Wednesday, 22 January 2014

River Island Wishlist

Whilst many are hoping that the worst of the cold winter months are over, I'm still desperately clinging to the hope that the days of frosty trees and icy dragons breath aren't behind us just yet. Luckily though, each day when I walk to school I still have to navigate the slippery pavements and wrap up warm in swathes of clothes, which I'm taking as a good sign that my favourite weather isn't quite ready to say it's goodbyes. I've always been a much bigger fan of the colder seasons - when I was younger it was because of the snow days and the excitement of Christmas! Nowadays it's because of my style...(and Christmas!). I love layering clothes and if I could I'd wear jumpers all the time. Being in England is a big help when you want to wear warmer clothes, but I still yearn for that time of year again when I can chuck on a scarf and gloves. Thankfully though (to me), it looks like the chilly weather is here to say for a bit longer. With the weather deciding to stick around a bit and my inner compulsive shopper taking charge, I've compiled a wishlist based on the incredible River Island sale (with a few items that aren't in the sale) :D (It's not even winter based?)

*All images belong to River Island and I don't claim to own any of them*

Teal Satchel - £15 (half price) - I couldn't believe this was real when I first found it in the sale. First off, my favourite colour is teal, secondly, I'm a huge fan of satchels! Thirdly, it's in the sale!!! It's as if they know me! I'm seriously considering buying this but I'm unsure if it would suit me :L What do you think? Leave me a comment!

Grey Metal Triangle Chain Collar Tips - £6 - I've wanted collar tips for ages and finally got a pair last year, sadly though they broke almost immediately. This pair looks gorgeous though and for a good price! They're quite neutral and plain, so they'd be easy to wear and should go with most stuff in my wardrobe.

White New York LA Paris Print T-Shirt - £18 - I know it's not very 'wintery' but I do like wearing t-shirts with a casual blazer or just with a snood when nipping out for a bit. Plus, when there's a T-Shirt which encompasses New York, LA and Paris in one go, whilst also having such a good design, you can't really say no, can you? :P

White London Print T-Shirt - £20 - Casual blazers with bright, vivid graphic tees underneath look fantastic, so when I saw this all I could think about was a potential outfit. Again though, it would look just as good if you put it on on it's own with a snood just to nip out for a bit.

White Eiffel Tower Print T-Shirt - £18 - I love monochrome, not to mention Paris! This is such a gorgeous tee and really easy to wear with skinny jeans and boots for a really casual look.

Black Textured Unfastened Cardigan - £35 - I've wanted a new cardigan for what feels like forever since I find cardigans to be incredibly useful when styling an outfit. They're so simple yet can enhance completely change the look of whatever you wear. I really want an unfastened one like this one as well but I can't decided whether to get black.

Dark Red Twist Knit Unfastened Cardigan - £35 - This cardigan is really similar to the one I just mentioned, but I kinda prefer this colour. The only downside is that I don't think I could/would wear it with as much in my wardrobe.

I hope your all well and enjoying the new year :) I have my college interview on Wednesday (today) which I'm really nervous about *chews nails* but fingers crossed all goes well!

P.S Good news! I got offered a place at college!!!! :D

What did you think of this wishlist? Which item is your favourite?

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  1. That London T-Shirt looks really cool! :) xx

    1. I want it so much! haha, thanks for the comment Conny :)

  2. I really like those printed t-shirts especially the paris one.
    Tiana x

    1. It's gorgeous isn't it? ;D Thanks for the comment Tiana :)


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