Friday, 30 August 2013

Liebster Blog Award No.2

At the very beginning of this month, I was nominated for the first time for the Liebster Blog Award by KAYLALISCIOUS. Since then I've been nominated for it 2 more times! It means so much to me that people enjoy reading my blog and I can't thank you enough for nominating me, and commenting and following me on twitter etc :)

The Liebster Blog Award post is quite lengthy, but I don't want to ignore the fact that people are nominating me. So I really hope it's alright if I just answer the questions they've written. The two other bloggers who have nominated me since are candlesandcurls & PureAllure. You can read my first Liebster Blog Award post here.

candlesandcurls Questions:

What made you start blogging?

I really wanted to start my own blog after spending two years watching the YouTube channels and reading the blogs of some well known YouTubers (Tanya Burr, Sprinkle Of Glitter, Jim Chapman etc.). I loved everything they did and I really wanted to do the same. After reading Zoella's blog and hearing her story (Draw My Life), all I wanted to do was start a blog and YouTube channel myself :) Like Zoella did when she first started, I don't feel confident enough right now to start a YouTube channel, but I finally plucked up the courage to start Stylish England :D

When did you start blogging?

I started my blog in early June 2013. I'm still quite a new blogger ;D

Pastel colours or bright colours?

I love bright colours on other people, but I struggle to pull them off. I love pastel colours, I think they're perfect for any season and I don't think (hope) they won't ever go out of style. (Plus I can actually wear them!)

Shorts or skirts?

As a guy, I'm gonna have to go with shorts. Which actually links in quite well as my favourite pair of shorts are a pastel green colour! Coincidence?

High street or High end?

Definitely high street. You get so much more for your money, and I think the high street brands are leading the way in fashion/style at the moment. So many well known fashion brands aren't actually creating new trends, clothes or styles anymore. A lot of luxury fashion brands now a days just plaster their products with their logo. Whereas places like Zara, River Island, H&M etc are creating new styles of clothing. (Apologies for the rant)

What is your best piece of advice for new bloggers?

I know it's really cheesy and corny, but it would be not to give up. I think the first couple of months of blogging is the worst for bloggers confidence in their posts. I honestly felt like no one was reading my blog and (because I'm a drama queen and make a mountain out of a molehill) questioned whether many people would ever read it. Don't worry, with time your blog will begin to come up in search engines and your blog will grow and mature as you do. In the meantime, make sure everything you post is good material, so that when people do find your blog, they'll come back!

What is your favourite TV show?

I watch a hell of a lot of TV. So it's really hard for me to pick. Even though it's been cancelled now, I'd have to say The Secret Circle (it was on CW). It's basically the vampire diaries but with teen witches as the main characters. I like the vampire diaries but after they killed off Bonnie, I was not happy :(

Topshop or River Island?

I really can't decide haha :D

Favourite party outfit?

You can't go wrong with dark skinny Jeans, ankle boots, a shirt and a waistcoat.

Night in or Night out?

I'd probably have to say...night out. I hate staying indoors and I'd rather go out and do more, that being said, a film and junk food every once in a while isn't a bad thing.

Your favourite blog post that you have written?

My No7 Beautiful Skin Normal/Oily review. I loved how the pictures looked and was so pleased with the quality :D Overall I was just really pleased with the post :)

PureAllure's Questions:

How are you today?

Not bad thank you, bit bored but oh are you?

Whats the best piece of advice or quote you've ever heard?

"There's nothing wrong with loving who you are". It's from Lady Gaga's song "Born This Way" and I think it's so important to get that message across nowadays. So many people are un-happy with how they are and I think thats so upsetting and wrong.

Whats your favourite song right now?

Lady Gaga's stunning new single "Applause". Everything Gaga does is amazing :D

Do you ever want to have kids?

I have absolutely no idea. I think I'm more someone who'd like to focus on their career. But I wouldn't say no.

If you had unlimited money what would you do with it?

I'd like to buy my parents a really nice house wherever they wanted. I'd give some to my brother. I'd buy myself a penthouse apartment in Manhatten, New York City. I'd go on lots of holidays with friends and family. I'd also give some to charities and help fund research to beat diseases. And it's a dream of mine to have my own store, so I'd do that. Plus, I'd buy bad-ass birthday and Christmas presents :D

What's your biggest fear?

Snakes, I don't even want to elaborate.

Do you have a hidden talent? If so, what?

I wish I did. I don't stop talking very often so I suppose that could be classed as one? I once came downstairs at 8:00 and kept talking non-stop until it was 10:00, true story.

What is something you couldn't live without?

Good Wi-Fi connection. I had to go nearly a week with no Wi-Fi at all and it was horrific.

Do you prefer Summer or Winter? Why?

Winter! One because of how I dress. I like to layer clothing (Coats, Leather Gloves, Scarves/Snoods etc.) and I like wearing boots :D Also because I like it snowing, and having hot drinks in cafes and at home whilst looking out a window at the snow (corny?).

What's your favourite thing in your wardrobe?

It would be my dark skinny jeans. Simply because I wear those with everything. They go with all my other clothing/accessories, and I just love wearing them :D

What's your favourite shop?

ASOS. It sells a phenomenal amount of clothing for both men and women. Usually there's always more for women in stores but ASOS sells a hell of a lot of mens clothes and accessories. As well as that, their sales are INCREDIBLE :D

Again, thank you so much to those three amazing bloggers who nominated me, and thank you to everyone else who reads my blog. To know that people are reading my blog, and enjoy what I write means so much to me and makes me incredibly happy :)

Please have a look at those blogs who nominated me (you can click on their names to go to their blogs), as they are all talented bloggers :) Please follow me on Twitter and 'Join This Site' at the side :) 

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