Sunday, 9 March 2014

I Heart Paris | Book Review

Yes, another book review! I can't help it! I'm enjoying this series too much haha. This time, I'm back with a review of the third book in the series, I Heart Paris. And I have to say; it's a goon un' ;)

After the events that took place in I Heart Hollywood, Angela and Alex are doing their best to get back to normal. Whilst Jenny is off living in LA, making it big as a stylist, Angela is back in New York and still blogging for Soon however, her editor (and online editor of, Mary, informs her that the head of Spencer Media (and therefore publications like The Look), would like to have lunch with Angela and Mary. Whilst at first cautious, Angela can't believe her luck when Bob tells her that due to his 'massive fan of Angela Clark' granddaughter, he wants her to branch out to other areas in Spencer Media, and immediately sets her up to write something for Belle magazine.

Long story short, the vicious (just imagine the typical stuck up fashion stereotypes - then double it, your there) girls at Belle grudgingly appoint her (purely down to Bob's role as head of the company) to write a joint piece for a special European addition of the magazine. Falling perfectly in time with Alex's news that the band is headlining a festival and performing in Paris, and even better, that her childhood friend in London, Louisa, will be in Paris at the time as well, Angela accepts the offer with Belle telling her to find all the hipster places 'To Be' in Paris. 
As if having Mary's assistant CiCi (who coincidentally happens to also be one of Bob's granddaughters - not the one who likes her obviously) telling Angela that Alex's flight had been fully booked (despite his flight being booked the same day) and having to fly out on her own wasn't a bad enough start to her trip, once arriving in Paris, Angela is informed that her suitcase (full of everything important she needed as well as 3 boxes worth of designer clothes Jenny had sent her way for the trip), have had to be destroyed. Now feeling distraught and having to find Alex in a bar in a city she's never been to, Angela sluggishly drags herself to find Alex and the rest of his band, The Stills.

Going forward Angela's trip escalates to epic proportions. She meets one of Alex's ex-girlfriends, an attractive french woman named Soléne who is also a member of her own band (and a total psycho!), she's given an assistant by French Belle who turns out to be trying to ruin her life, and she discovers just how far CiCi will go to get Angela's job.
I loved every single bit of this book and Angela's heavenly descriptions of the city of love has made me in fact, fall in love with Paris. Whilst it was filled with drama and suspense as well as unexpected twists and turns that left you on the edge of your seat, it was also funny, joyful and full of fashion. The entire book was fast paced and the ending was simply phenomenal.

 I'll soon be ordering the next book I Heart Las Vegas before moving on to the penultimate and final book, I Heart London. I would recommend this to anyone I could although I must warn it does include a lot of swearing and such.

Have you ever read any of the I Heart books? What did you think? Are there any books you'd recommend?

P.S I've decided not to write a review for I Heart Hollywood as I didn't enjoy it very much and I keep re-writing the post as it never turns out very good

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  1. I have these books, I picked them up in Asda for only £1! Bargain, I have yet to read them though, I'm glad I read this review and you enjoyed them so much it makes me want to read them now!

    1. Wish I'd known they were that price in ASDA! I payed about £5 each book on Amazon haha - hope you enjoy them!


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