Friday, 5 July 2013

How To Afford To Look Stylish...

Right now (as a high school student), the only money I have is the monthly 'pocket' money I'm given by my parents, as well as occasional other money from my Grandma (I also get some extra money for meals out with friends) (this sounds like I do have enough money to buy new clothes frequently but I don't!). Each month I get given £30, and even though it sounds like enough to buy new clothes every month (which it is), after all the birthdays I'm left with hardly anything....:( So, how can you afford to be stylish?

Rule 1:

Get the basics. This is key in looking stylish everyday, and it will cut your cost down! I have done 2 other posts on the fashion basics for women and men please check them out (they'll help you a lot). If you have the fashion basics in your wardrobe, then all these items of clothing can be mixed up to make different outfits whereas some other clothes will only look good with certain things. For example, say you have an amazing shirt (male or female), and it looks incredible but you can only wear the shirt with one pair of jeans or trousers? This makes looking stylish more costly as you'll have to buy more clothes so that you have different outfits that work well together whereas getting simple styles can benefit your look massively, by giving you more options to wear each item or accessory.

Rule 2:

Work out what you want to buy and then keep the money separate. When I see a new coat or new shoes, I work out how much everything I want to get is, and then when I get my money, I keep say £15 separate so that I know I can buy those things. Otherwise you could spend it all without knowing when your out with friends on things that wont benefit you as much, so keep whatever cash your using to purchase your new clothes, separate.

Rule 3:

Only buy the things that suit you and you'll wear quite a lot. There's no point in buying a coat that doesn't look good on you and you know you wont wear much. Remember, your reading this so that you can buy more clothes more regularly, so don't waste your money on things that you wont use, just think that you'll be able to buy gorgeous new clothes that will make you look stylish and on trend.

Rule 4:

Invest in accessories! Accessories can change someone's outfit incredibly, and a plain shirt with dark skinny jeans and boots, will look even better with a good scarf! I tend to buy more simple items of clothing, I don't tend to go for clothes that have really bright colours (basically really extravagant clothing). I prefer to dress in casual-smart clothes, but add accessories. Recently I went out to a friends birthday meal, I dressed in slim-fit jeans, tan leather Chelsea boots, a thin white knitted-look jumper with a dark blazer on top. I'm not a vain or a self-obsessed person but I think everyone should be able to say that their outfit looked great, and what I thought would add greatly to the outfit would be a plain grey scarf, simply draped over my shoulders, nothing fancy but I was complimented on my outfit during the meal and the same could happen to you! Look for simple accessories like plain coloured scarves, modern watches and other modern wrist-wear, chunky or plain necklaces as well as any other accessories that you like. Just make sure that they will go with your wardrobe first.

Rule 5:

Don't shop for designer stuff! It sounds silly but some people do think this will allow them to shop at expensive stores, it wont! To afford to shop regularly (when you don't have a high income) you need to stick to high street stores, which in my opinion are just as good if not better (in their own way) (designer stores are still something I love).

Those are my 5 main rules for affording to buy new clothes regularly, I'm sure there could be more but I think these are the most effective and important ways of affording to shop. I hope you've enjoyed this post and found it useful. Please subscribe to my blog (side of web page), comment (It really means a lot to me!) and follow me on twitter ( @StylishEngland ). I really would like more followers on twitter so that I can gain more readers and notify you when new posts are up. Also please follow me on Bloglovin (there's a button at the side).

Thanks for reading and please check back on Sunday for another post, bye!


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  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for inspiring us.
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