brushing and brushing for less than 2 mins, my teeth have got whiter! 

They aren't a shade whiter, but I'm not surprised as I didn't follow the directions to gain one shade whiter teeth. But in actual fact, how many people can actually say that each time they brush their teeth, they brush for 2 minutes (120 seconds)? Seriously? I think this product is great! With continued use (using my normal schedule) I'm sure my teeth will continue to get whiter. 

The only bad point of this product would be the price. The normal RRP is £3.99, that's quite expensive for toothpaste (Especially for a teenager). My advice would be, If you want to try this product and use it to whiten your teeth more, Buy it as a toothpaste to whiten, not to clean. Also try and get it on a deal like the half price deal on at Boots now! (here's the link)

 Use a more everyday priced toothpaste to use, and use this product whenever you and to whiten your teeth (possibly use when there's some time leading up to a wedding, or holiday etc or even just when you think your teeth have got quite stained).

Overall, I think this product is an excellent whitening toothpaste, and I am going to use it whenever I can, seriously, one of the first whitening toothpastes I've used that actually whitens.

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