Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Shoes…Which You Need And Why?

Hi Everyone!

So today's post is about shoes! I love shoes and I like to think I undertsnad the importance of shoes in making an outfit look good. The best thing about shoes is that they can make nearly anything you're wearing look  amazing and sometimes…expensive. 

Say your someone who likes to wear plain clothes, you can still look really stylish, if your wearing a fantastic pair of shoes. Now when I say fantastic, I don't mean shoes that cost hundreds of pound s. I mean shoes that look stylish and suit you. 

The whole point of being stylish is that you have your own style and don't always wear, head to toe trends. People who have their own individual style, wear clothes that others don't wear every day, and wear clothes that show who they are as a person. The way you dress is an incredible way of expressing your self as a person. 

Like the Mens fashion basics and the Women's fashion basics, I'm going to upload two other posts tonight's. The first post will be about mens shoes and the other women's. Please make sure you check them out cause shoes are a VIP (very important part) of your wardrobe. 

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