Monday, 8 July 2013

15 Facts About Me!

Hi Everyone!
I thought that today I would do a post that featured 15 facts about me, I've chosen this because I hope it will help my readers get more of an idea of my personality. I've seen other bloggers do this and they were rather popular so I hope this is too :)
1) I absolutely love salmon!
2) I love New York City
3) I've lived in England all my life and have never been to London
4)  Even though I like dogs, I'm a cat person
5) I did used to learn the flute
6) My favourite colour is teal
7) I love interior design (decorating rooms)
8) I like reading
9) My favourite subject is History
10) I want to become fluent in French and also learn other languages
11) I can't save money, I just spend it too quickly!
12) I don't like shopping online
13) I love the TV Shows Ugly Betty, Glee and period dramas (Downton Abbey is a great example)
14) My favourite word is sale (I know its cliché)
15) Even though I want to eat healthily, I love take-outs
I hope that post has given you a bit more insight into my personality and I hope you've enjoyed reading it. Please Comment, Subscribe (Side of web page) and follow me on twitter ( @StylishEngland ). Please could you tweet me or comment some ideas for blog posts because I'd rather be writing posts about what readers are interested in. Sorry if this post was short but I couldn't think of many facts (I'm not a boring person!) but please check back on Wednesday for a new post. Thanks for reading.
Bye! :)


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