Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Designer Wishlist!

Hello All!

With LFW recently taking place, my desire for designer has only grown stronger :( Personally, I would never want to wear head to toe designer, I think having style isn't about just wearing labels. But anyone who says they wouldn't like to own a few designer things is telling porkies (that's my English-ness coming through :D). Having nice things is something people enjoy, and fashion is no exception...

*I don't own any of these images and have only used them for this post*

1. Topman Cropped Jacket & Trousers- I know Topman isn't classed as designer, but the brand did have it's own show at LFW and created quite a bit of hype about it. I absolutely love, this white cropped jacket :D I think it's stunning, and the trousers were featured consistently throughout the show (I loved them in every outfit) :) I don't know whether I'd be able to pull these off, but I just think they're fantastic. :D

2. Burberry Spotted Snood- These were in their LFW S/S 14 Menswear show and I want one soooo much! This one in particular actually! I love snoods and Burberry's spotted version looks fab, plus the contrasting blue and green looks great. Perfect for any season, weather or occasion :D

3. Mulberry Chocolate Hand Rolled Messenger Bag- I saw this on their website quite a while ago, and I still really want it :D I think it's gorgeous and the "creased grain effect" from hand rolling it works really well  :) Also, a three postman lock has been added which gives the bag the classic Mulberry look . What else can you ask for?

4. Alexander McQueen God Save McQueen Scarf- I can't get over how amazing this scarf is! Seriously, I love the British flag alone, but if you add Alexander McQueen to it= Wow. Sadly though it's price is £445 on Mr Porter :(

5. Alexander McQueen Wool and Cashmere Blend Peacoat- I love peacoats :) I really want one, and this Alexander McQueen version really stood out for me :D The colour is magnificent (big word there) and I love the contrast between the colour of the buttons and the colour of the coat.

What designer items do you really want? :)

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Thanks for reading :)


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  1. I love that peacoat at the end, including the colour! It's like the perfect style for this time of year! Fab post!!


  2. James I seriously think you'd suit the peacoat!! Damn designer being so damn expensive eh haha! I know what you mean about wanting designer stuff! I love designer things, but I love Primark too! Always gonna have a balance haha :)
    Great post xx
    Beth x

    1. Thank you so much :D Your right though, designer things are lovely to have but you can buy more on the high street and there's a wider variety. Primark's fantastic! Balance is exactly what is needed ;) Feel like I haven't spoken to you in ages! Thanks for the comment :)


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