Sunday, 25 August 2013

Queen Helene- Mint Julep Masque Review

So this is my second review, and I'm really pleased to finally be writing it! My skin is combination skin, and because of my skin type I find it hard to find products that really work. Thankfully though, I found the most amazing skincare range that has made my skin look a hell of a lot better (read about it here). Although, even when I'm up to my eyeballs in skincare products, I still have those times when I get breakouts. If your someone who puts a lot of effort into your skincare then I think you'll know what I mean when I say that I panicked and freaked out when I saw the spots surfacing.

I can't just wait for them to go, and just keep washing my face daily etc. And spot treatments are realllllyyyy hit and miss with me (although most of the time it's miss). So with both of those options (if you like) out of order, I resort to...face masks. About a year ago, I went through a phase of buying loads of face masks. I bought a lot of them from Lush as they're all made with natural ingredients and you can leave them on for hours without them damaging your skin. I did use some chemical peels from places like Superdrug but I'd always leave them on (by accident!) too long and they'd make my skin look terrible.

This past week I've been eating a lot of ice-cream. I haven't eaten pretty much anything healthy, and so my skin has broken out all over. So my mum provided a solution...Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. I've used it once before and was happy to use it again as it's completely natural (Yes!). When it's first applied to your face, it's quite a strong green colour and as it stays on your face and brings out all the impurities in your skin, the colour lightens. There isn't really a recommended time for it to stay on your skin as you can leave it on for as long as you want. I usually leave masks on for 15-20 mins so that it can make my skin as good as it can. (btw, A bloke in Lush said that Lush face masks (and ones like this) are great to leave on in the bath)

This mask is meant to absorb oil and minimise the appearance of pores. Although, as it draws out all the bad stuff in your skin, it helps get rid of your spots much faster than cleansing and (in my view) more successfully than spot treatments. As the website said it would, my skin feels incredibly smooth after using it and it evens out my skin as I struggle with redness. This mask smells really strongly of Polo Mints, so it's quite a refreshing smell, but it's up to you whether you like it haha :D

This mask is fantastic & I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone as I am more than happy with the results. After using it once, the next day my breakouts were so much better and on the second day, they're nearly gone! Overall, I'm incredibly pleased with this mask :)

The picture above shows when it has been applied on to the face. The picture below shows that after a while it will begin to dry out and crack. Once it's completely dry then it's done all it can, so you can wash it off with water and a flannel (I just use my hands instead of a flannel but it's a much harder & longer process).

Apologies for how bad my skin looks in these pictures!

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