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What To Pack For A Weekend Away | #Blog4Trek

Earlier this week, I read Sleek-Chic's fab post to enter the #Blog4Trek competition. #Blog4Trek is a an amazing competition run by Trek America where bloggers have the opportunity to win a trip to and tour the west of the USA! There are three stages to enter and the first is to write a 300 word blog post on what to pack for a weekend away. Being an American fanatic (just read my sidebar about me text haha), I decided I couldn't not enter. I decided to do a more helpful post and talk about what I think most people - in general (not just myself) - would need to pack for their weekend away. So without further ado, here's what I think you would need to pack for a weekend away...

1. The Gadgets

Nowadays, it seems pretty obvious what to take with you when it comes to tech. However, it's pretty easy to either take too much, or limit yourself too much. By that I mean that some will take quantities similar to the PC World warehouse whereas others will arrive at their hotel without a charger or spare batteries in hand. Phones are a given. I think everyone would take their phone nowadays no matter what. Smartphones are ideal for going away as their benefits are endless with GPS stopping you from getting lost, a high quality camera for memories without lugging around a massive DSLR, and if you get bored on the subway or metro etc. you can have a game of Flappy Bird! (I probably shouldn't mention that game haha).

In terms of camera, it depends on you as the person really. If your someone who's really into photography or wants some really stunning pics and knows their way around a DSLR, by all means take one. Personally I'd want to take something more like a DSLR as I'm not keen on normal digital cameras anymore (blogging has changed me), but I know I'd use my iPhone an awful lot to take pics (I always get embarrassed taking pictures in crowds haha so the iPhone's the more discrete option rather than battering several people around me whilst trying to raise and focus a DSLR). For a weekend, I can't see you needing to take any more than a camera, phone and iPod/mp3 perhaps. Laptops etc. are for work and it's not a weekend away if your doing work now is it? ;) 

2, The Clothes

The building blocks of a good weekend away, your wardrobe. I'm probably the worst person to give advice on limiting the amount of clothes you pack seeing as I've just given up my bedroom desk for a clothes rail (next to my wardrobe and 8 draw unit...oh dear), but limiting is the best thing. For a weekend away, the last thing you want is a fortress of suitcases cluttering up your hotel room (or wherever your staying). 

The best thing to do is pack clothes that can be worn with each other easily. This means you can pack a little but wear a lot. I hate nothing more than wearing the same looking outfit twice but if you have a couple of pairs of jeans, shorts, shirts, dresses etc. then when folded up super tightly as to maximise space, they'll fit in your suitcase, and your outfits will still be different each day. Maybe one day wear a jumper, skirt and heels, then the next wear the same skirt but with a shirt/blouse/t-shirt with a fitted jacket and heels again? You could also add a scarf to the outfit to make it look even more different. Top tip - if your gonna re-wear something, the most discrete is the bottom half. Jeans, skirts etc. are the easiest items to re-wear.

Another tip, take full advantage of accessories. A lot of the time, accessories like scarves and jewlerry won't take up much room but have the ability to complete change an outfit. You could wear something really simple and plain (a white dress or shirt?) but add a yellow scarf (Essie Button reference here) and it would look fantastic! The next day you could wear a similar thing but with different shoes and a blue scarf maybe? Ooh and a hat!

Tip - The most important thing to remember is most of the time the comfier the better, especially with shoes if your walking round somewhere like NY all day (but don't forget some skyscraper heels for evening meals out)

3. The Beauty

Another modern day problem. If your flying, there's restrictions on what you can take on board and if your not, theres restrictions on how much your suitcase can take before it refuses to shut and goes in a mood. Trust me I've been there. I have spent many an hour or so doing my best to cram my Ted Baker wash bag with as many creams and cleansers as possible, but if it's not working it't just not gonna work. For some reason, when it comes to packing, humans seem to think that no matter what, it will fit. Wrong. Best thing to do is invest (if you don't already have one) in a wash bag or a make-up/cosmetic bag. This way you'll be more organised.

Next, instead of packing full size bottles (which I'd be very surprised if you could get through in a weekend), either buy travel sizes in the supermarket or at a drugstore like Boots and Superdrug, or, make an investment by buying travel bottles to fill from your full size products (you can get clear ones for air travel) which will last you many more trips to come. If your someone who is planning on travelling a lot, the travel bottles are best, but if it's a one off for the foreseeable future, then the travel sizes will probably be the best (although you may not have a choice with air travel). Also, try to keep it simple. The last thing you want at the end of a tiring day is to have to go through a 15 step skincare routine, keep to the 3 basics, cleanse, tone, moisturise (unless you have any special requirements or your having problems with your skin at the time). 

Tip - Facial wipes are your best friend when your tired and feeling lazy before you go to bed.

4. The Travel Entertainment

No matter whether your having a leisurely drive to your desired destination or a fast-paced flight, your gonna want something to keep you entertained. For a weekend, I'd say keep it simple. No portable DVD players. laptops etc. just your phone, an iPod/mp3 and a book. Along with those, I'd also have to take some food with me. I am always hungry and so I'd need to take something like pretzels (Maple Bacon flavoured...ahhh, happy times) with me to keep me happy (I get hungry grumpy).

5. The Positive Attitude/Outlook

I got inspiration from Essie Button for this one as she's lucky enough to travel a lot. Like Essie says, things will go wrong on a holiday, for Essie and Aslan, restaurants/cafe's always seem to be shut when they want to get some food. It can be easy to let things like this get you down and ruin your holiday (it sounds ridiculous but it could easily make you feel as if the universe is against you and your not meant to enjoy the holiday which is not true), but you need to be able to use emotions like your holiday excitement to fuel yourself to get back up and carry on. The last thing you want to do is waste your money on a holiday your not enjoying so make sure you get your moneys worth! All holidayers have problems as well, you just need to know that it's not the end of the world and that you can and will get past it.

There we are! Thats my post on what to pack for a weekend away! Hopefully I've not bored you too much and I hope it's been an okay post - fingers crossed I'll get in to Stage 2 of the competition! If you want to take part in this amazing opportunity, click HERE for more info :)

What do you pack for a weekend away? Where have you been on holiday/travelled to?

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