Thursday, 5 September 2013

Birthday Meal With Friends...

Last Sunday I invited my friends over to my house for a birthday meal/celebration (Party doesn't sound like the right word!). Usually for our birthdays, we go out to restaurants like Frankie & Bennys. But last year and this year I've had my birthday meal at my house :) My friends and I go out for meals for nearly all of our birthdays and for 15 year olds without jobs that can put a strain on our pockets (as well as our parents!), meaning an in-expensive night like this was both helpful and fantastic :) We had a really nice time and ate a lot of food :D

Whilst everyone was arriving we spent time on the trampoline as well as talking and catching up with each other :) Afterwards we all sat down for a barbecue, followed my roasting marshmallows on a fire, chocolate fondue with fruit and marshmallows, Eat & Mess (Meringue, Strawberry's & Cream) and finished with a chocolate birthday cake! (thanks Mum & Dad!). It's safe to say we were all extremely full (and tired) by the end of the night :D 

My friends were so kind and gave me birthday presents, all of which are pictured below (I also received some money but I thought it was pointless photographing it). I have used photo editing to make the pictures brighter and to make the colours stronger!

I'm still in awe that I was given this as a birthday present! :D Two of my friends recently went to London to attend Summer In The City! It's an annual event in the UK where YouTubers can meet their fans/subscribers. I am a massive fan of quite a few YouTubers so I really wanted to go! Sadly though, I didn't manage to book tickets in time :'( However! My friend Josh managed to get me an autograph from (possibly) the first ever YouTuber I started watching...Jim Chapman! Josh has his own blog and YouTube Channel so please check those out! Also click here & here to go to Jim's different YouTube channels!

Thank You so much Lucy!!!!! I was so excited to get this as I've wanted it ever since I saw it in Tanya Burrs YouTube video :D

I thought this gift-set was so cool :D

I got this from my friend Jessica haha :D 

All these pics below are of how my garden looked for that night :) They weren't taken on the night as there was so much to do and it was just manic!

Please excuse how odd I look haha :D The collar suits me don't cha' think? ;D
I am incredibly lucky to have such an amazing group of friends and I want to say thank you to:





Trisha (Sophia)






for coming on Sunday and for anything else I've forgotten to thank you for :)

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  1. Looks like you had a lovely time! Lucky you getting a little note of Jim! :)


  2. Thank you both for the comments :) I still can't believe he signed my name! haha :D


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