Monday, 5 August 2013

July Favourites!


So I've decided to 'try' and do monthly favourites posts. The reason I wrote try like that, is because I don't tend to go through products really fast and so I don't want to promise these monthly favourites posts if say one month I haven't got anything to blog about!


I got this a while ago but stopped using it, but this month I started again! I bought this in a Boots 3 for 2 deal with some other Umberto Giannini products. My hair is really thick and because of my hairstyle I have to use products like this to make it lighter. 'Sex Bomb Massive Mousse' is used to give your hair more bounce and volume, which is exactly what it does! I started using this product again this month and I have been loving it! It smells incredible, feels luxurious and works! What else can you ask for? 

Again, old product! I got this from a friend last Christmas. I used it constantly when I first got it but started using new fragrances I had each time I got a new one (as you do). However, one day I randomly sprayed this and I fell in love with it again. Once the scent has settled it smells fantastic :D

I've already blogged about these products and have tweeted about them a lot! These products are incredible...seriously! They have changed my skin for the better and I now have much clearer skin that feels hydrated but not oily, perfect for this weather!

When I can get travel sized versions of products I always do! I prefer to try before I buy. So just using a cheaper, smaller product is ideal for me. I heard about this product through Tanya Burr (I can't remember whether it was in a Blog or Vlog) and bought it as soon as I saw it! I've heard from lots of people that you should moisturise after having a shower, but I never bother to! This is great as It's really quick to use, all you have to do is spray it on to your skin and it's done! This works really well and makes your skin super-hydrated, one thing I will say is that when it's on your skin if you rub it in it goes a bit weird and if you leave it on your skin it can take a while to dry!

I got this a really long time ago! At first I wasn't keen on this product, It didn't go into my hair well and didn't style it well. However! After another hair styling product ran out, I had to use this until a replacement came. It's still a thick clay and isn't easy to apply but once it's in my hair and I start using a hair-dryer to style, it works wonders! (Although it's RRP is about £11 eek!).

This might seem a little random but in other monthly favourites I've seen them include books and I just had to include this! After I started watching the TV series adaptation I really wanted to read the book. So luckily there was one copy at my local library, I'm currently over 300 pages in and I am loving it! It's such a good book and I recommend anyone and everyone watch the TV series and read the books! (Yes I said books, the TV series is 3 whole books into 10 episodes!).

Thanks for reading!

What have been your favourites this month?

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