Saturday, 17 August 2013

Day At The Beach!


This isn't going to be a wordy blog post, as me describing the whole day would probably be quite boring! Yesterday (Friday 16th of August 2013 for those of you who are reading it in the future) my family and I drove to Talacre beach in North Wales. We've been there before and loved it :D It's really easy for us to get to as it's only an hour and a half drive! We spent most of the day at the beach but also went to get some Fish & Chips for lunch :D I haven't done much this summer so I really enjoyed spending time there with my family :) I'm going to upload some pictures that were took there (Sorry for the bad quality in some of the pics as some of them were taken on my Iphone). 

Btw, I have used photo editing software on 2 pictures. The first being the one above, I've used software to make the colours bolder and to add text as well as a shadow border. I'll point out the other edited one in its caption. Sorry for editing I just wanted to make some of the pictures a bit more interesting :)

Also, apologies for some of the weird pictures! I don't know why I was pulling those faces :D

This is one of those weird poses I meant! What was I thinking?
Another weird pose...

And again...

There's a Snugbury's near us (Its a place that sells realllllyy nice Ice Cream!) and they always build these huge straw sculptures, this time it was a Dalek and because we passed it I had to share it with you :D 

This is the only other one I've used photo editing on. It was the view from the car whilst we were driving through the hills towards the sea :D

This is the Fish & Chips shop we went to for lunch! Their food is amazing!

My lunch ;D

It was so peaceful reading on the beach...

This is my absolute favourite picture! I haven't edited this at all. I took it whilst I was having a walk through the shallow area of the sea :) The sun was going down and reflected off the water, I am so pleased with this picture, I think its stunning :D

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post :) I highly recommend anyone visit this beach, it's a fantastic beach and doesn't tend to be one of those beaches where there's people everywhere (It's quite calm and a great place to relax) Please follow me and 'Join This Site' at the side (It really means a lot to me!). And also please comment as I love hearing from people who read my blog :)

Where's your favourite 'go to' destination? Where have you been on holiday this summer? :)

Thanks for reading!

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