Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Birmingham Christmas Markets

Merry (almost) Christmas everyone!

With only just over a week left 'till the big day, my family and I decided to take a trip to Birmingham for the Christmas markets.

We first visited the market (s) last year, and it was one of the most wonderful times I can remember. The weather was perfect, I had no exam, coursework or college stresses, and overall it was just a good, family day out :) (Which is something that's been hard to get nowadays with how busy life has gotten for all of us). This year we were all eager to go back and so on Sunday, we made the lengthy trip (due to traffic, weather and road works- what a horrible combination) to the city.

It was exactly like it was last year (plus a big wheel and an ice-skating rink). The little hut things that all the stall owners are in and sell their products from were the same, and even the memorable and tantalizing smell of ostrich burgers drifted through the streets once again. The official title is Frankfurt Christmas Market, and I think it is supposed to be German themed.

If you follow me on Instagram (you definitely should), then you'll have probably seen the photo I posted whilst there of an enormous hot dog type thing my Mum, Dad and I had for lunch (I can't remember the name of it sorry!), but as well as selling a phenomenal and incredibly varied amount of food (including ostrich, reindeer and buffalo burgers) (yep, people were eating Rudolf), there was also a vast array of other products (too many to list- honestly!), which made this market in particular ideal for our family of diverse interests. The market is surprisingly long as it twists and turns endlessly through the streets, which meant that there was an awful long way to walk, and an awful lot to see.

As much as I love the market (s) itself, I have to say that the best part has got to be walking there and back from the car. We walk through the most picturesque area I've ever scene which perfectly depicts a harmonious balance and combination of urban, city lifestyle, and a rural lifestyle of country pubs and long winding rivers. Here's a few photo's of the area I'm in love with (it's right next to the sea life centre!)

My family and I explored the Christmas markets for nearly 5 hours, and after devouring one of these extremely large hot dog type things each (or a pot of noodles that my brother wanted instead), a toffee apple (something I've been craving for years), and a few mouth watering coconut macaroons, we were ready to head home. Our decision to head home however was also influenced by the torrential rain that began as we reached the end of the stalls (somewhat lucky in timing I suppose), as well as the brisk wind and crammed streets which left you unable to move without injuring either yourself or another person.

Everything is so festive! My Mum says I'm like a magpie, I love anything and everything that's shiny! So when it came to this part of the evening when all the lights came on and everything started sparkling, I started taking as many photos as possible!

That past week had been extremely busy and tiring for all of us, and by the time we arrived back home we had almost no energy left. So we finished the day off with a tasty takeaway as an easy meal to quench our hunger without needing the energy of us to cook it- pheww! Sadly I didn't buy anymore than a toffee apple so no haul for this post :(

But! We are planning to go to the Liverpool Christmas Market (s) this weekend (which may or may not happen, as we have family coming to stay for Christmas who arrive at the weekend) which may include a haul! Also, this week I'll be publishing a lifestyle Clothes Show Live post + a haul of what I bought there, so make sure you keep up to date with my posts, by following me on my social media accounts by clicking on the buttons in my sidebar.

Have you ever been to the Birmingham Christmas Market (s)? Or any Christmas market for that matter! Leave me a comment telling me about it and if you've done anything festive recently or have anything planned, I'd love to hear about it! 

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  1. This looks so cute! Wish there was something like that near me..


    1. It was pretty great haha :D I'm sure there'd be one near you! Their all up and down the country!

  2. Great post & pictures! Everything looks so beautiful! I love the night time photos :D



    1. Thanks so much :) Glad you like them - was worried there may be too many but I couldn't leave any of these out haha


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