Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Mens Shoes...

Hi Everyone,
I'm writing the first shoe post on men's shoes. Basically, what I'm going to do is go through all the types of shoes that I think are great at making different outfits look stylish. I'm doing this so that If anyone reading this or if anyone you know is either wanting new shoes or your going on a shopping trip or even if you just want to know which shoes to look at, that you'll be able to read through my views of these shoes and see which ones you like the sound of most :)
Mens Ankle-Boots
I myself am a major fan of Mens boots. I can't get enough of them. I only have a few pairs but I pretty much wear them with every outfit. One pair of mine I bought from Barratts in a sale and I got them at an amazing price (£22) (the shoes are still at that price! Go check them out). I just want to say, the boots weren't cheap at full price and I think they had been discounted twice! So they were a really good deal :) I've just been on the website and their having a sale so you should really check that out. Back to the boots, they are a gorgeous oxblood colour (although the website says cherry, in person I think they're more of a oxblood colour) and incredibly well made. I love these shoes and I have worn them so much.
 The second pair were a pair of Dr.Martens and they are having a sale on too! These shoes were bought in a sale at an amazing price of £60. The design is very like a Burberry check pattern but the pattern is more 'busy' and the colours are darker, again I love them! The third pair are a pair of Chelsea boots. These are great for smart-casual wear as well as being great for an event in which you have to dress smartly, but not tuxedo 'James Bond' smart.
 Ankle boots on a whole are fantastic, they look great with outfits because as I've said they make you look really stylish as they come in so many different colours and patterns. The design of the ankle boot makes you look great and it shows that you care about how you look. Ankle boots are something I cannot recommend enough :)
Boat Shoes
With the summer approaching and the UK having such bright and very warm weather, I've been looking for shoes that I can wear that don't get as warm as other shoes. The first thing most will think of is flip-flops, but I don't want to wear flip-flops constantly throughout the summer. But recently I discovered Boat shoes. These shoes are fantastic as you don't need to wear them with socks and they tend to keep your feet cooler than other shoes. Boat shoes typically look like this... (I found this image on google images and I don't claim to own it, I'm only using it for this post to show what the shoe looks like this is where the image is from)
Boats shoes are really comfortable and they have been recommended by many others. So definitely look at boat shoes.
Converse Or Other Sports/Casual  Shoes
I have some Converse as well as some plain sports/casual shoes. I'm not going to go into depth about these as most already know what they are. I do want to say though that these are ideal shoes to have as shoes you can wear for going to the Gym or PE or just going out somewhere with friends (if you don't want to wear ankle-boots or boat shoes). My advice would be to always have a couple of pairs of plain shoes you can wear, you never know when you might need them! (as well as this, Converse always have been and will continue to be, super stylish).
Thanks for reading this post and I hope you've enjoyed it. Sorry if I didn't talk about other shoes. But the fact is there are too many types of shoes out there to talk about. I also didn't want to pass advice on shoes that I don't own as I believe my advice and views wouldn't be very good. Please follow me on twitter to keep up to date with my blog and my daily life ( @StylishEngland ) and subscribe to my blog (side of web page). Please follow me on Bloglovin' (button at the side) and comment as I would love to hear your views :) Please check back on Friday for the post on Women's shoes!

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