Wednesday, 24 July 2013

No7 Normal/Oily Beautiful Skin Range-Review!

Hi Everyone!

This review is of the No7 Beautiful Skin Normal/Oily Range and I am so excited to write about it!

I bought these products only a few days ago, I know for a review I probably should have used them longer but technically I have used some of them for longer. 

If you read my blog regularly then you'll know that I spent last week with a local Boots for my work experience (If you want to read it Click here). I love Boots as its the place to go for anything beauty, medical, fragrance, toiletries, cosmetics etc in the UK. I loved every minute there and I got quite a surprise at the end! So please check out that post :)

Whilst there, I spent quite a lot of time with the No7 and fragrance consultants (they drifted between the two areas) and was fascinated by the products. After being invited to try any products I wanted to, I decided that I wanted to change my skincare.

Skincare is really important to me, but for years I've been using mix-matched products from different brands. I wanted to buy a proper skincare range so that all the products were made to be used with each other and would hopefully give me good skin! I currently have a whole cardboard box full of skincare, fragrance, anything beauty related really! Having all of these products just makes my skincare more complicated so I just wanted to own the few products I needed for good skin. 

No7 is reasonably famous for its skincare and other products and even made the news with a revolutionary new anti-ageing product "Protect and Perfect". By the way, my mum has just bought that product and the No7 Cleansing brush so I'll ask for her opinions on it and post a review as soon as I can! 
I had a lot of faith in this brand was extremely excited to use it! 

This is the Day Cream!
No7 had a 3 for 2 offer on (which I think is still on!) so I could buy the day and night cream and get the cleanser free (you get the cheapest free). The day cream was £12.50 and the night cream was £13.50 (I don't know why there's an extra pound, comment if you might know!). The cleanser is £9.00 so I got it free! (Yes! :D). I have combination skin so Its incredibly hard to find the right skincare products, but my skin nowadays is most normal/oily. 

This is the Night Cream!
The Day and Night creams were supposed to Hydrate and Mattify (as it says on the box!). This is pretty much exactly what I need, especially seeing as its a really warm summer in the UK and my skin seems to look shiny all the time now.

These are the actual jars! They look so sophisticated! I love them :)
Now onto the results! The day and night creams are really good! At first I was worried because I thought the creams were just making my skin look shiny and oily themselves and not doing anything to help my skin...I was wrong! 

The trick is too really work the product into your skin, until it doesn't look shiny anymore as for me, as soon as the product had been properly worked in to my skin, it immediately made my skin look healthy and matte! These creams somehow manage to do 3 things. 1 & 2, Hydrate and Mattify! The creams manage to hydrate my skin and make it look really soft, without the shiny/oily look! I've tried so many different products but none have been able to do this!

2, blend your skin tone! For me, I tend to have quite red cheeks and using these products has made my skin look healthier and more one colour tone. The creams seem to calm my redness and make my whole face look more one colour, with the hydrated non-shiny look, this is perfection!

(Day Cream) In a line, the lid, the container, the box :)

(Night Cream) Ina line, the lid, the container, the box...again! The colour schemes are different on the packaging as the Night Cream uses more green colouring whilst the day cream uses more white.
The cleanser is a foaming cleanser, there was also a cleansing water but my mum made the point that it might not be as effective and the water might just get wasted being soaked up into cotton wool balls or whatever you use to apply it.

The foaming cleanser is familiar to the Witch Foaming cleanser which I did a review on here (apologies for the bad post, it was the second one that I posted on this blog). Its simply a pump dispenser which gives you a proportioned amount of cleanser, simple! 

Birds eye view!

Unlike the creams which I had testers for, I had never used this product before, so I was anxious to see how it would affect my skin. The first time I used it, my skin felt tight and a bit sore. I was disappointed as I thought it was going to be amazing! Again  I was wrong! After the first night my skin stopped feeling this way and each time I cleanse now my skin simply looks healthy and clean :)

In all fairness, I haven't had a proper skincare routine in quite a while, and that will probably have contributed to my skins reaction to the cleanser the first time. As well as the fact that I spent a long time washing my face as I wanted to see how clean my skin could look and feel, I basically wanted to see the best of the cleanser. (I do it with all new products)

One of the consultants said to me that these Beautiful Skin Ranges were cleansers that could be used as a quick cleanser, so I think me spending ages washing my face probably allowed the part of the cleanser that stops the oiliness to have too much of an effect on my skin. Possibly making my skin feel tight for the lack of moisture.

When I didn't spend so long washing my face with this cleanser, It didn't have that effect and made my skin look great. The combination of these products is making my skin look fantastic and I am so glad I bought them! These are all also clearing up my spots that I have a load of on my forehead, which I'm really pleased about!

This is the cleanser!

These are the testers of the Day and Night Creams!
Another great thing is that these creams seem to last quite long, I got two small tester tubes of each cream last week and they're still quite full, I haven't had to use my proper products yet!

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