Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Prairie Charms

Very recently I was lucky enough to be invited to take part in #ProjectBlogger with Prairie Charms. Prairie Charms is a gorgeous online shop that sells accessories (and you all know how much I love accessories). They're main target audience is women and pretty much all of their products are for women. However, after getting in touch with them through twitter, they offered me the chance to have a men's custom made leather bracelet from them. These bracelets aren't currently being sold on their website as they explained to me that they currently don't have the high demand for them.

I was extremely excited to receive this opportunity as it's my first ever company-blogger collaboration!!!!! :D #ProjectBlogger is basically where bloggers can buy products from their online shop for half-price and in return the bloggers write a review (although it's not obligatory). I ordered the bracelet through Twitter by direct messaging them my order. And (after much changing my mind) I ordered a medium toned leather bracelet with teal and grey cord and a silver chain fastening. With the 50% off and P&P applied my whole order came to £11.49.

The payment was done through PayPal and before I knew it they had started making my order! The customer service was fantastic! They were so friendly to me and offered advice and help whenever I got a bit confused with what I was ordering (which happened a lot).

The bracelet arrived I think just over 2 weeks later. However, considering they were bombarded with blogger orders (I think quite a few ordered more than one item as well) along with the fact that everything they make is hand-made, the delivery wasn't that bad. It arrived in this shiny gold packaging and was beautifully wrapped inside as you can see from the pictures...

I enjoyed every part of this process and am extremely happy with their customer service. I really recommend you take a look at their website, as they sell some gorgeous stuff. And! For any guys reading this who would be interested in getting a custom made leather bracelet, tweet them (this is their twitter) and ask them. They need the demand for them to start selling them on the website :) I also just want to say a massive THANK YOU to Prairie Charms for everything :D

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Have a look at their website-

What are your favourite acessories?


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