Sunday, 2 March 2014

Shopping Haul | Manchester

So a week ago today (when I publish this), my friends and I took a trip on the train to Manchester. Where I live there isn't much in terms of shopping aside the town centre, so every so often (when we all have enough money to spend), my friends and I take a day trip to a nearby city.
I can't tell you how many times I must've been to Manchester in the past couple of years and bought hardly anything each time (when I've actually had money to spend!). How come we always want things when we can't afford them? Anyway, this time however I was delighted to find my wallet feeling just that bit lighter which means only one thing - haul time!

1. Mickey Mouse Navy Jumper - Primark - £13 approx.

I thought why not start in order of events so these are my very first purchases. A large Primark is sneakily situated in the center of our walk to the Arndale Shopping centre, so like always, we had to go in and spend some. Primark is an absolute fashion haven with it's ridiculously low prices and fashion forward style. However seeing as it was only our first stop, I limited myself to only a few things so that I had money to spend elsewhere throughout the day (and so I could eat). This Mickey Mouse silhouette type design jumper caught my eye immediately when I was looking around. My friend also loved it and so to avoid confusion (and clashing), she bought a black one whilst I opted for navy. This isn't something I'd usually wear but it's so fun and quirky and like everyone in the entire world right now, my friends and I are currently going through a Disney craze (Frozen is the best!).

2. Bike Clip-Art T-Shirt - Primark - £3.99-£4.99 (seriously, throwing away receipts is a really bad habit)

My friends and I got a bit excited when we found a part of the store that was selling a bunch of stuff for £3.99 each (and £4.99 in some cases)! As soon as I saw this I loved it. The logo is just like (if not an exact replica) of the Cambridge Satchel Company logo (and you'll all know how much of a fan I am of CSC). I hate trying on clothes in stores (unless it's something like a coat) because I don't like using changing rooms (especially when I'm shopping with other people cause I feel like I'm making them wait), so when I bought this it was a complete guess of what size I needed (everything in there seemed to be made to a different sizing guide!), and it turned out both good and bad. Bad because I did get the wrong size as it's not too tight, it's just smaller than what I'd usually wear when I'm going out. But good, because it means that I can use it as a pyjama top (I hardly ever have matching sets, just mix-matched clothes I don't want to wear when I'm going out).

3. Union Jack Flag T-Shirt - Primark - £7.99

Another purchase from Primark, it was love at first sight. I am obsessed with flags and especially the British one #proud haha. For such a cheap price and such a great design, I couldn't just leave it there could I? ;) Although, like the bike t-shirt above, it is a bit small for me (damn Primark sizes) (and me cutting off the tags to quickly) but only in the sleeves really so I can wear it fine under a cardigan or shirt.

4. Union Jack Flag Cushion - Primark - £6

When walking towards the checkout, our entire group was swayed by an enormous display of flag interior decor. There were whole areas dedicated to the American flag as well as the Union Jack. For £6, I couldn't miss the opportunity to buy this cushion. Just look at it!

4. Teal Cardigan - H&M - £10

I wasn't really sure whether to go in H&M as we were only near it because some of my friends wanted to go in HMV, but I am so glad I did (and thanks to my two other friends for coming with me - I just feel awkward shopping alone). H&M in my opinion was my favourite part of the day cause everything I bought from there I am over the moon with (and it all fits me!). This cardigan is *sighs*. It is the most gorgeous colour I've ever seen and unbelievably it was on sale - how much better could it get? Unknowingly, I've actually made quite a good purchase/investment here, as when I got home I discovered blog posts and YouTube videos about Spring wardrobes (and look-books! Tanya Burr's was epic). After a mild panic that I'd have to be seen sweltering in the (hopefully) hot summer sun in thick jumpers and boots, I calmed down after realising my spring wardrobe is more than prepared for with old purchases of t-shirts, pastel green shorts, a coral shirt and some stunning red, white and blue boat shoes etc. As well as new ones (cue this cardigan and union jack t-shirt).

4. Grey Double Breasted Cardigan - H&M - £15

On the River Island website (and in store) I kept seeing the most gorgeous double breasted cardigan ever. And after realising that I really just can't afford a £45 cardigan right now (River Island is really steep nowadays), I gave up. Excitingly though, I spotted this look-a-like mere clothes hangers away from the heavenly blue teal cardigan above! It looks great over either a graphic tee or a white t-shirt for a casual look and it's super wearable, so I'm hoping the colder air (with the bright sun) doesn't disappear too quickly so I'll have a chance to wear this. It does have a slightly scratchy feel to it along with that really strong material kind of smell, which hopefully will go with a good wash and a bucketload of fabric softener.

5. New York Jumper - H&M - £7.99

A jumper. For £7.99. I couldn't believe my eyes. It's quite thin which for £7.99 I kind of expected, but it's great as it means it's a lot easier to wear over things like shirts and won't leaving me too hot if the weather gets hot. This week I've been wearing it to school each day (underneath my blazer and being a good student and taking it off before class starts) and I've been loving it! It also looks great on it's own which is a bonus for when I'm feeling uber lazy and just want to wear something comfy thats the closest thing to hand.

6. Happy Hippy Shower Gel - LUSH - £11.95

On any shopping trip, a visit to the LUSH shop is an absolute must for me. Last Christmas (or even the one before that), I first discovered this amazing shower gel. It smells really zingy and fruity and like citrus! Just as it says on the tin (or rather bottle), it's a great pick me up and wake me up in the morning (which is needed in GCSE year when you wish you could forever stay in bed in the morning). I opted for the largest bottle, 500g which is £11.95 because I've wanted it for a while now and compared to the cost of the 250g (half the size) version, you got more for your money with this one. I've been using it each and every day this week and I love it! There's something really satisfying about seeing a LUSH product sat on your bathroom shelf.

Hopefully I've not missed anything out and I really hope you've enjoyed seeing and reading about what I've bought!

What did you think of this haul? What are your favourite items? Have you bought anything recently?

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  1. The cushion looks so lovely! :) xx

    1. Thanks Conny :) Sadly it's starting to get a misshapen from all my nights sleeping/crushing it haha

  2. The Mickey Mouse jumper is adorable :)


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