Sunday, 16 March 2014


Kind of ironic title since the first photo is in B&W, but since the weather was so wonderful yesterday (I literally can't get enough of it), I decided to take a few snaps of my outfit :)

| Barney's Original Leather Jacket | Burton Skull T-Shirt | ARK Snood | Hugo Boss Bag | Topman Jeans | Dr Martens Boots | John Lewis Sunglasses |
The leather jacket is from Barney's but was bought discounted from TK Maxx. I wasn't sure whether to get this at the time cause I'd never thought leather jackets were my kind of style, but now it's got to be one of my favourites! Fitted, comfy, warm and stylish. What else can you ask for? (Plus it's from Barney's - I love New York!). The bag also has to have a special mention cause I don't use it that often. From Hugo Boss, I usually only use it when I'm spending the night away from home, but today I had a lot of stuff to take over with me (revision books, wallet, phone, laptop, chargers etc.) so I decided this was best suited for it's purpose.
Hopefully the weather will continue to brighten (the sunsets at the mo' are unreal) and I hope it's just as nice wherever you are (let me know in the comments!).
Have a good week!
Whats the weather like where you are at the moment? What do you think of this outfit? :)

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