Sunday, 7 July 2013

Chester…A Day Out In England!

Hi Everyone!
So today me and my family spent the day in Chester! For those of you who don't know, Chester is a gorgeous city in Cheshire, England. If you follow me on twitter then you'll know how amazing the weather has been and will hopefully continue in England! This really is summer weather and most have jumped at the chance to have a barbecue (myself included), as well as a lot of the general public taking advantage of this weather and going out as much as possible :)
(I'm going to include pictures of Chester that I took whilst there) 
Sorry, this pic has gone blurry (I have no idea why?)

This made me laugh :D

This is one of the main shopping streets

This is an entrance to a shopping centre there, the building looks quite old but the interior is rather modern!

There are quite a few different streets there, each one lined with different stores. The shops range from big brand stores to smaller locally owned shops. I particularly enjoyed walking through the streets as they all were so 'English'. Each street was filled with beautiful buildings, some looked quite old whilst others looked more modern but aged in a pleasant way. The streets were so pretty and were made only better by the stunning sunshine!

I heard that Chester was known for its walls and I recently discovered that its quite famous for them as most are excellently preserved. The bridges were also beautiful and I've included a couple of pictures below of one I thought was especially nice. It features a clock which includes quite intricate detail.

This is the clock and bridge :)

 It always catches my eye and I think its so beautiful!

Shopping in Chester is amazing! There is such a diverse range of stores there and I found quite a few sales :) Even though it was Sunday, the streets were incredibly packed. This combined with the (at times) uncomfortable heat, was an intense experience. But don't let that put you off! I will go back as much as I can because its such a beautiful city and the retail therapy is fab. Honestly, I think this is my favourite shopping destination ever.

Another view of one of the fantastic streets :)

Here it is again but closer, still so beautiful...

This is a perfect example of what I meant when I said about the older buildings.

For lunch we went to Pret A Manger, a popular 'fast food' chain based in the United Kingdom. When I researched it online it is described as a fast food chain but it isn't anything like McDonalds or KFC. The food here is incredible. They make fresh sandwiches, wraps and salads (hot and cold) as well as other foods fresh each day in each café (I don't know whether its a café but I cant think of what else to call it?). All the food tasted delicious and the drinks were just as amazing (now I really want a drink from there).

The best part about this chain, is that all the food that isn't sold at the end of the day, goes to local charities and helps feed others, instead of throwing it away and wasting it. They don't use any odd chemicals, additives or preservatives (that's what it says on the website and in the 'cafe'). They also make many different types of coffee (the coffee smelled fantastic) and other hot drinks. I love this food chain now and I'm sure others will too :)

A red telephone box in England :) 
Chester is such a gorgeous city and its a fantastic place to visit. I had such a great time there and I'm sure others would too. I hope you've enjoyed this post and the photos. I did buy a couple of things whilst there from Lush and Zara, but I think I'll just tweet pictures of those so that this post isn't too long. Please follow me on twitter to keep up to date with blog posts (and to see what I bought) ( @StylishEngland ), subscribe to my blog (side of web page) and comment. Please, please comment as I love hearing from my readers and any suggestions for what I should write about are welcome :) Check back tomorrow for a new post and thanks for reading.

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