Saturday, 21 September 2013

What's In My School Bag!

Hello All!

If you follow me on Twitter then you'll know that earlier today I was reading a few blogs where they wrote apologies for not having the time to post much. I completely understood how they were feeling as school (and I'm sure work as well) is so stressful and busy :( I wasn't planning on posting this today but I'm determined to blog more regularly. Blogging makes me so happy, and I love talking to readers and bloggers :) I'm already meeting new people through blogging who have been nothing but kind to me and I really hope this blog and myself can continue to grow with your support :)

Now, on with the post! A while ago, @Itsjayly replied to my rather desperate tweet asking for blog post ideas :L I do have lots of ideas for posts but I'm always anxious that my readers won't like them :L Luckily however, Jaouaher suggested one I've really wanted to do for a while now! :D A 'What's in my school bag' post :) I love watching and reading YouTubers and Bloggers 'What's in my bag' videos :D I think they're so interesting and they always manage to inspire me (and add a few things to my shopping list!)

Firstly, the bag. for school, I use my 15" Batchel from The Cambridge Satchel Company. I think the colour is currently called vintage but I'm sure it was just called classic when I bought it (confused face). I first heard about this amazing brand through watching the (often repetitive) Google chrome advert. The advert depicts the companies rise to fame, from her daughter suggesting her mum should start making leather satchels, to clips of these stunning bags at fashion shows and on After seeing the advert consistently for a while I visited their website and fell in love. All of their designs are gorgeous, and each bag is made from fine English leather :) I love everything about this company, and I can't recommend enough that you check out their website/shop (just click on their name above). They also have a YouTube Channel where you can see videos about how the bags are made, and how the brand became such a success. I'm already rambling again ;D

My Mum and Dad very kindly gave me this...last Christmas? I still love it so so much, and I'd love to get another one (I'm obsessed with the Classic 15" Oxblood, I need it haha ;D). 15" is the biggest size you can get, so I thought for school, the bigger the better! It has a small pocket on the front of the bag which is ideal for keeping keys, phone, wallet, mirror, all that kind of stuff. The inside of the bag is just a large compartment, which you fill with whatever you want. This bag is perfect for any use really and as well as using it for school, I frequently wear it on shopping trips to places like Liverpool and Manchester.

Finally, whats in the bag. (I'm sorry if I'm rambling too much).

The basics- These are what I keep in the front pocket: Keys, M&S Lip Balm (I get really dry lips), Mirror, Comb ('s), Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel (You'd be amazed at the amount of chewing gum under school desks).

Body Sprays- I could not imagine coming to school without some sort of body or deodorant spray. After P.E or even if it's just super hot, I like to smell nice :) I usually get this out of my bag a few times a day to top up as my school uniform consists of shirts, blazers, black trousers, ties etc. and they are all clothes which make me both uncomfortably warm, and stop me from cooling down reasonably quickly. These sprays tend to change quite a bit as I don't have certain shops where I live so I can't buy my favourites all the time, but I am currently using (perhaps) my absolute favourite spray ever! I recently went to Liverpool for a shopping trip (here's my post about it) and whilst there, purchased these Hollister Manhattan sprays. I love them so much! Their scent is so fresh, and they smell completely natural.

Fragrance- Again, this changes quite a lot. I am currently using DKNY Men, as my Mum very kindly bought me this on an amazing deal on Escentual. I love the brand DKNY. The clothes are so bright and colourful, and everything about the brand screams New York. The description of the fragrance made me want it even more by stating "Take the energy and spirit of the streets of New York. Combine with the freshest, cleanest elements on earth. The result is Urban Clean. Masculine. Full of Life.". The description also includes "DKNY Men is the perfect complement to it's female counterpart, DKNY Women". This made me want it even more because my Mum had recently bought the women's version (a few weeks before I got the men's version) and it smelt incredible! The Men's and Women's smell gorgeous and if you'd like to check them out this is the men's (although this gift-set is better, as the whole gift set which includes a 50 ml fragrance and body wash costs less than 1 50 ml fragrance, see the price difference and you'll be amazed), and this is the women's.

School Essentials- These are all pretty basic for school: Pencil Case (got it from Blott, such a cool/creative store for stationary!), Maths Set, and Scientific Calculator.

Umbrella- I was kindly given this among other things (like a Gucci Notebook!) when I finished my work experience at Boots (This is my post about it). The umbrella is by/from Joop and I try to take it with me everywhere (rainy England ;D). It opens and closes by pressing a button!

Hair Styling- I've only recently started taking this to school so that if my hair goes a bit odd or if it's windy then I can attempt to fix it, apart from that there's not much else to say :)

Soap&Glory Hand Food- This is the brands famous hand cream :D I know of soooo many bloggers and YouTubers who use (and adore) Soap and Glory. It's a fantastic brand and the packaging is always so fun and vintage. I use this because as it says on the packaging, its non-greasy. I've used so many hand creams that just make my hands look greasy and oily, but this one makes my hands look healthy and moisturised :) Another great thing about this product (I don't know how it does it), is that if I've got quite oily hands at the time when I use it, I've found it actually makes my hands look matte?! I don't know how that works but it's amazing :)

The rest is just stuff like Coursework, Exam Stuff, Lunch and Water :) I really hope you've enjoyed this post! Please let me know If I have rambled in the comment section below (I really hope I haven't!) and if you've enjoyed this post and/or like my blog, please follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin and Instagram (there's buttons in the sidebar). It would also mean an incredible amount to me if you would follow me on GFC (its in the sidebar).

Thanks for reading :)



  1. Love the satchel - classic!

  2. The bag is so gorgeous, I love it! I have a pastel pink one that I'm not really sure how to wear. It doesn't seem to go with anything I own, so I haven't really been wearing it as much as I should have been!
    This post was really interesting to read, as I don't usually see many guys doing 'what's in my bag' posts!

    Christina | Passion Obsession - Currently hosting a beauty hamper giveaway!

    1. Thank you :) Your satchel sounds lovely :) (I love pastel colours!)

  3. That satchel is sooooo nice!! Great post :)

  4. Love the satchel! I want one so bad! I have just written up my 'Whats in my Uni bag' post today! Will be going live in the new few days :)
    I love Hollister body sprays too.. womens ones ofcourse haha :) I feature one in my post too!
    Great post as always James!
    Beth x

  5. Such a gorgeous satchel! *need one* :) It's kind of hard to find a satchel here where I live so definitely looking forward to look on their site (hopefully they ship worldwide:)
    'What's in my bag' - posts are one of my all-time favourites to read even more if it's a boys one - usually don't see many guys giving us a little sneek peek into their bags! :) xx

  6. Nice bag! I also have that hand cream, I love it! I wish I was half as stylish as you when I was 15!! :) Beth xox

  7. Adore your blog and I adore that satchel! Good essential choices, thinking about doing this for my next blog post! x

  8. the bag is nice and very specious..
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