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I'm very excited to start writing this post as this is one of my favourite brands ever! Lush is an amazing company which creates, makes and sells 'fresh handmade cosmetics' (that's their slogan!). Lush is famous globally and have a large and loyal amount of customers. I discovered Lush about a year ago (I think) and I couldn't imagine not buying things from there :)

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Lush is known everywhere as a very unique company. This is because of its strong public stance against animal testing and other problems in the world. Most companies may say that they don't believe in animal testing but don't act on it. Lush is a company that has actually campaigned against animal testing and have raised huge awareness for this important cause. Lush also raises awareness and money for other important causes in the world and has teamed up with people like fashion icon, Vivienne Westwood.

Lush has stores all over and you really should visit one! These shops are my favourite to go in and here's why. Every Lush shop smells incredible! This isn't the only reason! But its something I and a lot of other people love about these stores. Seriously, as soon as you walk in to one of these stores the smell is just amazing, the combination of all the bath bombs, soaps and other cosmetics is so uplifting and you just feel happier. The stores are also unique, each store is laid out differently (but somehow look similar to other stores?) and are filled with products!

Each range of Lush products (Make-up, Bath and Shower, Fragrances etc) have their own section and each time you walk in you see vibrant colours and lots of bottles and I just love it! Another great thing about Lush stores is the staff. Lush has stated that all of their staff are helpful and friendly and they weren't lying! Every store I have ever been in, all of the staff have been so nice to customers! I love going to Lush because all of their staff are really nice, they offer help and advise you on which products are best for you. Lush is one of the best shops I've ever been in and I can't recommend enough that you visit one :)

Over the years I've bought many products from Lush, and I'd like to quickly talk about them. There are so many products that I think I'll just talk about them in general :)


I've bought a few cleansers from Lush and the ones I used worked for what they were meant for. By that I mean the cleanser 'Dark Angels', is for people with oily skin and when I used it, I didn't have oily skin. The same is for the opposite of 'Dark Angels', 'Angels On Bare Skin' which is meant as a really soft cleanser to reduce redness and basically improve your skin, and the cleanser did do as it said it would. My overall view would be that Lush cleansers are very good!

Bath Bombs

Lush is very well known for their bath bombs and many shop at Lush just for bath bombs. I have bought and been bought many bath bombs and I have loved every single one! They smell fantastic and look amazing. Some include rose petals whilst others include a fizzing core of colours. They do a really wide range of bath bombs in different colours and smells. If you've never used a Lush bath bomb then you really should, and if you haven't used one in a while then you should definitely get another one!

Shower Gels

I think I've only ever had one shower gel from Lush, and that's 'Happy Hippy' which I bought very recently. So far, its been great! It smells incredible (like everything from Lush!) and works just as well as any other brands shower gels.

Face Masks

One of the first items I bought from Lush was a face mask and they really are the best! I don't say that things are the best very much, but in this case its true! These face masks are made with natural products and don't contain any weird chemicals. Because of how natural they are you can use these and leave them on for as long as you like! When using other face masks you MUST take them off within a certain amount of time (look at the packaging) cause it will damage your skin (said from experience). Whereas Lush face masks can be applied and left on for a while (I've had baths whilst wearing one of these face masks). 

There are quite a few different types made with different ingredients that help to reduce redness, oily skin, improve your skin and there are even some anti-ageing masks. They come in tubs so you can use them as much as you want. You can apply as much as you want and can use one once a week if you want just to keep your skin refreshed! 

Those are all the products I have used myself and I recommend you try any Lush product you can :) The best part about using these cosmetics is that they are all 'Fresh Handmade Cosmetics' like the slogan says! Each product has a sticker on it that says who it was made by and the ingredients are all natural. Also the tubs are recycled so all of a Lush product is beneficial. Just to re-cap, if you shop at Lush you get amazing service, an amazing experience, you get great quality products that are handmade with natural ingredients, as well as being sold in recycled containers. 

I love Lush for all of these reasons and its my favourite cosmetics brand to shop at! I cant guarantee every product is going to work for you, and some might not but this post is my personal view of Lush and the products I have used.

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