Saturday, 29 March 2014

We Heart It

I have officially become a Tumblr addict. Ever refreshing, reblogging and liking, I spend hour upon hour roaming what I think is one of the most inspirational websites of all time. Having said that, a lot of the stuff on Tumblr which I find inspiring, often comes from another website called We Heart It.
The other day, I finally bit the bullet and signed myself up for an account. 

Best. Decision.Ever.
Put simply, We Heart It is a collective website where you can browse (and upload your own) "inspirational and beautiful images". I am always inspired by others and I've recently been inspired by some fellow students at school to organise a charity event, but when it comes to blogging or overall being creative, I instinctually turn to fellow bloggers and tumblr. And now We Heart It.

It's so simple to use and you can even create collections of images you like such as food, travel and fashion! It's a lot like Pinterest but I find it a lot more easy to navigate and use, plus all the stuff on We Heart It is more my kind of style unlike Pinterest.

It's super easy to sign up, all you need is a Facebook, Twitter or Google account, and if you don't want to use one of those accounts or don't have one, then you can sign up just as easily with your email account!

Let me know if you've got We Heart It or if your gonna sign up! I'd also love to hear what you think about the website!

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