Sunday, 15 December 2013

Lookin' Hipster

With the day that I go to the Clothes Show Live fast approaching (I wrote this a few weeks back), I've finally given the outfit that I plan on wearing a bit of thought.

This is my first time going to the Clothes Show Live and I'm beyond excited! It's a fantastic opportunity to gain some insight into the fashion and beauty industry, as well as a chance to have a great time with friends. With the stresses of exams + coursework, a bit of retail therapy is more than welcome right now.

Not long ago, I was mortified to discover that I had been walking around Sainsbury's with an enormous rip in my dark skinny jeans. Afterwards, I spent copious amounts of time browsing many a shop until finally Topman came to the rescue. Like always, their sale was full of gorgeous pieces, and I finally decided on a similar pair of dark skinny jeans (as a replacement for the old ones), as well as these eye-catching grape/wine red/purple coloured spray on skinny jeans.

When it came to ordering them a couple of days later, I was disheartened to discover that the replacement pair of dark skinny jeans were out of stock. Although, another similar pair were chosen at the last moment and all that was left to do was wait. When they did arrive, these purple ones fitted perfectly. By that I mean that these literally mould to your leg. Boy their tight! The other black pair of jeans were excruciatingly skinny and after spending a good chunk of time doing my best to force them on, they were placed back in the delivery bag and put near the door ready for returning to our local Topman store (sad face).

Usually I would never have ordered let alone wear such bright trousers. I'm more partial to a monochrome (Black, White, Grey etc.) colour scheme throughout my wardrobe, so these were, in a way rather adventurous for me. Before now I wouldn't have had the confidence to click 'add to basket' but from blogging and becoming even more immersed in the fashion industry, my confidence has grown and I was eager to order these ASAP.

I decided to pair these with this Topman jumper which I bought in a sale, as it's quite a loose fit and with the 'New York City' washed out graphic print on it combined with the intense colour of these jeans, it gives a 'street-style' look to the outfit. The burgundy snood from Ark was added to bring even more colour to the outfit, as well as a way to cover up a bit of chest haha (the jumper is loose fitting and I don't like wearing T-Shirts underneath jumpers as it doesn't tend to look very good on me haha). The shoes are from Dr Marten and were bought in a sale at an eye-watering yet (for Dr Marten) an affordable £60. I love wearing these shoes as their ideal for making any outfit look more unique and individual.

This coat from George (which was a stunning £25!), is my favourite jacket/coat at the moment and it was a way to kind of 'calm' the outfit a bit and add some sophistication to it haha. Finally, this Ben Sherman watch that my Gran kindly bought me recently, was added as watches pretty much go with anything and similarly to the coat, it adds a bit of sophistication to this outfit.

Apologies for the hair by the way! I took these on a Sunday and decided to just blow-dry my hair and leave it as it was.

Please leave me a comment as I love hearing from readers and will always reply! Also, if you did go to the Clothes Show Live, let me know what you thought of it! I'll be posting about it over the next week which will (fingers crossed) include a haul post + a lifestyle post about the day.

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  1. Purple is my fave colour, so i'm liking those jeans! Hope you had a good time at the clothes show, i was going to go this year but didn't have time. Look forward to reading your post about it!

    1. Thanks so much :-) Will hopefully see you there next year!

  2. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

    1. Thanks! Sorry but I don't do follow for follows, thanks for asking though :)


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