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Supermarket Clothes Shopping + Haul

These past few weeks I've officially found a new fashion favourite...supermarket shopping. Not the grocery kind of shopping, the clothes kind of shopping ;)

As a teen with no income, my budget tends to be pretty tight when it comes to shopping. In terms of high street, my favourite shops to go to include stores like Primark, H&M and TK Maxx. This is always because of the great prices and great clothes. Sadly though, where I live doesn't have stores like Primark and H&M so I have to wait for a nearby city shopping trip with friends to satisfy my fashion hunger.

However, in the past few weeks I've found myself aimlessly wondering off towards the clothing section of supermarkets like Sainsbury's and George Clothing at ASDA whenever I'm out food shopping with my family. I know there's quite a variety of views and opinions on shopping for clothing at supermarkets but I think it's fantastic!

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High street stores nowadays seem to only be raising their prices more and more. Lots of brands are trying to appear as competitively priced, but really they're still pretty expensive. There are stores on the high street today that regularly charge £30 a shirt which for me is just not worth it. The upside is that these stores are fashion forward, meaning their focus is clothing and accessories. Recently however, supermarkets do seem to have stepped up their game.

Many 'big name' supermarkets tend to have their own clothing lines. For Sainsbury's (who have teamed up with fashion stars like Gok Wan) it's TU, for Tesco's its F&F and for ASDA it's George. My family nearly always goes to Sainsbury's for food shopping, and it's become a habit to go straight to the clothing section. I must admit I haven't got much experience with Tesco's clothing line but both George and TU are favourites of mine.

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Throughout the past month or so, my wardrobe has been slowly filling up with clothes from these shops and I thought it would be great to share with you what I've been buying. Also, if you're someone who hasn't got much experience with supermarket clothes shopping, I hope this post will give you a little insight and maybe tempt you to have a look yourself? I couldn't believe how good these clothing lines are and I've found that Sainsbury's is great for the fashion basics such as jumpers, coats and t-shirts, whilst George is fab for more fashion forward clothing (they have a huge range for both Men & Women).


(Apologies for the bad quality photos- My house doesn't really have anywhere good for taking photos of clothes)

Sainsbury's - TU Clothing - Casual Blazer - £45

My Mum kindly bought me this not long ago as I've been desperate for a casual blazer for months now. After spending hours roaming sites such as Topman and Burton, I was pleasantly surprised to find such a good quality blazer, for such a cheap price! Topman and Burton are charging around £70-£80 each for their blazers, and to be honest, the quality doesn't compare. This blazer feels thick, well made and is a fantastic fit (YES!). I also love these buttons on the blazer. I don't think this picture does the blazer any justice but I'm eager to wear this ASAP so keep an eye out for an OOTD soon!

George Clothing - ASDA - Teal Jumper - £? (Sorry! Neither me or my parents can remember the price!)

This was a surprise purchase by my parents whilst they were out in town one day. They both know how much I love the colour teal, and seeing as it was such a cheap price they got it for me :D The jumper doesn't actually look like teal in this picture but the label said teal and in the right light it is, however the shades do shift depending on the lighting.

Sainsbury's - TU Clothing - Long Sleeved T-Shirt (Coral/Red) - £8 (I think)

This was originally bought for my Halloween costume (You know the one that failed? Haha), but I still enjoy wearing it as casual clothing. For the time being it's more of a comfy/wear about the house T-Shirt as I'm unsure of what to wear it with in my wardrobe. It's super soft and unbelievably cheap; what more can you ask for?

Sainsbury's - TU Clothing - Check Pyjama Trousers - £12

Comfy trousers are a must in the winter. Especially on those days when you're not going out and just want to relax without strangling your legs with really skinny jeans (that's me anyway). I love love love these joggers and am constantly wearing them about the house. I would like to wear these in bed (especially with these cold winter nights) with the coral/red long sleeved T-Shirt (above), but like my Mum I over heat way too easily, and seeing as I've got my radiator on sky high at the moment (sorry Dad who pays the electricity bill!)) it's just not gonna work.

George Clothing - ASDA - Double Breasted Peacoat - £25

I could not believe my eyes when I first saw this in George. There was a whole rack of them at the end of one of the aisles, with a big sign advertising their price tag as £25! I've been looking for a well fitted peacoat for sooooo long and I immediately grabbed a medium. To be fair, it isn't the best of quality in that it's quite thin material, but once buttoned up + a snazzy scarf, I'd say it's quite effective at keeping out the cold. I've worn this a lot recently (including in this recent OOTD) and have recieved so many kind comments on it.

Sainsbury's - TU Clothing - Long-Sleeved T-Shirt - £8

Similarly to the peacoat, as soon as I saw this I rushed over to have a look. I'm not really sure what to write about this except that it is fantastic quality and something that it is easy to thrown on and wear with anything :)

Sainsbury's - TU Clothing - Slippers - £12

We recently had new carpets fitted and my parents are insistent on keeping it perfect. First thing they decided was a no shoes policy where's there's new carpet (basically we just have to keep shoes that have been outside recently off of the new carpet). However for some reason they also didn't want us walking around in bare feet (I've got no idea why?) so it was decided for us all to have 'indoor shoes'. I wanted slippers with no backs as the backs just seem like such a lot more effort (Yep, I'm that lazy), and these were perfect. The inside is lined with a sort of fluffy material to keep your feet warm and god does it do a good job.

Sainsbury's - TU Clothing - Navy Quilted Jacket - £30

(That lump in the pocket is my gloves. Thought I should just make that clear haha)

When I saw this, I thought it was so British/English. The jacket fits well and the quilted look is great. I thoroughly enjoy wearing this and with the sleeves rolled up it helps an outfit look well put together and organised. This jacket pretty much 'ticks all of my boxes' haha.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing this haul and might have a look yourself (if you haven't already) at the clothing section whilst you're next out shopping for your Christmas turkey ;) Please leave me a comment telling me what you thought of this haul, which is your favourite item, what your experience is with supermarket clothes shopping etc. or you could tell me something completely random like what the weather is like outside? ;D (It's pretty cloudy here) (sad face)

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